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Chapter 262: Have a Fight First (2)

“We’ve probably admitted more students this year than we ever did,” said Ted with a smile. “Alright, dear students, you’ll be official students of the Masang School of Magic from today on. As students of the Masang School of Magic, you must obey the school rules. Don’t blame me for mercilessly expelling you if you violate the rules!”

What Ted said made the students rather uneasy. It was very hard to be admitted by the Masang School of Magic, but one could always apply for another test if one wasn’t admitted. However, if one was expelled, it would be impossible to return.

“The best student of each place, please step forward,” declared one of the teachers. Hearing that, Yun Feng stepped forward, and so did another four students. They all looked at each other competitively, not planning to admit that the others were stronger.

Mi Lingli stood in the crowd, gnashing her teeth and staring at Yun Feng’s back. She was supposed to be the best student. She was!

The teachers observed the five students and nodded in satisfaction. “Other students may leave with the teachers, but these five students will stay.”

Yun Feng smiled at Mu Xiaojin, and mouthed to her that she would go find her later. Mu Xiaojin nodded and left with the teachers. The five students who were asked to stay secretly observed each other. Yun Feng didn’t observe anyone. She simply stood aside and let others examine her.

At this moment, Ted came close and said with a smile, “I’ve seen your grades. Yun Feng is the most distinguished one. She’s already a level-6 mage. Even more astonishingly, she’s a double-element mage!”

The other four students all looked at Yun Feng, and she smiled and didn’t say anything. The tall guy, who had spoken earlier, was one of the five best students, and remarked, “While double-element mages are rare, not all of them make great achievements. Single-element mages are much more likely to become successful.”

The other three students nodded. Yun Feng smiled again, and remained silent. Seeing that, Ted chuckled and opened his mouth again, “Dear students, as the best students from your place, you have privileges in the Masang School of Magic. Keep them.”

Ted took out a few crystal ores, which surprised the students and made them breathe heavily. Yun Feng pretended to be shocked too. She didn’t want to appear too special.

“This mid-level ore is our reward for the best students. Keep it.” Ted handed over the mid-level ores to them. The other four students all seemed passionate when they accepted the ores. Yun Feng weighed hers in her hand, and found that it was of quite a high quality. The Masang School of Magic was truly generous to the best students.

“Okay. I hope that you’ll all have distinguished performances. I think very highly of you!” Ted encouraged them with a smile, and Yun Feng sighed in her heart. It was just a mid-level ore, but never mind. It was better than nothing.

After giving the gifts away, Ted led the five students away. The other students were discussing something together, and Yun Feng didn’t interject. She simply observed the Masang School of Magic quietly. It had all the necessary infrastructures, and had obviously existed for a long time. When Yun Feng saw the pointy tower, she couldn’t help but ask, “Mr. Ted, what’s that tower for?”

Ted chuckled. “You’ll know the answer sooner or later. Go eat something right now. This is your dormitory badge. Keep it.”

Accepting her dormitory badge, Yun Feng was dazed. So, they had been assigned to a dormitory? She had planned to live together with Mu Xiaojin, but it didn’t seem likely now. Yun Feng wasn’t hungry, so she simply went to the dormitory building. On the first floor, she saw a huge poster on the wall, on which the floors and room numbers of the hundred new students were listed.

Yun Feng searched and soon found Mu Xiaojin’s floor and room number. Mu Xiaojin was on the third floor, whereas she was on the fifth. They were rather far away. She didn’t know if Mu Xiaojin had returned, but she decided to visit her.

The dormitory was like an ancient castle and contained many floors. Yun Feng had met a lot of people by the time she reached the third floor. There were mages everywhere of different classes and strengths. The strongest of them was a level 7 one, but he seemed to be an old student. The others were mostly level 3 and level 4. Yun Feng met dozens of them. None of them majored in light or darkness. As she expected, the two elements were very special, and few mages had mastered them even in the Masang School of Magic that had plenty of mages.

Yun Feng came to the third floor and knocked. Soon, someone answered the door and asked Yun Feng politely, “Who are you looking for?”

“Is Mu Xiaojin inside?”

The person who answered the door thought for a moment and opened the door. “Yes. Come on in.”

Yun Feng nodded. The person who answered the door was a level 4 mage, and unlikely a new student. Yun Feng walked in with a smile, and saw Mu Xiaojin seated on her bed in a daze. She stood up and jumped at her the moment she saw her.

“Xiao Feng!”

Mu Xiaojin and the girl who answered the door were the only students in the room. Yun Feng checked the room, and found that it had four beds. Every resident had a comfortable bed and a huge table, and the room wasn’t crowded at all. Her own dormitory would probably be similar.

Yun Feng touched Mu Xiaojin’s face and sat down with her. Mu Xiaojin had taken little luggage with her. There was nothing except some clothes.

“Are you hungry? Let’s grab some food now,” said Yun Feng softly. Mu Xiaojin nodded. She was indeed rather hungry, but she stayed in her dormitory, fearing that Yun Feng wouldn’t be able to find her. She saw Yun Feng’s badge and asked, “Where is your dormitory?”

Yun Feng looked at her badge. “I’m on the fifth floor. Room 573.”

“What? You’re in Room 573?” The girl who answered the door suddenly turned around and looked at Yun Feng in shock, dropping what she was doing. Yun Feng nodded. “Yes. Is there something wrong?”

The girl shook her head after a long time. “No, nothing is wrong. Aren’t you going to grab a bite? You should go now, or there won’t be any delicious food left.”

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