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Chapter 271: Fair (4)

If a seller happened to be selling what a buyer was hoping to buy, they could make a deal with each other directly, saving both of them a lot of time and effort. When Yun Feng arrived at the registration office, a lot of people were already waiting in line. She skimmed through the registration book when it was her turn, and discovered that there were truly assorted items available like Qu Lanyi said.

“Miss, are you a seller or a buyer?” asked a senior student in the office. Yun Feng replied that she was a buyer, and he immediately took out a book. “What do you intend to buy?”

After thinking for a few seconds, Yun Feng eventually said, “Sound Transmission Jade.”

The student who was responsible for registration was stunned for a moment. Sound Transmission Jade? He glanced at Yun Feng. She smiled, but didn’t really think she could buy it. Which student could possibly own that? She was about to leave, when the student opened his mouth.

“There’s indeed a Sound Transmission Jade here. However… you must consider carefully. They’re very expensive.”

Yun Feng was rather stunned. Even the Sound Transmission Jade was available here? That was indeed priceless. How could anyone in the Masang School of Magic be selling them? Yun Feng nodded.

The student responsible for registration was even more surprised. He told her the location and number of the Sound Transmission Jade’s seller. Then, she went in with a badge. He stared at her back and mumbled, “That crazy man’s long wait turns out to be worth it…”

Yun Feng entered the fair, and saw countless stands where a myriad of things, including food, weapons and weird items, were being sold. However, she wasn’t interested in any of those things.

Following the student’s instruction, Yun Feng went straight to a stand without wasting her time. This stand was quite unpopular compared to others. The seller at the stand was a young man who had a lot of stubble. He was leaning against his chair, as if he had fallen asleep.

Nothing was exhibited at all on the table ahead of him. No wonder he had no customers.

Someone called out to him when Yun Feng stopped at the stand. “Hey, Crazy Ling, you’ve got a customer!”

Crazy Ling? Yun Feng glanced at the young man who was napping next to the stand. He was quite tall and strong, and seemed intimidating even though he was just sitting. Yet, his unshaved face suggested that he hadn’t taken care of personal hygiene for days. His black hair was absolutely unkempt too.

Hearing the call, the drowsy young man slowly opened his eyes and rubbed them hard. Then, he combed his hair with one hand, and scratched his back with the other. Then, he stretched his arms and yawned hard.

“Ah…” After the yawn, the young man finally looked at Yun Feng, with vague bloody streaks in his eyes. “Do you want anything?”

Yun Feng nodded. “I’d like to buy your item.”

The young man chuckled, and touched his chin. He seemed to feel itchy, so he scratched it. Leaning back against his chair, he said lazily, “Young lady, have you brought enough ores for my item? It’s very expensive!”

Yun Feng put on a smile. “Expensive? I can afford it no matter how expensive it is as long as it’s what I need.”

Hearing that, the young man jumped from his chair excitedly. “Are you serious?”

Yun Feng smiled. “Take out your item. I mean it.”

The young man laughed and waved his finger at Yun Feng. “My item is a treasure. I won’t take it out easily, unless…”

Yun Feng understood what he implied. She waved her hand, and took out a mid-level ore, which was one of the hundred mid-level ores that Zhao Mingqi offered her when she returned the storage belt to the Red Maple Mercenary Team. She didn’t really want them back then, as she had a hill of high-level ores and a hundred ultimate ores. However, as it turned out, ores were the main currency in the Masang School of Magic. She didn’t take out high-level ores because they would cause her unnecessary trouble. She wasn’t scared of anyone robbing her, but it was never a good habit to show how rich one was.

Yun Feng had always kept a low profile.

At this moment, the mid-level ores turned out to be useful. She never had a chance to use them until this moment. They showed her sincerity without causing much attention. When she presented one of the mid-level ores, the young man’s eyes glittered, knowing that she could truly afford the item.

“Alright, you’ve proved yourself, young lady. I’m not carrying the item right now. Please wait a moment.” The young man jumped away. He patted his clothes, scratched his hair, and yawned again. He was about to leave, when he turned around and asked, “Right, what’s your name?”

Yun Feng replied casually, “Yun Feng.”

The young man grinned, showing his white teeth. “My name is Ling Xiaoyun. Be right back.”

Yun Feng nodded. She was not afraid that Ling Xiaoyun was bluffing, as he clearly had the items available. There was just no telling how many Sound Transmission Jades he had, or how much he would charge her.

Yun Feng waited patiently for a while. The sellers nearby all glanced at her curiously, but she wasn’t bothered at all and simply ignored them. She observed the other buyers in this place, and discovered that they were buying assorted items. They were mostly paying with low-level ores.

“Yun Feng!” Very soon, Ling Xiaoyun’s roar came closer. Yun Feng smiled casually. “I can hear you. There’s no need to shout so loudly.”

Ling Xiaoyun laughed and scratched his head again. “Come with me.”

Yun Feng looked at him in confusion. See Yun Feng’s expression, Ling Xiaoyun instantly smiles. “Make no mistake. You know the item is too precise to be traded here. There are special rooms here for such transactions. Come on.”

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