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Chapter 310: Absolutely Strong (2)

Regret and fury surged in Kasa’s eyes when she heard that. “Father, if a summoner emerges in the Yun family and it doesn’t obey the Karan Empire, it will be a disaster. What if it listens to the orders of other countries?”

The Emperor was silent for another few seconds. “That’s a valid concern. However, in any case, we must observe the Yun family for a while longer. I already have a plan about what to do.”

Kasa bit her lips, unwilling to give up. “However, father, if the Fire Society loses, I’ll have to…”

The Sound Transmission Jade glittered, and the emperor’s solemn and cold voice sounded. “You’ll have to do whatever you can! You should know the consequences if you dishonor the Karan Royal Family!”

After that, the Sound Transmission Jade stopped glittering. Kasa clenched the Sound Transmission Jade so angrily that it would’ve crumbled into pieces if it weren’t extremely hard!

Was the Yun family or the summoner really remarkable? The Karan Empire hadn’t had a summoner for years, but it was just the same as before. Besides, only one of the other three empires had a summoner, who was already very old. Why were summoners so important?

If a summoner truly emerged in the Yun family, considering Yun Feng’s attitude towards the Karan Royal Family, there was no way that she would work for the Karan Royal Family! Kasa bit her lips and thought of her deal with Yun Feng. If she lost, she would have to run nakedly, which would bring shame to herself and the Karan Royal Family!

The emperor had already expressed himself very clearly. If she dishonored the Karan Royal Family, she would bear the consequences. She couldn’t bear the royal family’s fury even though she was a princess. Besides, her father was well known to be temperamental…

The more she thought about it, the more awful she looked. She paced back and forth, and almost flattened the grasses underneath her feet. Suddenly, she thought of a person, and became relaxed. If that person helped her, Yun Feng wouldn’t dare to do anything to her!

Kasa was delighted the moment she thought about that. She clenched her Sound Transmission Jade and sent her aura into it. Very soon, the Sound Transmission Jade emitted a voice. “Princess Kasa?” The voice sounded so lazy as if the guy hadn’t woken up yet.

Kasa was even more delighted. “Uncle Randal, you remember me?”

“Hehe. How can I not remember you, Princess Kasa? Is there anything I can do for you?”

Kasa carefully considered how she should describe the matter, before she finally said, “Uncle Randal, my life has been terrible. I’ve been bullied. I wanted to talk to you about it.”

“Oh? Who dares to bully the Karan Royal Family’s princess? They’re rather bold, aren’t they?”

“Even though you don’t know her, Uncle Randal, you must know her family name.”

The Sound Transmission Jade was quiet for a while, before it sounded again. “I must know her family name. Is she from the Yun family?”

“Yes, the Yun family. On behalf of the Royal family, I extended an invitation to the Yun family, but the Yun family declined me and arrogantly claimed that they wouldn’t serve the Karan Royal Family. Besides, the two kids of the Yun family had no respect for me or the Karan Royal Family at all.”

“Is that true? If so, they have forgotten the Yun family’s teachings that were from a thousand years ago.”

Kasa put on an even bigger smile, yet she spoke in a faked bitter tone, “Uncle Randal, it’s fine if they disrespect me, but they must not despise the Karan Royal Family. The Yun family is just the royal family’s subject anyway. It’s truly disappointing that they have no respect for us at all.”

“What do you think we should do, Your Highness?”

Brutality flashed in Kasa’s eyes, and she put on a smile. “To give the Yun family a warning, of course, and let them drop their arrogance. Especially, the young people of the Yun family must be taught a lesson!”

Chuckle came from the other end of the Sound Transmission Jade. “Princess Kasa, do you want me to teach them a lesson?”

“I know that you cannot leave the capital easily, Uncle Randal. I called you only because I felt uncomfortable. You don’t need to do anything. I already told the matter to my father, but he didn’t really care. He might think that the Yun family is still loyal.”

“Well… Princess Kasa, you’re right. If the Yun family is no longer loyal, then it’s a great problem for the Empire. It might become even more arrogant if it’s not taught a proper lesson.”

Kasa was so delighted that she clenched the Sound Transmission Jade tightly. As long as Uncle Randal accepted her request, Yun Feng would be taught a lesson that she would never forget for the rest of her life!

“Although I cannot leave the capital easily, it is my duty to resolve His Majesties’ concerns for him.”

Kasa smiled delightedly when she heard that. “Exactly. The Karan Royal Family gave the Yun family everything, yet they have ungratefully forgotten our favor.”

“I’m setting off right now. I should be able to arrive at the Masang School of Magic by evening. This is a personal trip. Please do not tell anyone else, Your Highness.”

Kasa nodded. “Uncle Randal, don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone.”

No sound came from the other side of the Sound Transmission Jade. Kasa put away the Sound Transmission Jade carefully, and put on a cocky smile without any grimness. Yun Feng, haven’t you been arrogant? This time, you will learn that the Karan Royal Family is not to be provoked, and I’m not to be insulted by you! Tonight, you’ll have a taste of the princess’s wrath!

The first round of the society ranking contest was over, and the second round would begin on the next day. The matches on the first day weren’t entirely satisfactory. Very few of them were enjoyable. The strong teams beat the weak teams instantly, and the matches among the weak teams weren’t very attractive. However, in the following days, the games would be much more spectacular. Three fourths of the teams had been eliminated in the first round, leaving only ten teams. Although some of those teams were stronger than the rest, the difference among them wasn’t as huge as in the first round.

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