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Chapter 306: The Society Ranking Contest Begins (1)

“Should we hold the individual ranking contest at the same time?” asked Ted. The Vice Principal chuckled, “Just do what you see fit.”

Ted’s lips twitched. He walked away and held his head. The Vice Principal was truly the pot calling the kettle black. The only difference between him and the Principal was that he was on campus. He was actually just as irresponsible as the Principal. Ted heaved a helpless sigh. Never mind. It was perhaps his fate to be a hardworking teacher.

The next morning, the social ranking contest of the Masang School of Magic excitingly began. This time, fifty societies participated in the ranking contest. Almost all the students dropped their cultivation, making the Trial Tower emptier than ever. Everybody swarmed to the place where the society ranking contest was to be held. They were all excited, as the ranking contest this year would be quite suspenseful.

Naturally, as the dark horse, the Constellation Society received everybody’s attention, whether they meant well or not. The Constellation Society was as popular as the Fire Society, if not even more so! The rise of the Constellation Society, which had always been at the bottom, made other societies jealous. They all regretted that they didn’t have a member like Yun Feng, which would’ve made them popular too.

Jealous as they might be, the societies knew that Yun Feng was unique. The Constellation Society was able to attract her to join it only because of Yun Sheng!

Yun Feng was a lot like Ling Xiaoyun in terms of personality. If her brother Yun Sheng hadn’t joined the Constellation Society and become its leader, she wouldn’t have joined any society or caused such turmoil.

In the giant auditorium of the Masang School of Magic, all the students had gathered. The fifty teams had arrived too. Hundreds of people were standing in the center of the auditorium, from which the tables and facilities had all been removed. Inside the spacious auditorium, besides the hundreds of contestants, there were twice as many students as an audience, who discussed in a low voice and looked at the contestants curiously.

The contestants who were standing in the center wore different expressions, and most were simply expressionless. There was no telling whether they simply didn’t care, or whether they were just anxious. The Constellation Society’s representatives stood in a corner. Yun Feng glanced around and became grave, as Ling Xiaoyun hadn’t come.

Mu Xiaojin extended her hand and grabbed Yun Feng’s. Yun Feng smiled at her. Seeing the harmonious scene from aside, Qu Lanyi leaned close and wrapped Yun Feng’s finger with her warm and soft hand.

Yun Feng shivered, and threw off Qu Lanyi’s hand without thinking. However, out of her expectation, Qu Lanyi leaned against her arm, and put her perfect face on her shoulder. “Four representatives will do. We don’t need that disgusting guy.”

Yun Feng had goosebumps all over her body. Seeing that, Yun Sheng looked gloomily and pulled Yun Feng to him, freeing her from Qu Lanyi. Qu Lanyi chuckled, “Brother Yun, are you jealous?”

Mu Xiaojin was rather gloomy as she listened. Yun Feng couldn’t help but look at her brother. Qu Lanyi was indeed stunningly beautiful. Every man who passed by would stop and look at her. It was understandable if her brother liked the woman. However… Yun Feng was uncomfortable when she pictured her brother being together with that woman. She then shook her head and drove the random thoughts out of her head. It was best not to mess with such a woman. Considering how gentle her brother was, she had no doubt that Qu Lanyi would take advantage of him if they were really together!

Yun Sheng blushed, not because he liked Qu Lanyi, but because of the way Yun Feng looked at him. “That’s not it!” Hearing that, Qu Lanyi put on a charming smile again. “Oh? Then what’s it?”

Yun Sheng’s face was even redder. Mu Xiaojin watched everything in silence with a tightened face and pursed lips. She looked at Yun Sheng with her big eyes, yet Yun Sheng didn’t see and Yun Feng didn’t notice her either. Qu Lanyi glanced at Mu Xiaojin and then whispered to her, “If you just watch and don’t talk, he’ll be stolen by someone else sooner or later.”

Mu Xiaojin suddenly raised her head, and looked at Qu Lanyi in shock. Her face turned red the next moment. Qu Lanyi chuckled. Seeing that, Yun Feng immediately pulled Mu Xiaojin to her. After seeing that, Qu Lanyi was about to embrace her again, but Yun Feng glared at her and stopped her from moving forward. Qu Lanyi said, “Fengfeng, why do you have to act like this? Don’t we always do this every night?”

Her words were truly enticing. Those who were curious about them overheard what she said and clicked their tongue. They were two women… What did they do every night? Also, the two girls were so beautiful. No wonder they didn’t have boyfriends and never hung out with guys. Was it possible that they…

The society ranking contest hadn’t begun yet, but Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi’s relationship had already become the center of attention. Men and women alike were gossiping about them without the two of them realizing it.

“The Constellation Society has only four representatives?” The voice silenced all the contestants. Yun Feng and her companions fell quiet too. The contestants who had been waiting made way for the newcomers. They were Kasa, who was as condescending as always, with four followers. The five of them wore the same clothes. None of the other societies’ representatives did that. They looked rather intimidating.

Kasa was walking in the lead, followed by Mi Lingli, whom Yun Feng was quite familiar with. She was as arrogant as she always was. Seeing that there were only four representatives on Yun Feng’s side, she sneered. Murong Ran was in the team too. She was the tenth on the individual rank, and it was natural that she got picked as the Fire Society’s representative. The three women who had grievances with Yun Feng were in the same team. Seeing that, Yun Feng couldn’t help but smile, wondering if it was preordained that they were gathered together.

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