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Chapter 225: Returning to the Mercenary Union (5)

Wang Ming stood in front of Yun Feng, looking very excited. Other people in the tent also looked at Yun Feng. The Young Lady of the Red Maple Mercenary Team! The Young Lady who was considered a legend in the Mercenary Union! It had been three years. She suddenly came back after three years!

The few mercenaries talked for a while secretly, then immediately opened the curtain and walked out, shouting outside, “People of the Red Maple Mercenary Team, listen up. Our Young Lady is back!”

This shout startled everyone. Wang Ming burst into laughter and said, “You brats!”

Yun Feng smiled in embarrassment. She should go to Ge Yuan earlier… When she was about to leave, she heard footsteps outside. The curtain of the tent of the Red Maple Mercenary Team was opened abruptly as a group of people flooded inside. They all widened their eyes. “My Lady? Where is she?”

Yun Feng stood there and looked at the extreme eagerness on these people’s faces. She felt that the mercenaries of the Red Maple Mercenary Team were truly cute. She coughed gently. “I’m here.”

Everyone who squeezed inside glanced over at the same time. “My Lady, you’re back!”

“That’s wonderful! I finally have the honor to meet my Lady!”

Some people yelled excitedly and worshipped Yun Feng like she was an idol. During the assessment three years ago, Yun Feng took down the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group by herself and pushed the Red Maple Mercenary Team to such a high peak. It was difficult for her not to become the object of worship of the Red Maple Mercenary Team!

“My Lady, you should go back to Ge Yuan. If Commander Zhao knows you’re back, he’ll definitely be delighted!” Wang Ming said with a smile and Yun Feng also nodded. However, the others were reluctant when they heard that.

“Captain Wang, my Lady has just come back. Why are you asking her to leave?”

“Right! We’ve just met my Lady. Let us look at her for a while longer!”

“Captain Wang, you’re so mean!”

“Go, go, go! You brats! Do what you should do!” Wang Ming waved his big hand and yelled with a smile, looking at these mercenaries who kept complaining with an amused look. The mercenaries all pursed their lips and glanced at Yun Feng several more times reluctantly before they finally went out to do their work.

“My Lady, let me send you back!” Wang Ming said. Yun Feng nodded, while the others yelled again in dissatisfaction. “Captain, you still have things to do, right?”

“That’s right! We can also send my Lady back! Captain, you should do what you need to do!”

“You became courageous. How dare you talk to me like that? I took my Lady to Ge Yuan last time. Shut up, all of you!” A hint of embarrassment flashed through Wang Ming’s face and he shouted with a deep voice. The others were amused, but they didn’t say anything else.

Yun Feng smiled, “Uncle Wang, let’s go.”

Wang Ming replied with a smile and walked out with Yun Feng. The two of them arrived in Ge Yuan at the highest speed. Along the way, Wang Ming told Yun Feng about the development of the Red Maple Mercenary Team in the last three years. Yun Feng smiled and nodded. As she expected, the Red Maple Mercenary Team became more fierce year by year!

Wang Ming didn’t forget to ask Yun Feng about her situation. Yun Feng only gave a few simple replies. She didn’t want Wang Ming to worry about her too much. The two of them soon came to the Mercenary Union in Ge Yuan. The mercenaries guarding outside greeted Wang Ming when they saw him. “Captain Wang, you’re back!”

Wang Ming answered in a great mood. “Yeah, our Young Lady has returned, so I certainly have to come here with her!” Wang Ming said as he went inside with Yun Feng. The two mercenary guards watched the two of them enter. When they looked back, they suddenly collected themselves.

“What did he just say? Their Young Lady? The Young Lady of the Red Maple Mercenary Team?”

Another mercenary flushed. He turned around and looked inside abruptly, but couldn’t see the two of them anymore. “That Young Lady, who’s known as the legend, is back?”

Yun Feng walked into the Mercenary Union with Wang Ming next to her. Returning to the Mercenary Union after three years, its scale seemed to be a bit larger than three years ago. As they walked past the three-star area, there seemed to be a lot more three-star mercenary groups as well and the number of people also increased a lot compared to three years ago.

Wang Ming explained to Yun Feng as they walked. “My Lady, the Mercenary Union recruited many new members in the last three years and a lot of mercenary groups rose. Hehe, the Red Maple Mercenary Team is the most outstanding one. Countless people want to join the Red Maple Mercenary Team because of you, my Lady!”

Yun Feng smiled. “I’m just a small part of the factors. The philosophy and spirit of the Red Maple Mercenary Team are the most attractive parts. These new members can rely on the Red Maple Mercenary Team because of me, and mostly because of the Red Maple Mercenary Team itself.”

Wang Ming chuckled with pride. There were indeed too many differences between the Red Maple Mercenary Team three years ago and the Red Maple Mercenary Team three years later. Wang Ming was really glad that he met their Young Lady three years ago and could have such an experience with her. If not, how would the Red Maple Mercenary Team be so glorious today? They would have been squeezed out of the three-star mercenary groups.

Walking in the Mercenary Union, the two of them attracted the attention of many mercenaries. Everyone was certainly familiar with Wang Ming. All of them knew the few heavy hitters of the Red Maple Mercenary Team. However, who was the little girl next to him? Why didn’t they know that there was such a beautiful girl in the Mercenary Union? And she was from the Red Maple Mercenary Team?

Some mercenaries were confused and they were all guessing Yun Feng’s identity. Suddenly, an idea came to a mercenary’s mind and he shouted, “Would she be… Would she be…”

The other mercenaries also became hotheads. “Would she be what? Tell us!”

“Would she be… that Young Lady?”

As soon as he said this, all the mercenaries were shocked. “Young Lady? That legendary Young Lady? It’s impossible… She hasn’t showed up for three years…”

“You can’t be sure. Look, when have you seen Wang Ming look so cheerful in front of other people before? Other than the Young Lady of the Red Maple Mercenary Team, who else can she be?”

“Breaking news!” A mercenary ran in from outside panting. He was breathing very rapidly and he shouted as he ran. The other mercenaries also gathered around in curiosity. “What news?”

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