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Chapter 43: Unpredictable Strength (1)

The two of them stood at the back, while the other children crowded around in the front, making them both more noticeable. After the few teachers saw these two calm children at the back, glints of praise burst out in their eyes. Compared to kids of the same age, these two children had a calmer mind, which was very rare.

That middle-aged man at the entrance was also among the teachers. When he saw Yun Feng at the back, there was a burst of heat in his eyes. His gaze made Yun Feng’s hair stand on end and she couldn’t help but step back.

After the old man in the front glanced over all the children, he gave a faint smile. His black eyes gazed at the calm Yun Feng and Ze Ran at the back again and felt a bit delighted in his mind.

The quality of the kids admitted this quarter wasn’t really good and they didn’t have much potential. However, those two kids standing behind were a bit different. The excitement and enthusiasm in the boy’s eyes couldn’t escape the old man’s eyes. The principal understood in his mind that if it weren’t for that little girl next to him, he would probably have rushed forward as well. The boy was much better than the others in terms of talent, but that little girl next to him…

A glint of confusion flashed through the principal’s eyes. When Mr. Huang ran inside just then, he said with a thrilled look that there was a genius. At first, the principal thought he was just joking. How could anyone compete with Mei Bing and Lin Meng, no matter how talented the genius was? One of them had reached the early stage of level 4, while the other was at the peak of level 3. If there was truly such a genius, how would he not know about it?

When the principal, who thought this was a joke at first, saw Yun Feng, he couldn’t help but feel shocked. He couldn’t detect the movement of this girl’s Qi meridians with his level-6 strength!

Had she gone over level 6? The principal thought and just found it unbelievable. After all, Yun Feng was just nine this year. If she had exceeded level 6, had she already gotten powers when she was still in her mother’s womb?

The principal couldn’t be blamed. No matter how much he thought about it, he would never have guessed that Yun Feng’s Qi meridians were damaged. After all, this was something unusually cruel. If it weren’t for profound hatred, who would break someone’s Qi meridians? Yun Feng’s Qi meridians were damaged, so there certainly wouldn’t be any slightest movement. Even if a master of the Commander Level was here, he wouldn’t be able to detect Yun Feng’s energy, because Yun Feng didn’t have any at all!

Yun Feng apparently had no idea that the principal thought she had gone beyond level 6. Even though this was close to her strength, she had nothing else along the road of warrior, except for her strong body.

The principal slowly looked away and smiled slightly. He made a hand gesture in front of the scrambling kids and asked them to keep quiet.

“Children, in the next two weeks, I hope that you can practice with your heart and work hard. After all, two weeks later, those who have no talent or those who have talent but are lazy, will have to leave here. No exceptions, no matter how powerful and how wealthy your family is!”

What the principal said made the kids feel a bit serious. A few of them pursed their lips in dissatisfaction. The principal was apparently talking about them.

“The Martial Arts Institute is divided into the outer campus and inner campus. In the next two weeks, you’ll be having classes with our teachers on the outer campus. You can’t enter the inner campus.”

Yun Feng thought, “The inner campus… Looks like the inner campus is the area for those senior students. The son of the Lin family will also be there.”

“Alright, the enrollment today has ended. Tomorrow will be your new start at the Martial Arts Institute.” The principal said as he walked away slowly with the teachers. The children immediately started chattering. Their faces were all full of excitement. The Martial Arts Institute was the first step of becoming a top warrior!

“I’ll definitely work hard. I’ll stay!” What Ze Ran said made Yun Feng turn around slightly. She nodded when she saw Ze Ran’s determined look. “Don’t worry. You’ll stay here.”

Ze Ran smiled. His canine teeth and dimples were extremely cute. “Yun Feng, you have to stay as well. We’ll stay together.”

Yun Feng was startled and she replied to him with a “hm” a bit uncomfortably. Ze Ran didn’t notice it. He looked at the inner campus of the Martial Arts Institute with heat in his eyes. He would enter the inner campus, for sure!

The principal came to the inner campus of the Martial Arts Institute with the teachers. There weren’t many students practicing here. It was much quieter than in the outer campus. The middle-aged man who was at the entrance just then said to the principal with a thrilled look, “Sir, what do you think about that girl? I was right, wasn’t I?”

The principal and two other teachers all became serious after hearing that. The middle-aged man certainly knew what was going on when he saw this. “Yun Feng…. The Yun family is really extraordinary.” A teacher said with a little emotion in his eyes. How many people didn’t know things about the Yun family in the Karan Empire? That summoner made the Karan Empire become an existence that could do everything in the East Continent!

“To be honest, I couldn’t detect the energy of that girl’s Qi meridians. That’s truly unbelievable.” A female teacher said softly. The corner of the lips of the other two level-5 teachers also curled up. With such a genius appearing out of nowhere, they really felt a bit ashamed. They might not even be qualified to teach her.

“Haha, I was also shocked when I saw that girl. Sir, is the girl at level 6?” The middle-aged man chuckled and looked at the principal with anticipation. They thought that the principal must be able to detect the girl’s level, even though they couldn’t with their level-5 strength. After all, he was a level-6 warrior.

The principal froze for a second, then smiled in embarrassment. He looked at the anticipated look of the three teachers and coughed. “I couldn’t detect the level of that kid either.”


The eyes of the three teachers popped out. The middle-aged man even gave an exaggerated expression. Even the principal couldn’t detect the girl’s strength?! He was a level-6 warrior. If a level-6 warrior couldn’t detect it, perhaps the girl had already reached level 7?

“Fuck, she’s a genius. She’s a genius…” The middle-aged man said with a tremor in his voice. The other two teachers still hadn’t collected themselves from the shock. How old was Yun Feng this year? And she had already become one of the senior warriors? Why had they never noticed such a talented person before? If she didn’t come here by herself, the Martial Arts Institute would have missed her! If they missed her, it would be a huge loss!

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