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Chapter 360: This Opening Belongs to the Yun Family (3)

After the emperor said that, the five warriors all introduced themselves. They were all the genius students from the Karan Empire’s School of God of War. On the mages’ side, Kasa introduced herself first. “I’m Kasa, a royal princess.”

“I am Ximen Ying, the youngest daughter of the Ximen family,” said the level 4 girl who was standing next to Kasa proudly. She didn’t seem to respect Yun Feng even though she was a summoner. Yun Feng lowered her head and chuckled. She knew that the Ximen family was very rich. They must’ve paid a lot for this opening. However…

The other girl that Yun Feng didn’t know said in a low voice, “I’m Siqi, a student of the Masang School of Magic.” The girl named Siqi had freckles on her face. She wasn’t very gorgeous, and looked rather timid.

When it was Qu Lanyi’s turn, she said lazily, “I’m Qu Lanyi.”

Yun Feng was the last. She said briefly, “I’m Yun Feng.”

All ten contestants introduced themselves. Interestingly enough, those on the warrior team were all boys, and those on the mage team were exclusively girls who were not unattractive. The girl named Siqi was definitely not ugly despite the freckles on her face.

“Alright. The self-introduction is over. You know each other now. Next, I’ll…”

“Wait a moment.” Yun Feng interrupted Prince Kai again, making his eyes cramp. Kasa pursed her lips. The emperor looked at Yun Feng with a smile. “Yun Feng, is there anything else?”

Yun Feng smiled and fixed her eyes on Ximen Ying. “With all due respect, does the Karan Royal Family want to win, or just to participate for fun?”

Hearing that, the emperor finally changed his expression. The others were quite anxious too. Ze Ran looked at Yun Feng worriedly. Murong Yuntian didn’t look well either, fearing that Yun Feng might infuriate the emperor. “What are you talking about, Yun Feng? We certainly want to win!” Kai hurriedly replied. Yun Feng, however, asked again, “If you want to win, tell me, what’s this level 4 mage doing here?”

Both the emperor and Kai were stiffened. Ximen Ying blushed when Yun Feng talked about her with criticism and disdain. Kasa said in a low voice, “It’s all my father’s arrangement. Do you have a problem with that?”

Yun Feng immediately became cold. “Prince Kasa, are you even qualified to answer my question?”

Kasa immediately became pale and fell quiet. The five boys on the warrior team all looked at Yun Feng with widened eyes, awed by her aura.

“Yun Feng, is there anything inappropriate with the arrangement? The mages aren’t very strong on average anyway…” Kai chuckled and said, trying to ease the tension. Yun Feng, however, snorted, “Not too strong on average? If so, then I won’t be needed. I’m not interested in fighting and winning on my own while my teammates do nothing.”

Ximen Ying’s face was entirely red. Obviously, what Yun Feng said hurt her pride. She stepped up and said, “Who do you think will do nothing? You may be a summoner, but so what? You think you can beat the opponents on your own?”

Yun Feng chuckled. “It may be difficult for me to do that on my own, but Karan surely won’t win without me. But what contributions can you make to Kara as a level 4 mage, Ximen Ying?”

Ximen Ying was lost for words. She was not strong at all as a level 4 mage, and was only slightly above average in the Masang School of Magic. Many students were stronger than her. If her family hadn’t pulled strings and bribed, she wouldn’t have had a chance to come here. Now that Yun Feng pointed it out, she felt insulted.

“We don’t have a substitution for her even if she’s removed from the team,” said the emperor casually. But Yun Feng replied with a smile, “Yes, we do. I have the perfect substitution.”

Everybody was slightly surprised. The emperor looked rather awful, and Kai was slightly awkward too. That woman was truly aggressive! Was she insisting that the royal family give away an opening? But the Karan Royal Family couldn’t afford offending her at this moment. Besides, she had a point. A level 4 mage would only embarrass herself in the contest.

“Who’s your substitution, Yun Feng?” asked Kai in a low voice. “If they’re not in the capital, I don’t think there’ll be enough time.”

Yun Feng chuckled, and put a Ring of Contract on her finger. The five members on the warrior team all held their breath and looked at her. There was excitement all over Ze Ran’s eyes. Yun Feng was truly a summoner! She was so awesome! Murong Yuntian seemed rather proud too, even though he didn’t have a reason to be.

Kasa, whose attention had been focused on Murong Yuntian the whole time, was quite grim, because Murong Yuntian had been staring at someone else. She looked at Yun Feng’s Ring of Contract jealously. She had learned that the trouble Kaqi caused was because she stole Yun Feng’s Ring of Contract, which turned out to be a disaster for her. She hadn’t recovered yet even to this day. Kasa mocked her for her stupidity earlier, but she felt that she was understanding Kaqi better and better.

If only I can claim the summoner’s Ring of Contract… The idea occurred to Kasa, only to be suppressed very quickly. That was impossible. How could a summoner’s Ring of Contract be claimed so easily?

“Lan Yi, come on out,” Yun Feng summoned Lan Yi in front of the emperor. Everybody gasped when Lan Yi appeared, as it looked like an extremely handsome man! Murong Yuntian felt rather uncomfortable, as he was only plain-looking compared to Lan Yi. Ze Ran was rather bummed too, and rubbed his chest, for reasons he didn’t know.

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