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Chapter 458: What? (2)

“Thank you for your support, guys. I will try my best to make sure that the Fengyun Empire gains the most in the exploration!” Mu Yinghua stood up and gave an exciting speech. The people from the Shang family and the De family all snorted. “Do you really think you’re capable?”

Mu Yinghua smiled awkwardly, and glanced at Yun Feng. “Of course. A captain is just part of the team. We’ll all help each other, right?” Yun Feng moved her eyes aside, and picked some food. Of course she would help, but the help might not be what he expected.

“So, we have a captain now. Now, there’s another question that’s even more important,” said the people from the Shang family and the De family. Yun Feng raised her brows. It seemed that they were getting to the point.

“We’re all from different families. Our team is more complicated than that of other empires. If we find treasures during the exploration, how will we share them?” The question made Mu Yinghua blush. He wanted to propose to split up the treasures evenly, but the others surely wouldn’t agree with him.

“Oh? What do you propose?” asked Yun Feng. The people of the Shang family and the De family looked at each other. “We must not split up the treasures evenly, or it won’t be fair.” They glanced at Mu Yinghua and his allies, who all seemed embarrassed. “We propose that whoever finds something gets to keep it. In such a way, nobody will complain.”

Mu Yinghua blushed in silence for a long time. Finally, he said, “Is it really appropriate? We are a team anyway. We shouldn’t act as individuals…”

“Mu Yinghua! Don’t think you can tell us what to do just because you’re the captain! Realize your identity! Don’t try to take advantage of us!”

The representatives of the Shang family and the De family were not reluctant to yell at him. They would never lower their heads to the Mu family. Mu Yinghua, as the new captain, was quite embarrassed.

Yun Feng had another few mouthfuls of the food, and discussed with Qu Lanyi about which food was delicious. Mu Yinghua awkwardly looked at them, and thought that they should give him a hand after pushing him to this position.

“Yun Feng…” Mu Yinghua called out to her in a low voice, but Yun Feng didn’t seem to hear it.

She said without even raising her head. “I think that proposal is great. It’s fair and unbiased. You get what you’re capable of getting. I support it.”

Mu Yinghua instantly pulled a long face, but his allies both rolled their eyes. “That’s good. Whoever finds something will have it. Yun Feng supports you. What are you afraid of, Brother Mu?”

Mu Yinghua was enlightened. Indeed! Yun Feng supported him! Otherwise she wouldn’t have treated him so nicely! The dark cloud in his heart completely dispersed. Mu Yinghua chuckled and said, “Alright then. It does sound fair.”

The people of the Shang family and the De family all looked at Mu Yinghua angrily, and eventually said, “We’re full.” They rose and left. Mu Yinghua and his allies continued enjoying the food, as if they had nothing to worry about. The four people of the Shang family and the De family left the dining hall, and gnashed their teeth.

“The Mu family is truly unbelievably lucky, isn’t it?”

“Yun Feng chose to side with him. What’s wrong with her?”

“I think there must be something wrong with her head!”

They were all angry, thinking that Yun Feng would let the Mu family claim all the treasures if she sided with him. Then, their families would be humiliated!

After they walked away, Yun Feng patted her hands and stood up too. “I’m full too. Goodbye.” Qu Lanyi followed her and rose. Seeing that, Mu Yinghua reached for his arm without thinking. Qu Lanyi coldly moved his arm, dodging Mu Yinghua’s hand.

“Hehe. Why don’t you have some more? You haven’t eaten much yet.” Mu Yinghua’s hand missed its target, and he knew that what he did was a bit outrageous, so he felt quite awkward.

Yun Feng smiled. “No, thank you. Just enjoy the food.” She then left with Qu Lanyi.

Both of them left. So the remaining three guys ate the food in a good mood. Mu Yinghua’s allies both chuckled. After Mu Yinghua finally came back to himself, both of them looked at him with a mischievous smile. “Brother Mu, you’re truly attractive to the ladies!”

Mu Yinghua blushed. “Stop spouting nonsense! What are you talking about?”

The other two guys laughed. “Brother Mu, don’t deny it! Not only is Yun Feng, the summoner, attracted to you, but even the other gorgeous beauty was totally sending signals to you too. We’re so jealous!”

Mu Yinghua instantly felt happy because of their adulation. He had thought so too, and acknowledged their adulation without saying anything. His allies instantly asked again, “Brother Mu, have you decided on which of them you will take?”

Mu Yinghua frowned. Which of them… To be honest, both of them seemed great…

“Are you going to have both of them, Brother Mu?” asked one of the guys teasingly. Mu Yinghua laughed, and thought that if they both liked him, he might be able to have both of them.

While they daydreamed, Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi had left. Qu Lanyi then approached her. “Fengfeng, that disgusting man wanted to touch me!” Qu Lanyi’s femininity gave Yun Feng chills. If she hadn’t seen the man’s naked body, she wouldn’t have believed that any man could’ve behaved like that!

“Gross! Keep your distance from me!” Yun Feng moved slightly back, but Qu Lanyi stuck his exquisite face to Yun Feng’s cheeks again. “Fengfeng, let’s sleep together tonight, shall we?”

Yun Feng blushed. “Pervert, it’s never going to happen!” she shouted angrily. Qu Lanyi, however, smiled in delight, as if he took pleasure in annoying Yun Feng. Rubbing Yun Feng’s cheeks with his fingers, Qu Lanyi approached her again. “Why are you so shy? We’ve already seen each other naked. Which part of your body haven’t I seen, huh?”

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