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Chapter 320: It’s Our Turn (1)

The moment Murong Ran’s Earth Shield appeared, Yun Sheng smiled. His smile hurt Murong Ran’s pride again. Although the Murong family was not exactly a big family, Murong Yuntian had added a brilliant halo to it. As one of the best students in the School of God of War affiliated to the Karan Empire, Murong Yuntian was young and gifted. He had distinguished himself from his peers, and received the attention of the Karan Royal Family. His future was nothing but promising.

Although he was Murong Ran’s brother, he had been away from home since he was little, and was not deeply bonded with his family. He was almost a stranger to Murong Ran. However, people knew that she was his sister, and often compared them. If Murong Ran didn’t try hard enough, she would forever be eclipsed by her brother.

Ever since she was born, Murong Ran had been much more talented at magic than others. Also, because of Murong Yuntian’s glorious feat, she thought that she would be a glowing star too. Since she was admitted by the Masang School of Magic, Murong Ran’s grades had always been great. She left the mediocre students far behind her.

Yun Sheng’s condition made her even happier. She was happy whenever she saw that someone from the Yun family was unhappy. she simply enjoyed it.

Now that she heard Yun Sheng’s laughter, Murong Ran couldn’t hold any longer. “Why are you laughing? You think you can defeat me? Yun Sheng, even if you have become stronger, how strong can you possibly be? I don’t believe that you can rise to the sky in one step!”

Yun Sheng stood there and stared at Murong Ran with a smile on his handsome face. The audience couldn’t help but whisper to each other. Yun Sheng was quite a popular figure too, in a negative way. All the students knew him to be the bottom-ranking student whose strength didn’t improve at all. He was stuck in level 3 when he was already 15. That wasn’t too embarrassing in the Masang School of Magic, but zero progress in three years was.

The students who were watching the game all pointed their fingers at Yun Sheng and whispered. Seeing that, Murong Ran smiled in disdain. “See? You are a celebrity in Masang.”

Yun Sheng nodded. He always knew his image in the other students’ eyes. Although he was uncomfortable, he never thought little of himself. The Yun family never knew how to bend. Even if Yun Sheng was truly untalented, he had never given up.

“Earth Arrow!” roared Murong Ran, launching a bright yellow Earth Arrow towards Yun Sheng. Yun Sheng simply stood there without dodging. Even the students couldn’t help but shout, “Are you a fool? Why are you not dodging?”

Yun Feng watched her brother’s back from her seat with a smile. The level 5 Earth Arrow couldn’t possibly hurt her brother. Murong Ran, on the other hand, would suffer when her brother counterattacked.

Yun Sheng curled his lips, and extended his hand slowly. Now that he had reached level 7, Yun Sheng felt that the level 5 Earth Arrow was nothing but a joke. Coldness spread out of his hand, slowing down the Earth Arrow while it was flying, until it was almost in slow motion by the time it approached Yun Sheng. Then, Yun Sheng seized it in his hand.

“Bam!” Yun Sheng clenched the Earth Arrow and crumbled it into smithereens. Standing behind the Earth Shield, Murong Ran was too dumbfounded to talk. The audience were lost for words too, and all gazed at Yun Sheng. They had seen him attack before, but all his opponents until this day were level 3, so they didn’t know his strength precisely. However, it was different this time. His opponent was Murong Ran, who was in a high position on the individual rank. Yet, her attack had been crushed so easily?

“Damn, what’s with Yun Sheng? Isn’t he one of the weakest?”

“Beats me! Is it really possible for someone to become so strong so fast?”

Everybody fixed their eyes upon Yun Sheng. Envy, jealousy, agitation, suspicion and disbelief. Everybody looked at him with a different expression. Even the referee was astounded too, and didn’t know what to say.

Yun Sheng shook his hands, and the earth elements were already gone. He coldly stared at Murong Ran and said, “You can’t win. Just admit defeat.”

Murong Ran’s face was pale at first. Then, it turned completely red. She didn’t need him to tell her whether or not she could win. She knew that it was impossible for her to beat him!

“Don’t be too outrageous!” Murong Ran canceled the Earth Shield that had been protecting her, and seemed about to attack with all her strength. Yun Sheng smiled gently. He looked much more casual and at ease than Murong Ran did.

Kasa watched the game gloomily from her seat. Yun Sheng’s performance astonished her too. The man had crushed a level 5 Earth Arrow. Was it possible that he had risen to level 6? Thinking of that possibility, Kasa clenched her fists, knowing that she had failed this game in the most humiliating way!

Murong Ran stood there, overwhelmed with embarrassment. She waved her hand and gathered earth elements in her hands again. However, Kasa rose abruptly and yelled, “Are you not done embarrassing yourself yet?”

Murong Ran blushed, and looked back reluctantly. Kasa coldly stared at Murong Ran. Murong Ran finally gave up. She looked back at Yun Sheng angrily, as if she were saying that she would defeat him next time they met.

Yun Sheng put on a helpless smile. Seeing that, the referee asked Murong Ran, “Do you admit defeat?”

Murong Ran’s expression and body were stiffened. Her lips moved. She obviously found it embarrassing to admit defeat, but she was clearly no match for Yun Sheng in a real battle, as evident from their previous collision.

“I do,” said Murong Ran in a low voice, before she jumped off the arena. The referee was stunned. He didn’t hear her clearly and wanted to ask again, but Murong Ran was already outside of the arena. He then realized that it was unnecessary to confirm with her. “The Constellation Society won the second round.”

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