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Chapter 267: Rules of Studying (3)

“The Trial Cards are divided into three levels, namely low, middle and high. The low-level Trial Cards can only be paid with the energy of low-level ores. The mid-level cards can be paid with low-level and mid-level ores. The high-level ones can be paid with ores of all levels. The energy points can be exchanged. One mid-level equals five low-level energy points, and so on. To study in the Trial Tower, you need to pay five energy points to enter the low floors, where you can stay for three days. The mid floors cost five energy points too, and you can stay for four days. The high floors cost the same, but you can stay for five days.”

As the teacher introduced, the students all mumbled and wrote them down. Yun Feng looked at the trial card in her hand, which only contained thirty points. If she didn’t do anything, she could only study for thirty days, which wasn’t nearly enough even for a low-level mage to upgrade by one level.

“Sir, what can we do after we use up the energy points?” asked a student timidly. The teacher smiled and then put on a solemn expression. “You have to count on yourselves! In the Masang School of Magic, you have to rely on yourselves to do anything! As students, you have a few options. Firstly, you may join a society. Competitions among societies are held every year in Masang School of Magic, and the top five societies are rewarded with ores. Secondly, you may participate in the personal ranking contests. As long as you make it to the top ten and stay there, you will be rewarded with ores depending on your ranking every week. Thirdly, you may challenge those who rank in the top ten! Once you beat them, you will receive rewards that depend on the ranking of the person you’ve beaten!”

The students looked quite upset after hearing that. All those options included fighting and killing. They were mages! Couldn’t they just study magic in peace?

“There’s one thing that you need to remember: only the fittest survive! If you would rather be left behind by others without doing anything, the Masang School of Magic won’t intervene. You’re free to abandon everything!”

All the students became solemn. Nobody wanted to be left behind. Nobody wanted to see others get ahead. Nobody was willing to rank last! All the students felt the determination to work hard. In order to walk further on the path of a mage, the only thing they could do was to strive and move onward!

Seeing the students’ expressions, the teacher nodded in satisfaction. “Alright. I’ve said what I must say. You must already know the class that you belong to. If any of you intends to join a society, you’d better join one that’s from your own class. Oh right,” the teacher smiled weirdly and added, “Fair duels aren’t forbidden in the Masang School of Magic. However, anyone who maliciously robs others of their Trial Cards will be kicked out!”

Hearing that, the students who were relatively weak were all relieved. Yun Feng glanced at Mi Lingli, and saw discontent in her eyes. As she expected, Mi Lingli had been planning to loot the others’ Trial Cards.

“Alright. If you want to study in the Trial Tower, just go there. If you want to join a society, go that way. If you want to watch a contest or participate in one, go in that direction.” The teacher left after saying that. The students whispered to each other in groups, then dispersed. Some went to the Trial Tower, some walked to the building for the societies, and some watched the contests with great interest.

Mu Xiaojin was standing behind Yun Feng. “Xiao Feng, what are we going to do?”

Yun Feng replied with a smile, “I’m going to talk to my big brother. If you want to go to the Trial Tower, Xiaojin, just go there. I’ll join you later.”

Mu Xiaojin thought for a moment and shook her head. “I… I want to go with you, Xiao Feng.”

Yun Feng smiled happily after hearing that. She nodded and took Mu Xiaojin to the society building. The water element students’ union in that building must know what her big brother was doing! She considered how to contact her big brother, and thought of the Sound Transmission Jade that Mr. Zheng Ran gave her. It seemed that she had to get a Sound Transmission Jade for her big brother, her father and Xiaojin when she had time, or it would be too hard for her to reach out to them.

Yun Feng grabbed Mu Xiaojin’s hand and walked to the society building, which was where many societies were based. The building had a lot of floors, and there seemed to be plenty of societies. Quite a lot of students were entering and exiting the building. Mu Xiaojin looked at the building curiously and whispered, “Xiao Feng, there are so many people here…”

Yun Feng nodded. In just a short while, dozens of people had passed by the gate with different expressions. As they approached the building, Yun Feng saw a lot of people standing at the gate distributing fliers to the passers-by. She even saw her big brother among them!

“Big brother!” Yun Feng called out to him and dragged Mu Xiaojin to him. Yun Sheng, who was distributing the fliers, raised his head and saw his sister walking to him. He smiled and said, “What brings you here, Feng?”

Mu Xiaojin blushed and said, “We’re here for you, Brother Yun Sheng.”

Yun Sheng was dazed for a moment, and then smiled. Yun Feng saw the fliers in Yun Sheng’s hand and grabbed one of them, which said “Constellation Society”. She smiled at him. “Why didn’t you tell me that you had a society? I’d like to join it!”

Yun Sheng looked rather awkward when he heard that. Mu Xiaojin nodded quickly too. “I—I want to join it too.”

“You want to join the Constellation Society? You’re new students, aren’t you? I suggest you keep your distance from such societies!” interjected someone. Yun Feng saw that her big brother put on an awful expression. She looked back, only to see a guy in fashionable clothes walking closer. He seemed a few years younger than her big brother.

“Chu Kuangren, this is none of your business!” said Yun Sheng in a low voice. Yet, the stranger simply laughed at him, and so did the companions that followed him. They all seemed disdainful when Chu Kuangren walked closer gracefully and put on a hypocritical smile at Yun Feng.

Yun Feng looked at him so coldly that he was almost scared, but he managed to open his mouth calmly, “Junior sisters, choosing the right society is very important for your studies in the Masang School of Magic. If you choose the wrong one, you will regret it for the rest of your life! The Constellation Society was founded by the useless water element students. Your future will be ruined if you join it!”

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