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Chapter 36: The Mei Family’s Plan (2)

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Yun Jing nodded, then returned to the study without saying anything else. Yun Feng stood right there and watched the back of her father quietly. Yun Jing always looked serious and wouldn’t say anything caring. Even after Yun Feng came back to life, he wasn’t that emotional. And yet, Yun Feng understood that Yun Jing’s love for her was at the bottom of his heart. Yun Feng would remember deeply his angry growl she heard when she was reborn, saying that he would do everything for her.

Yun Feng collected her thoughts, cheered up and walked towards her room. Right now, she had one more important thing to do. She wanted to know what exactly that strange meatball was!

After Yun Feng entered her room, carefully shut the door and locked it, she came to her bed. She gave a thought and the bracelet appeared. In a heartbeat, an entire white meatball was taken out of the bracelet by Yun Feng.

“Nana!” After the meatball got out, its black eyes were full of condemnation to Yun Feng. Apparently, it didn’t like to stay in that space. Its little claws also stretched out from the bottom of its chubby body and waved in the air. Yun Feng ignored it. She lifted its body in front of her eyes and observed it carefully, for a long time…

“Ancestor, what Magic Beast is this meatball?” Yun Feng and the meatball stared at each other. Looking at those pure black eyes, Yun Feng felt weird. After a while, what the ancestor said shocked Yun Feng.

“Kid, I’ve never seen it before… There are too many different species of Magic Beasts. None of the Magic Beasts I know look like this. Perhaps, it’s a species humans haven’t discovered yet.”

Yun Feng was astonished. A new species? Humans nowadays had never discovered it before? She observed the meatball carefully again. Its body was like a round ball. It had white fur, a pair of unusually watery eyes and a tail curled up behind its butt. This looked like a very cute species. Instead of a Magic Beast, it was more like a pet. Those Young Masters and Young Ladies would like it very much when they saw it.

“Nana, nana!” Yun Feng kept lifting the meatball’s body, hanging it in the air. Its ball-like body swayed a few times and its tail also tapped Yun Feng’s arm again and again, asking her to let go. It didn’t like it.

Yun Feng pouted and let go of it and the meatball jumped down from the air deftly. Its body seemed to be chubby, but it didn’t make any sound when it landed on the ground. Yun Feng slightly narrowed her black eyes. How did this seemingly harmless thing survive in the central area of the Foggy Forest?

Also, why did it follow her? Was it because it couldn’t live in the central area of the Foggy Forest anymore and it felt like she could be its support? Yun Feng pondered in her messy head. Suddenly, she remembered that the meatball got something from Little Fire. She threw that thing into the bracelet together with the meatball that time.

Yun Feng searched carefully and the fruit snatched by the meatball appeared in Yun Feng’s hand. After taking the fruit out, the abnormally active fire elements inside made the temperature of the air rise several levels all of a sudden.


“This is…” Yun Feng was stunned. Even though the fruit was small, the fire elements it carried inside were too astonishing. She had just taken it out and the temperature had risen so much. If the fire elements inside were absorbed, she had no idea which level her fire-element energy would be raised to!

“A Fire Spirit Fruit. There’s only one in a thousand years. Haha. The Fire Cloud Wolf is quite lucky. This thing is very beneficial to it. Once it absorbs the fire elements inside, it can directly advance one level among the intermediate level.”


What the ancestor said dispelled Yun Feng’s doubts. She couldn’t help but feel a bit astonished in her mind. The Fire Spirit Fruit, such a small fruit had this powerful energy that could take a Magic Beast to the next level! The fire elements inside it were indeed astounding!

And yet, the Fire Spirit Fruit wasn’t really useful anymore right now. The Fire Cloud Wolf had been contracted by Yun Feng. The level of the contracted Magic Beast and the summoner was equal. Only when the power of the summoner increased would the contracted Magic Beast enter the next level.

“Kid, the Fire Spirit Fruit is something everyone wants. If it’s shown to the world, a great furor will be caused.” The ancestor’s delightful words made Yun Feng smile. There was only one of it in a thousand years and it carried such pure and astonishing fire elements inside, so people certainly wanted to get it. And yet, how many people dared to go to the central area of the Foggy Forest? Even if they truly dared to go, they wouldn’t find this fruit. If it weren’t for the Foggy Forest, Yun Feng would never have discovered the Fire Spirit Fruit at all.

She threw the fruit back into the bracelet again casually. This thing wasn’t useful for her at the moment. Even though the Fire Spirit Fruit was very beneficial to Magic Beasts and humans, if they ate it forcibly and the amount of fire elements exceeded their limit of absorption, they would only end up setting themselves on fire.

After putting the Fire Spirit Fruit back, the meatball entered Yun Feng’s sight again. This little thing looked like it would stick with her and wouldn’t be able to be sent away. To be honest, Yun Feng was also very curious about the meatball. It was definitely not simply a meatball. Even a level-6 mutated Magic Beast couldn’t keep up with its terrifying speed. This must mean something!

Yun Feng looked at the meatball for a long time. The meatball seemed to be a bit frightened after being watched. Its body moved slightly and it pointed its butt at Yun Feng, which made her dumbfounded. “If you want to be with me, then stay.”

The meatball immediately turned back after hearing this. Its round, watery black eyes blinked a few times, looking quite cute. Yun Feng smiled and poked the meatball’s head gently with her finger. “Meatball, this name is pretty nice, right?”

Meatball was shocked. It still hadn’t responded. When it understood that its name was now Meatball, its black eyes widened and the little claws hidden under its chubby body also stretched out. “Nana, nana, nana!” It kept protesting in dissatisfaction, but Yun Feng ignored it. She flicked the forehead of Meatball gently with her hand with a hint of teasing in her black eyes.

“Stop it! Objection invalid.”


Since then, there was a purely white pet that looked like a meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder. On the Vast Continent after many years, people knew that the most obvious symbol of that legendary summoner wasn’t her Ring of Contract, but the white meatball on her shoulder.


After Meatball officially stationed on Yun Feng’s shoulder, Yun Jing asked where it came from in confusion. Yun Feng laughed and said she bought it outside. Even though Yun Jing was still doubtful, he didn’t ask anything else.

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