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Chapter 21: Make Do (1)

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Thinking of this, Yun Feng stopped abruptly and didn’t go further. The few level-5 Magic Beasts running towards her also felt that Yun Feng suddenly stopped and were a little shocked. However, at this point, they couldn’t let this human leave alive. She had gone to the verge of the outermost area of the Foggy Forest. Magic Beasts in the central area had probably sensed her energy. If they couldn’t kill her, they would be the ones who died!

The three level-5 Magic Beasts released their energy and the elemental force around them also surged out in a heartbeat, turning into several balls of colored light that sped towards Yun Feng’s direction.

Yun Feng waited where she was quietly. In less than a dozen seconds, the three Magic Beasts arrived. Yun Feng’s mental strength was still exploring around and she discovered that all other Magic Beasts near her disappeared when these three Magic Beasts kept running after her. She couldn’t sense a single element.

Yun Feng pouted and slowly retrieved her mental strength. She took a deep breath and stared in front with her black eyes. Three powerful energies came right at her face. They were here!

“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

Three sounds of air braking suddenly came around Yun Feng. In a blink, the three level-5 Magic Beasts of the outermost area of the Foggy Forest all gathered here. Yun Feng looked over with her black eyes and got a rough idea about them.

A Gale Wolf, a Purple Electric Leopard and a Fire Cloud Wolf. Two out of the three Magic Beasts were at the early stage of level 5, while the last one was at the peak of level 5. Yun Feng couldn’t help but feel relieved. If they were all at the peak of level 5, she would rather run than fight with them.

Not only did she have to become a brave person, but also a wise person who analyzed the situation. If she fought with those stronger than her, they wouldn’t think she was courageous. They would only think that she was stupid.

The three Magic Beasts looked at each other and then stared at Yun Feng fiercely with their three pairs of eyes. The strange thing was that the three Magic Beasts didn’t take action immediately. They were locked in a stalemate with Yun Feng instead. Yun Feng remained still and the three Magic Beasts also didn’t move at all.

Magic Beasts would only be able to speak human languages when they reached the advanced level, but those below the advanced level were also extremely intelligent and smart. They weren’t dumb at all. The fact that Yun Feng could get so deep in this place by herself proved that she must have certain strength.


When the three Magic Beasts saw Yun Feng, they were a little surprised. They could never imagine that the person who came here would be a little human girl!

Magic Beasts were much more careful than humans. Even though they were stunned by Yun Feng’s appearance, they dared not to let down their guard. The elemental force of the three Magic Beasts enveloped their bodies. They were feeling out Yun Feng. Although Magic Beasts weren’t afraid of humans, they were terrified of a profession born in mankind, the summoners!


When Magic Beasts encountered powerful summoners, they couldn’t even escape. They would enter a contract with the human summoners and become tools that humans could use anytime they wanted. This was totally humiliating to the Magic Beasts! Countless Magic Beasts were under the command of the summoners. Normally, a Magic Beast that had contracted with a summoner would be teased by all other Magic Beasts, as it was tamed by the weak humans!


The three Magic Beasts didn’t take action because they wondered if Yun Feng was a summoner. Humans that entered the Foggy Forest all had the same goal, to hunt and kill Magic Beasts! However, the three Magic Beasts hadn’t found any smell of blood along the way, which was enough to prove that this little girl didn’t come to the Foggy Forest for killing. If she wasn’t here for killing Magic Beasts, who else would she be, other than a summoner?

After living on the East Continent for a long time, the Magic Beasts in the Foggy Forest might be the luckiest ones among the others. There were very few summoners on the East Continent or they could be said to have gone extinct right now. The Magic Beasts didn’t have to be worried that they would be enslaved, as there were no summoners on the East Continent!

And yet, Yun Feng showed up here out of nowhere, which made the heartstrings of the three Magic Beasts, which had been relaxed for a long time, tighten. It wasn’t that there had never been a summoner on the East Continent, but it was already a century ago. If there was a summoner, he would definitely show up in the Foggy Forest, since the Magic Beasts in the Foggy Forest were the greatest temptation for a summoner.

The three Magic Beasts tightened their bodies and stared into Yun Feng’s eyes. They all mumbled in their hearts. Was she a summoner? If she was, should they kill her or escape?


The Fire Cloud Wolf at the peak of level 5 was surrounded by fire elements. It looked like a fire ball burning constantly from afar. Its sharp claws were releasing waves of heat and those fiery eyes were glittering with doubt and confusion.

After the three Magic Beasts tried to feel the girl out, the result still made them skeptical. The girl in front of them didn’t have any fluctuation of mental strength around her. Any summoner would have more or less some fluctuation of mental strength, but the girl in front of them had none. Even so, the three Magic Beasts were still not at ease. They felt like the little girl in front of them, whom they should be able to smash with their claws, seemed inexplicably dangerous.

The intuition of the Magic Beasts was right. Yun Feng already had perfect control of the power of the elements. If she wanted, she could easily contract with these three Magic Beasts in front of her, as if they were some little chicks. They wouldn’t even have the opportunity to fight back. Yun Feng wanted to retrieve her mental strength, but even the Magic Beasts couldn’t sense it.

The three beasts and the girl looked at each other weirdly. Yun Feng didn’t seem nervous at all. She stood there at ease, as if she was waiting for the Magic Beasts to attack first.

The hearts of the three Magic Beasts were pounding. They wanted to run away, as the little girl in front of them was too creepy, so creepy that they felt uncomfortable! And yet, when the three Magic Beasts thought about the consequences of letting the little girl into the central area, they forgot about the idea of escaping.

Even if she was a summoner, how many elements could she master at such a young age? How would she be able to fight with the three beasts? If they could smash her to death, they might be able to eliminate one summoner and that was something huge for the Magic Beasts! If she wasn’t a summoner, there would be no threat to them at all. Warriors and mages wouldn’t frighten the Magic Beasts. Besides, there were three level-5 Magic Beasts here this time. Even if the person in front of them had leve-7 abilities, she would still be thinking how she could escape.

Once the three Magic Beasts made a decision in their minds, the fierceness they were repressing earlier suddenly surged. Three colors, red, green and purple, rushed out of their body. The level-5 Magic Beasts were ready to attack!

Yun Feng wasn’t afraid at all when she saw this. Her red lips curled up slowly instead and she looked at the three Magic Beasts full of viciousness before her. Yun Feng patted her clothes casually.

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