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Chapter 261: Have a Fight First (1)

“Indeed. I’m so hungry,” the student who was on the same bat added, and touched his belly. Nobody expected the flight to take so long, so they didn’t prepare any food. That was a lapse in judgment.

Yun Feng wasn’t too hungry. She didn’t need food or water as badly as ordinary people did. Her body wouldn’t be affected at all by not eating food. Hearing the complaints, Mi Lingli put on a gloating smile and took out a piece of bread. The students on nearby bats all exclaimed, “Storage container!”

Mi Lingli smiled cockily. “What about my storage container? You’ve never seen one?” After that, she ate the bread proudly, as if she was trying to anger them. The students on nearby bats were all angry at seeing that. While Yun Feng just shook her head helplessly. “How childish.”

Hearing Yun Feng’s whisper, Mi Lingli snapped, “What did you say?”

Yun Feng slowly turned her head and glanced at Mi Lingli. “You heard me. Do you want me to repeat myself?”

“You…” Mi Lingli squeezed her bread hard, and the nearby students couldn’t help but laugh. She snorted and continued chewing her bread. The hungry students were even hungrier at watching her eat.

“Please hang in there, guys. We’re arriving.” Ted’s voice excited the students. They were arriving? Fantastic!

After Ted said that, the bats seemed to be crossing a certain barrier. Yun Feng detected the obvious waves in the air, which indicated the presence of a barrier. Then, she saw a dark forest, and a tower that had a pointy top at the other end of the forest.

“Teachers, be careful!” Ted suddenly roared, making all the students nervous. At this moment, the bats were flying above the dark forest. The students were all frightened as they looked down at the forest, as if it were a huge mouth that would swallow them instantly.

Yun Feng narrowed her black eyes, and keenly detected a few immeasurable beings inside the forest! When the bats crossed the forest, there was obviously a riot in the forest. Ted and the other teachers were serious and releasing their mental strength, ready to fight!

Yun Feng’s Commander Level aura pushed towards the forest down below and fell on top of the forest like a thick cover. The creatures that were seething a moment earlier all lost their momentum!

The bats kept flying, and soon came to the edge of the forest. Ted and the teachers were rather baffled, but didn’t dare to relax at all. It was not until the bats safely crossed the forest that Ted mumbled in confusion, “What happened? This forest is unusually peaceful this time.”

Yun Feng unhurriedly withdrew her mental strength and stood on the bat’s back casually. The other students were relieved to see that nothing happened. Mi Lingli snorted and said, “Humph. Nothing happened! Did someone frighten them?”

The students on nearby bats all turned their eyes, but they were looking at Yun Feng instead of Mi Lingli. Mi Lingli was quite embarrassed. “Why are you looking at her? I was talking about Mr. Ted, not her!”

Although the students didn’t think it was Yun Feng, they all looked at her. Yun Feng smiled, but didn’t say anything. She simply kept the forest in her mind. There were Magic Beasts that were as strong as herself in the forest!

The bats that crossed the forest raised a heated discussion somewhere in the forest. “Brother, are you sure that the aura just now was Commander Level?”

A middle-aged man sat gloomily and considered for a long time, before he nodded, “Yes. The aura is Commander Level, just as mine.”

“Has any mages in the Masang School of Magic reached the Commander Level?” asked a young man in confusion. The middle-aged man shook his head and replied, “Unlikely… It’s possible that they’ve admitted a genius student.”

“What? Another genius? They’re causing too much trouble for us!” cried the young man, who felt like crying. The middle-aged man was rather amused too. “You think I want this? One genius was more than enough. If another genius is coming, I’ll have to die!”

“Big brother, our life won’t be easy at all. Why don’t we move?” The young man made a proposal to relocate, and the middle-aged man snapped, “I would’ve moved if I could, but we can’t, can we?”

The young man heaved a sigh with great regret, and so did the middle-aged man. They had already been tortured by one genius for years. If a new genius came, the life of the Magic Beasts such as them would be even more miserable!

The bats finally landed. Yun Feng jumped off of the bat’s back, and saw a pointy tower standing in front of her. There were also some other buildings around the tower. They were probably the Masang School of Magic’s facilities, but they were not nearly as eye-catching as the tower.

Mu Xiaojin walked to Yun Feng, whereas Mi Lingli kept a distance from her as if she were a plague bringer. Yun Feng wasn’t bothered at all. The other students all got off their bats, and found that they weren’t the only new students here. There were a bunch of other people who were waiting and didn’t seem very friendly. One of them, who was a tall guy, opened his mouth and said, “People from small places are always burdens! Do you have any idea how much time we’ve wasted because we had to wait for you?”

None of the students who had come from Park City were glad to hear that. Ted smiled and said to the other teachers who had been waiting for him. “It’s true that we’re late.” Those teachers smiled too, and gathered the students.

There were altogether a hundred students. The Masang School of Magic had five admission offices in the Karan Empire, and each office had admitted twenty students, numbering up to a hundred students in total. Still, it was not nearly as big as the number of students that the School of God of War admitted in one place.

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