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Chapter 251: The Powerhouse Is Coming (2)

The other side of the jade pendant went silent for a while again, then started glittering. “Huangzu Fu, if you dare to deceive me, you need to know the consequences of angering me.”

Huangzu Fu’s body shook again. “Sure, sure, I certainly know that. Master Baili, please help me this time.”

The jade pendant shone a few times again. “What’s the name of this person?”

Huangzu Fu immediately became sullen and he shouted out a name with red eyes. “Yun Feng.”

The other side of the jade pendant went silent again, while Huangzu Fu waited a bit fearfully. Perhaps Master Baili changed his mind? Didn’t people say that powerhouses never went back on their words? Thinking of this possibility, Huangzu Fu went into a panic. With the Huangzu family’s strength, they couldn’t lay a hand on Yun Feng at all. If they couldn’t kill that kid, it seemed that Yun Feng would destroy everything of the Huangzu family, judging by her moves right now!

“Huangzu Fu, you’re so courageous. You’re keeping quite a lot of things from me!” The voice became fierce abruptly. Huangzu Fu’s hand shook and he almost dropped the Sound Transmission Jade on the ground.

“Master Baili, what do you mean? I really don’t understand…”

“You don’t understand? Yun Feng is a double-element mage. You didn’t tell me that!”

Huangzu Fu turned pale. How did Master Baili know about Yun Feng’s condition? Didn’t she just show that she was a double-element mage during the exam this year? What exactly was going on… “Well, I don’t know about it either. Master Baili, you misunderstood me. If I knew, I would definitely have said that.” Cold sweat appeared on Huangzu Fu’s forehead. He was originally trying to pull a smart trick, but Master Baili had surprisingly heard about Yun Feng. What exactly was wrong with that kid? If Master Baili didn’t do anything, the Huangzu family could only wait to be exterminated!

“Hm! You’re indeed someone who causes trouble. And now, you even want me to wipe your ass for you. Don’t you think you’re dirty? Since I owe you a favor, I’ll return it so as not to make bigger trouble for myself! It’s impossible for me to kill Yun Feng. I can only teach her a lesson for you at best.”

Huangzu Fu’s face turned very pale again. This person owed Huangzu Fu a favor, but he was being scolded by this person right now, which made him frustrated. It was even worse right now. He originally said he wanted to kill that kid, and it changed to giving her a lesson. What was the use of giving her a lesson? If the person patted his butt and left after giving her a lesson, wouldn’t the Huangzu family be the one who would suffer?

Huangzu Fu was so enraged that his entire face flushed. He felt that these powerhouses were all bastards! A group of bastards who acted like they were morally better than the others! However, how would he dare to say anything? He could only remain silent with a flushed face! He could accept teaching her a lesson. If the powerhouse refused to do so, even this lesson would be gone!

“Master Baili, please give Yun Feng a lesson. Let her know there’s always someone better than her!” Huangzu Fu said as a deep laugh came from the other side of the jade pendant.

“Huangzu Fu, I’ll just give her a lesson. Don’t try to drag me into your problems. I still have that qualification! I’ll go to Park City in two days!” The Sound Transmission Stone flashed a few times before it completely stopped shining. Huangzu Fu held it firmly in his hands and felt that enthusiasm rolled in his chest continuously.

The anger and hatred Yun Feng caused him didn’t reduce. Another wave came again. This was fucking suffocating, truly suffocating! Huangzu Fu narrowed his eyes and looked at the Sound Transmission Sound, hoping that what he said just then would be effective. A talented genius like Yun Feng would never admit defeat. If she angered Master Baili, hahaha, that would be interesting!

A ferocious smile appeared at the corners of Huangzu Fu’s mouth. Yun Feng, you dared to pull out my roots. This time, you’re going to have a hard time!

Yun Feng destroyed everything the Royal Mercenary Group had in the Mercenary Union in Ge Yuan in one night. This move also caused quite a huge panic in the Mercenary Union, because other mercenary groups didn’t notice anything the night the Royal Mercenary Group was eliminated! They only found out that the building that originally belonged to the Royal Mercenary Group was already gone completely the next morning. They really disappeared cleanly and completely.

Chaos had spread around the Mercenary Union since that day. Every mercenary group was a bit anxious. Someone who was able to kill like this must be an absolute powerhouse. Although this powerhouse only did that to the Royal Mercenary Group, his or her hand might reach towards them someday!

The Mercenary Union was also filled with a nervous atmosphere. Even those five-star groups were a bit anxious and were highly guarded. The Red Maple Mercenary Team was certainly talking about this. In the end, they decided to strengthen their protection, just in case of unexpected events.

The mercenaries of the Red Maple Mercenary Team also sighed. They all exclaimed constantly that it would be great if their Young Lady was here, as if they wouldn’t be afraid of any powerhouses if Yun Feng was present. Even Zhao Mingqi thought like this and said directly that it would be wonderful with Yun Feng here.

They had no idea that such swift, lightning-like killing was done by their Young Lady.

After dealing with the Royal Mercenary Group, Yun Feng immediately flew back to Park City that night and brought Mu Xiaojin back to the hotel they were staying to rest. Mu Xiaojin suffered a lot that day and she was still a bit dispirited. Yun Feng let Mu Xiaojin rest and stayed at the hotel with her. She decided to stay by Mu Xiaojin’s side until they entered Masang School of Magic, so that nothing could ever happen to her.

The place where Huangzu Yelian died miserably had already been cleaned by someone a long time ago and this also spread to Yun Feng. Yun Feng sneered at the bottom of her heart. With the strength of the Huangzu family, they wouldn’t dare to provoke her, or they wouldn’t have been so quiet these couple days. Yun Feng wasn’t worried either. If the Huangzu family wanted to look for trouble with her, she would kill whoever came to her, whether it was a pair or a group of people!

Even if they wanted to do anything to the other members of the Yun family, Yun Feng wasn’t worried at all. The Yun Army would never let anyone harm Yun Jing and her brother was even safer at Masang School of Magic. Since both of her family were safe and had nothing to worry about, Yun Feng was completely relieved.

Spending a few days in Park City, Mu Xiaojin’s health was already slightly better. She was sleeping in bed at this moment and the night sky outside was quiet and calm, as if there was only the breathing sound of people sleeping. However, Yun Feng didn’t feel sleepy at all. She stayed next to Mu Xiaojin’s bed and looked at her frowning, sleeping face.

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