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Chapter 471: Break (4)

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Yun Feng’s smile became bigger and bigger. “I’m laughing at this very memory. Even if it’s replayed a million times, my heart will be the same. I will face the most painful memory with a smile. All the griefs and grievances belong to the past. I am Yun Feng! I always look ahead. I never look back. Once I start moving, I will never stop. This is my life!”

“Crack!” Cracks appeared in the scene in front of her eyes, as if it were a mirror. Then, Lin Meng and everybody else before her eyes fell apart into countless pieces. Seeing the dazzling light, Yun Feng suddenly opened her eyes.

“Master!” Both Little Fire and Lan Yi burst into tears of joy. Yun Feng was in a trance for a moment. She moved her body, and found that her mental entity had returned to her physical body. She then felt excruciating pain on her arm. Seeing the bite and the blood, she knew that it was probably Meatball’s doing.

Having no time to care about that, Yun Feng looked at others and frowned. At this moment, she was the only one who had broken free. The others seemed to still be in danger. Yao Guang, floating in midair, smiled at Yun Feng. His eyes were not wrong. The girl had done a great job.

Yun Feng looked at other people who were still in a nightmare. At this moment, she was the only one who had freed herself from the repeating agonizing memories. She wiped off the sweat on her forehead. Meatball felt quite guilty to see the bite on Yun Feng’s arm. Although it had tried to bite less hard, the bite still seemed quite serious.

Yun Feng stroked Meatball. “It’s fine. I know you were only trying to wake me up.” Meatball nodded quickly after that, with its big eyes filled with tears. Yun Feng smiled. “However, physical pain cannot wake me up.”

“Master, what happened exactly?” Little Fire was greatly relieved to see Yun Feng out. She was truly close to being completely swallowed a moment earlier.

Yun Feng managed a smile. “This place is called Nightmare. You have to go through your most painful memory, which is constantly replayed.”

After Yun Feng said that, Little Fire and Lan Yi both nodded, deep in thought. “Brother Fire and I weren’t affected. Was it because we don’t have painful memories?” asked Lan Yi. Yun Feng nodded.

“Maybe. Human beings have the most complicated emotions, and can easily dwell on a certain memory. I was almost…” Yun Feng raised her head and looked at Qu Lanyi and Ao Jin, both of them seemed in a lot of pain. Yun Feng fell silent. Everybody had painful memories. What was Qu Lanyi and Ao Jin going through?

“Hu… Hu… Hu… Hu…” While Yun Feng was thinking, Ao Jin suddenly opened his eyes, with agony deep inside his golden pupils. He breathed heavily. The mental entity that floated above his head suddenly entered his body. There was cold sweat all over his forehead.

“Uncle Flirtatious!” Seeing that Ao Jin had woken up, Yun Feng walked to her delightedly, but Yao Guang, who had hidden himself again, suddenly said, “I suggest you not approach him just yet.” Yun Feng stopped. Ao Jin was still breathing heavily, with a twisted expression. His breath gradually became steady, but he clenched his fists tightly, unleashing a powerful aura.

“You forced me to remember the things that I had tried so hard to forget. Who are you? Get out! I’m going to kill you!” Ao Jin roared like a dragon. His voice echoed in this spacious area.

Yun Feng stood and watched Ao Jin’s craziness. She wasn’t like this when she left the nightmare. It seemed that Uncle Flirtatious had broken free in a different way.

After roaring that, Ao Jin breathed heavily, with his chest moving up and down and his golden pupils full of fury. If someone had manipulated the nightmare, Ao Jin would surely kill him no matter the cost!

“Stop being so noisy…” Another voice sounded, and Yun Feng’s eyes glittered. Qu Lanyi had opened his eyes. He was so exhausted that he was almost falling to the ground. Yun Feng quickly gave him a hand.

“Fengfeng, you’re fine. That’s great.” Qu Lanyi sounded quite weak and tired. Yun Feng was quite worried to see him like that. “Are you alright?” Yun Feng held him steadily, and Qu Lanyi managed a smile with his pale lips.

“No, not really…” He then passed out and fell into Yun Feng’s arms. Shocked, Yun Feng quickly opened her arms and held him. Feeling Qu Lanyi’s low body temperature and his exhausted mental strength, Yun Feng frowned, wondering what had caused him so much pain in the nightmare.

She cautiously sat on the ground with Qu Lanyi, who had completely passed out. His pale face made the red mole between his brows even redder than before, as if it were blood. Seeing how terrible Qu Lanyi’s condition was, Yun Feng could only hold him carefully. The recovery of mental strength needed time. Now that he had survived the nightmare, he should be safe.

Ao Jin finally calmed down after venting his fury for a while. His eyes glittered when he saw Yun Feng, and he strode to her. “Girl, it’s so great to see you fine!” Yun Feng smiled. Seeing Qu Lanyi who was unconscious in Yun Feng’s arms, he frowned and asked, “What happened to her?”

“She passed out because of exhaustion of mental strength,” replied Yun Feng. Qu Lanyi was half lying between her arms without moving at all. Ao Jin furrowed his brows, and sat down next to them. “Let’s have a rest here. We’ll proceed when she wakes up.”

Yun Feng nodded. That was the only choice now. Meatball jumped back to Qu Lanyi angrily, and glared at him who was lying in Yun Feng’s arms. Its teeth seemed to be moving, but eventually, it gave up the thought of biting him, and jumped to Yun Feng’s shoulder, deciding to go easy on him just for this time..

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