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Chapter 355: You Are My Fiancée (1)

Little Fire laughed, with ferocity and brutality in its eyes. As a Magic Beast, it was famous for its bad temper. If it went on a rampage, half of the royal palace would probably be razed to the ground.

“You’re asking to be killed!” Little Fire roared and let out a threatening howl. Kaqi quickly changed her expression, and cried out in pain the next second. “Ah!” Kaqi cramped in agony. Her shoulders were already covered in blood. Little Fire’s sharp front claws had already entered her body and ripped apart the skin on her shoulders.

“Help… Help…” Enduring the unbearable pain, Kaqi was absolutely pale. Her body was cramping the entire time too. It was obvious that the wounds on her shoulders were causing a lot of agony. Little Fire laughed and moved its claws away, making Kaqi scream again. “Ah…” Little Fire’s claws were already very hot. The quick tearing had separated some of Kaqi’s flesh from her. The pain of losing her flesh made Kaqi shed tears. It was not until this moment that she finally realized how brutal and ferocious Magic Beasts were!

A few people suddenly appeared in the corners of the royal palace, and rushed towards Kaqi at an amazing speed. All of them were frowning hard with shock. How did a Magic Beast appear in the Karan Empire’s royal palace?

“Beast, die!” A roar burst out. Little Fire pricked its ears and immediately left Kaqi. It ran gracefully and rapidly, dodging all the attacks that were aimed at it.

“Princess Kaqi!” Another man quickly ran to Kaqi and saw her dying on the ground. He completely changed his expression.

“You dared to attack a member of the royal family? How bold! Now that you’ve come here, you cannot possibly get away alive!” The person who just attacked launched more vehement attacks, and fought Little Fire in head-on clashes. He was a strong warrior. While fighting him, Little Fire detected that the three men who just came were as strong as itself!

Agitation flashed in Little Fire’s eyes. It waved its claws quickly, causing a strong wind. The man jumped and dodged it. Little Fire then opened its mouth, where exceptional heat had been gathered. The dense fire elements in its mouth were like a cannonball. It was not hard to imagine how powerful their explosion would be!

“Get out of the way!” roared another man. The man who was by Kaqi’s side quickly picked her up and flashed away. The second man hurriedly dodged too. However, there was no time for the man who was fighting Little Fire to dodge!

“Human, die!” Little Fire’s ferocity that had been suppressed for a long time was completely released. It wasn’t easy for it to meet a few men who were as strong as itself. It would regret it if it didn’t kill any of them! The dark red fireball in the wolf’s mouth exploded. “Boom…” The man in front of Little Fire saw the most dazzling light and felt an overwhelming torrent of heat. He wanted to dodge, and had already started moving. However, the attack was so fast that he was stiffened during his escape!

“Brother Yuan!” The man who was holding Kaqi widened his eyes so hard that they almost popped out. He was about to dash forward to rescue his companion, when the other man stopped him. “It’s too late.” The man who stopped him looked quite grim. He stared at the explosion, knowing that none of them could’ve survived it! Magic Beasts were stronger than human beings to begin with, not to mention that this Magic Beast was of a higher level!

The shocking noises caused by the rapid and powerful shock wave alarmed everybody in the royal palace. What happened? Everybody in the royal palace was moving. All the hidden experts were showing up. Very soon, a dozen men had emerged in the sky. All of them seemed strong and intimidating. Randal, who had come for Yun Feng earlier, was among them.

They were all shocked at the scene of the explosion. Little Fire’s presence, the ruined palace, Kaqi’s miserable look, and the man who had been blown up into smithereens… The accident dumbfounded all those experts. A Magic Beast had broken into the royal palace? How?

“The Magic Beast has broken in and caused a disaster. Let’s destroy it together!” A few experts were enraged when they saw the miseries. They were the royal family’s protectors, yet they let the Magic Beast break in. They would be held responsible for that! They would definitely be punished if they didn’t annihilate this Magic Beast!

Randal looked at Little Fire and frowned. “Wait a moment!”

“Lord Randal, even though this Magic Beast is strong, it shouldn’t be a problem if we work together to kill it!”

“Human beings, you think you can kill me?” Little Fire raised its head and looked at the men standing in the sky, narrowing its eyes. They were all above the Commander Level. Some were even too strong for it to detect their level. Those human beings weren’t easy to deal with.

“What did you say?” A few men flushed in fury because of what Little Fire said. Magic Beasts had always been stronger than humans since ancient times. In the eyes of Magic Beasts, humans were just despicable weaklings. So, humans often wanted to prove themselves in front of Magic Beasts.

Those men all felt insulted. Some of them had even unleashed all of their fighting energy. They were going to work together and kill Little Fire in here!

“Take a closer look at this Magic Beast,” Randal gave an instruction that suppressed their fury. The other men couldn’t help but observe the Magic Beast more carefully. After a while, someone suddenly whispered, “Well… This creature looks similar to the summoner’s Magic Beast. It’s also a dark red Fire Cloud Wolf!”

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