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Chapter 469: Break (2)

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“What a bitch! You tried to hit me? I’m going to turn you into a piece of complete garbage today!” After Lin Meng said that, Yun Feng saw the most dazzling light in front of her eyes. He then hit her abdomen with his fan violently. The excruciating pain made Yun Feng fall on her knees again. She felt that something in her abdomen had been torn apart.

Her Qi meridian… must’ve been broken. Yun Feng was like an observer watching her body act on its own, but she could feel the agony, and the complicated emotions in the body.

Fury was bursting out like a volcano eruption. That was the only thing that Yun Feng could feel. She stubbornly stood up again, only to be beaten down again. The same happened again and again.

Yun Feng lost count of how many times her body had stood up. Her knees were already bloody. Her body was on the verge of collapse too, but she rose from the ground again and again, and breathed heavily. Lin Meng seemed to be running out of his patience too.

“Master Lin, give her a quick death!”

“That’s right! Have a duel with her! We’ll be the witnesses! If she’s finished off, it will be a strike on the Yun family!”

Yun Feng heard the words loud and clear. Those people were trying to take advantage of her!

“Okay! Yun Feng, let’s have a duel. If you accept, rise from the ground!” Yun Feng heard Lin Meng’s wicked voice, and burst into fury. Lin Meng should really die a million times!

Her body rose back to its feet, probably without even hearing what Lin Meng said. The moment she stood up, a round of laughter burst out, mixed with an announcement, “The duel now begins!”

Everything happened too fast. Lin Meng stepped forward, and unfolded his fan, pointing its sharp tip at the back of Yun Feng’s head! Yun Feng felt the excruciating pain, and that death was drawing near. She felt that her body fell on the ground, overwhelmed with grief and fury. That was Yun Feng’s memories. It was everything she endured before her death.

The world turned black again, but the pain lingered in her consciousness. When she woke up again, the same scene played again. Lin Meng insulted and killed her again, giving her the same pain. Yun Feng finally realized that in this nightmare, her most excruciating memory would be replayed again and again.

Little Fire and Lan Yi stared at Yun Feng worriedly. Yun Feng was standing palely and expressionlessly with her eyes closed. Also, above her head, another completely transparent Yun Feng was floating with the same expressionlessness. Everybody else was the same. It was quite a weird scene.

“Brother Fire, what do we do?” Lan Yi furrowed its brows. They didn’t dare to touch Yun Feng recklessly, fearing that it might accidentally hurt her, but if they didn’t do anything, they would only be watching Yun Feng suffer, which made Lan Yi frustrated.

“How do I know?” Little Fire roared angrily, with fury all over its wolf eyes. “What kind of wretched place is this? I’m going to burn it to the ground!” Little Fire roared angrily. Meatball sat on Little Fire’s head, and patted it with the tail, as if it was asking him to quiet down.

Meatball rolled its eyes worriedly. Its claws and body were moving recklessly too. Obviously, it wasn’t really reassured either.

Lan Yi was silent. What could they do for Yun Feng at this moment?

“S*it! What’s going on? What’s this black stuff?” Little Fire’s voice interrupted Lan Yi’s thinking. Lan Yi turned his head, and saw that something black was spreading upwards from the feet of Yun Feng’s mental entity. Very soon, her calves had been consumed and replaced by strange blackness!

Lan Yi was shocked. Little Fire had already opened its mouth, and was about to do something, when Lan Yi roared, “Brother Fire, don’t be reckless!”

Little Fire closed its mouth and leaped towards Lan Yi instead of Yun Feng! “Ho!” The wolf roared and slapped its claw brutally. Lan Yi managed to resist the attack, with an injury on its cheek.

“Damn it, we can’t do anything? Do we just sit here and watch something happen to her!”

Lan Yi gloomily stood in silence. Meatball called out to Little Fire, but it replied angrily, “It’s not your time to talk! Be quiet, fat ball!”

Yao Guang, who had been hiding, waved his hand, and appeared out of nowhere. Little Fire narrowed its eyes and opened its mouth, ready to launch burning flames. “Who are you?”

Lan Yi was surprised to see Yao Guang, who dodged Little Fire’s attack with a weird smile. “Lord Yao Guang!” shouted Lan Yi in delight. Little Fire was stunned that they knew each other.

“You know… this thing?”

Lan Yi nodded, and asked quickly without further ado, “Lord Yao Guang, is there anything you can do?”

Little Fire instantly looked at Yao Guang, who slid and approached Yun Feng’s mental entity. Little Fire was quite anxious, and Lan Yi reassured him, “Lord Yao Guang won’t harm our master.”

Little Fire managed to stop itself from lunging forward, but it had been gazing at Yao Guang. If he dared to hurt Yun Feng at all, it would surely tear him into pieces whatever he was!

Meatball was not as anxious as Little Fire was. It simply watched Yao Guang approach Yun Feng’s mental entity, shaking its tail now and then. Yao Guang observed the weird blackness, and furrowed his brows, which he rarely did. He seemed confused too.

“Lord Yao Guang, how can we free master?” asked Lan Yi. Yao Guang was silent for a long time. Little Fire was so angry that it was going to yell again. Yao Guang’s voice came hoarsely..

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