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Chapter 216: You’re Looking for Trouble (5)

A few people around also made some roaring sounds. Yun Feng immediately understood that this person must be here to ruin the store.

“Miss, speak with your conscience! This isn’t a shirt of your size, but you insisted on putting it on and even said that it’s the problem of our credibility. You’re unreasonable!” The owner of the store came out and commented on the matter at issue. He had never thought that this barrel-like woman would be even more fierce.

“What do you mean not my size? My size has always been this one! The clothes I got from another store are perfectly fine, but why did the shirt from the Yun family’s store break?”

“You… truly making trouble out of nothing!” The owner of the store looked at the woman and felt like he really couldn’t reason with her. What he said became the last straw. The barrel-like woman then shouted, “What? You’re the one who’s unreasonable and you even scolded me! Are you a moral person? How dare you scold me? Why don’t you look at yourself in the mirror to see if you’re qualified to do so?”

A few level-4 warriors walked out of the store and stood in front of the woman. “We’re just making arguments based on facts. You’re the unreasonable one. Why are you still making a fuss? We’ll just give you back your money if you want. Please leave now.” One of the warriors said with an upset look as he gazed at the woman in front of him with an impulse to slap her hard. If it weren’t for the rules of the Yun family, he would have already done it.

The barrel-like woman wasn’t afraid at all, but crossed her arms in front of her chest instead. A ripping sound came and her shirt was slit open again on the side. The lumps of fat on her waist were all exposed.

“Everyone, look carefully. The things that the Yun family sells aren’t credible at all and they even want to beat their customer right now. You want to fight? Come on. You think I don’t have help, do you?”

The barrel-like woman waved her hand as a few ruffians walked out and stood next to her. The warrior who spoke just then immediately looked anxious. “The Yun family has their rules. We can’t get into a fight easily. When did we say that we’re going to beat you? Don’t sling mud on us!”

“I’m slinging mud on you? Alright, I’ll sling mud on you today. You beat me. Why? I’m going to fight back now. So what?”

People around were angry, but they dared not to say anything. Yun Feng stood there. This woman was truly the most shameless person in the world. She had already taken this sentence to the extreme and it was hard for anyone to surpass her.

“This ‘Fat Lady’ who wants to sling mud on people, which family are you from?” Yun Feng asked loudly and lazily among the crowd. The barrel-like woman immediately glanced over as the crowd made way. Yun Feng took a few steps forward and stood out with an elegant temperament and outstanding appearance, which left everyone in awe. Looking at this barrel-like woman again, she was so ugly that they were speechless.

The barrel-like woman immediately flushed when she saw Yun Feng. She turned her body and only heard another tearing sound of the shirt. “Hm! Which family are you from, ugly woman? I’m the Young Lady of the Bai family, Fat Pig Bai. How come you don’t know me? You bumpkin!”

Fat Pig Bai… After hearing this name, Yun Feng couldn’t hold back her joy. Lan Yi also walked out and glanced over the body of Fat Pig Bai with his blue eyes. Fat Pig Bai’s face inexplicably blushed immediately when she saw Lan Yi. “Young Master, what I said doesn’t include you…”

Yun Feng raised her eyebrows. Was this woman boy crazy right now? “Fat Pig Bai. You deserve this name. The name matches you very much.” Yun Feng said with a smile. Fat Pig Bai’s face turned even redder. She wanted to keep her ladylike side, but it was difficult for her to repress her anger.

“You… tell me your name. Which family are you from?”

Yun Feng’s red lips curled up and her infinite elegance was immediately shown. She walked in front of the few warriors, stood still and uttered every word loudly with a clear voice!

“Let me tell you who I am. I’m Yun Feng!”

The few warriors all gazed at Yun Feng at the same time and sme of them couldn’t help shouting, “Young Lady!”

The few guarding warriors of the Yun family all looked at Yun Feng with incomparable surprise and astonishment in their eyes. Most of these outsiders who came to the Yun family were here for Yun Feng. They wanted to see this Young Lady, who was known as a legend in the Mercenary Union. They had never thought they would be looking at her right now!

People around also started discussing and they looked at Yun Feng with surprise and admiration in their eyes. “Yun Feng is the Young Lady of the Yun family, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I heard that she’s called a legend in the Mercenary Union…”

“Oh God! It turns out she’s such a pretty girl. I really can’t believe it.”

People around discussed, while Fat Pig Bai and the few ruffians next to her were looking confused. “What Yun Feng, Yun Wu? I’ve never heard of her!” Fat Pig Bai said in disdain as her body leaned forward and another tearing sound came from her shirt again. another hole was created.

Such a nice shirt was put on Fat Pig Bai’s barrel-like body. It was truly terrible to look at. The lumps of fat on her body couldn’t wait to squeeze out, which was extremely disgusting.

The crowd around couldn’t help but chuckle softly after hearing that. How famous was the Young Lady of the Yun family? She was someone who could carve out a niche in the Mercenary Union. How could she not be famous? How could this Fat Pig Bai not know such a person? This only showed that she knew very little.

“What are you laughing at? Is Yun Feng very famous? Even if the Yun family is famous, they’re only famous in Chunfeng Town! How famous can Yun Feng be? If you’re capable enough, be famous in the Karan Royal Family as well!” Fat Pig Bai yelled as she looked at Yun Feng with a provocative gaze. Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth. She didn’t bother to talk to such a person at all. Even saying one word was a humiliation to her.

“My Lady, you don’t have to care about this kind of person. Just let her shout like a vixen.” A warrior said and smiled at Yun Feng with admiration at the bottom of his eyes. The other warriors also agreed after hearing that and asked Yun Feng to ignore this woman. It would lower their Young Lady’s worth if she talked to such a person!

“You’re all looking down on people! The Yun family is only capable of doing this. Smash it! Smash everything for me!” Fat Pig Bai pointed forward with her arm. The blue veins under her fair skin bulged, looking extremely ferocious. Fat Pig Bai glanced around and saw Lan Yi standing next to Yun Feng.

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