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Chapter 421: Repay a Hundred Times More (5)

After the shocking outburst of energy, everybody in the Yun family was surprised. Both Yun Jing and Yun Sheng rushed out, fearing that anything might happen to Yun Feng. Both of them were relieved to see Yun Feng land on the ground tiredly. Yun Feng smiled at her brother and father and nearly fell on the ground.

“Feng!” Yun Sheng ran to her and held her in his arms tightly. Yun Feng smiled. “Brother, the Yun family is fine. Great!”

Yun Sheng nodded. He looked at Yun Feng’s pale face regretfully. If it weren’t for Yun Feng, the Yun family would’ve been destroyed! His sister had done much more for their family than he did! He felt ashamed as her brother!

Yun Jing stood there and looked at Yun Feng in delight. He had never been so proud of his daughter. In a corner of the broken ground, a stone moved, and someone crawled out awkwardly with wounds all over his body. He breathed heavily and stared in the Yun family’s direction. With a sordid smile, Randal suddenly released the longsword in his hand. “Yun Feng, I’m tougher than you think! You need to practice another few hundred years before you are able to kill me!” Hardly had Randal said that when his longsword unleashed a stream of fighting energy that stabbed towards Yun Feng in the shape of a sword!

“Watch out!” Qu Lanyi saw that the sword of fighting energy was aimed at Yun Sheng and Yun Feng. If they were hit, Yun Feng probably would be heavily wounded, but Yun Sheng would likely be killed instantly!

Yun Sheng turned back and saw the raging fighting energy. Without thinking, Yun Sheng held Yun Feng in his arms, trying to protect her with his body! “Brother!” Yun Feng roared. It wouldn’t matter even if she was wounded. She wouldn’t die anyway, but her brother might!

Yun Sheng held Yun Feng tightly and stared at her gently. This was the least he could do for Feng. Everything was fine as long as his dear sister was safe!

Mu Xiaojin was completely dumbfounded at the scene. Qu Lanyi and Ao Jin reacted quite fast. Both of them dashed forward. “Pu!” There was the sound of something being penetrated. Yun Feng was held in Yun Sheng’s arms, and couldn’t see what happened. However, the sound made her realize that the sword aura had indeed hit someone!

“Brother! Brother!” Yun Feng looked at Yun Sheng who was holding her tightly, her eyes bloodshot, fearing that the sword aura had pierced him. Qu Lanyi and Ao Jin both looked at the man who had outrun them, shocked.

Yun Jing was firmly standing in front of Yun Sheng. The sword of fighting energy had penetrated Yun Jing, but he stood absolutely still without moving at all, because behind him were his kids that he swore to protect with his life!

Yun Jing was as grim as before. Blood spread on his lips. Qu Lanyi grabbed him when he was about to fall. He suddenly smiled and stood straight again. He said slowly, with his kids behind him, “It’s alright…”

Hearing that, Yun Sheng quickly looked back. When he saw that his father had taken the hit for him, he cried painfully, “Father!”

Yun Feng struggled to stand straight in her brother’s arms. Her father’s back was expanding in her eyes even though he wasn’t very tall. He stood in front of them like a mountain. Despite the excruciating pain, Yun Jing didn’t fall. He stood steadily and protected his children.

“Father…” mumbled Yun Feng. She felt excruciating pain in her heart that made her eyes bloodshot. Hot tears flowed out. “Father!” Yun Feng shouted loudly. Yun Jing turned his head back, and there was a warm and gentle smile on his solemn face.

“Feng, it’s alright…” Yun Jing said softly. He couldn’t hold any longer, and collapsed slowly. Yun Feng’s pupils narrowed. Something was broken in her heart. Something was quickly fading away. She wanted to catch it, but failed!

“Hahahaha! It’s a shame that you didn’t die! But this trip is totally worth it!” Randal appeared in the sky and then left like a storm. With bloodshot eyes, Yun Feng struggled to stand up, but Yun Sheng grabbed her tightly!

“Karan Royal Family, Randal… You dared to hurt my beloved father! I will let you repay for what you did! I’ll let you repay a hundred times more!” Yun Feng roared with bloodshot eyes. Her voice spread with infinite grief and desperation. Yun Sheng held Yun Feng in his arms, and hot tears flowed out of his eyes too.

“Yun Feng, calm down.” Qu Lanyi’s voice came close. After Randal disappeared, Ao Jin left to catch him. Qu Lanyi stared at Yun Jing, who had collapsed on the ground, and laid his hand on Yun Jing’s chest. A stream of shimmering light entered Yun Jing’s body from Qu Lanyi’s hand.

“He won’t die as long as I’m here!” Qu Lanyi narrowed his eyes. What he said brought Yun Feng’s dead heart back to life. Yun Sheng quickly wiped her tears. Qu Lanyi smiled at Yun Feng. “How can I let someone so important to you be wounded? I certainly don’t want you to be heartbroken.”

Yun Feng’s heart was filled with warmth, and Mu Xiaojin was sobbing quietly with tears on her face. Ze Ran wiped the tears in the corner of his eyes excitedly. Yun Feng stared at Qu Lanyi, the weird man who had been wearing female clothes, and slowly lowered her head. Yes, he’s here for me. Everything will be fine.

“Feng!” Yun Sheng found that Yun Feng passed out in his arms, and was at a loss. Qu Lanyi put on a smile. “She’s only unconscious because she overused her mental strength.” Yun Sheng was greatly relieved to hear that. A streak of golden light flashed back, and Ao Jin whispered gloomily, “He got away.”

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