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Chapter 168: Cut the Crap, Begin (4)

Yan Ting kept observing the expressions of Ao Jin and Elder Qi secretly. When he saw Elder Qi’s eyes, he inexplicably felt something was wrong, but he didn’t know what exactly.

As Xiao Ling listened to her teammates whisper, she looked at the Red Dragons with her big eyes and saw that their faces were full of disdain, as expected. She couldn’t help but feel delighted. “Tut-tut, just wait and see. Yan Yu of the Red Dragons, who has never lost before, is going down this time…”

Yan Yu held his spear with six holes and six crystals in his hand and saw that the body of the spear suddenly shook. “Buzz…” It let out a deep buzzing sound and the six crystals also emitted beams of bright light!

Yun Feng also infused her mental strength slowly into the wand after seeing that. The six crystals on the wand also released a dazzling luster. These two weapons with six holes and six crystals made many people jealous and they were even more curious and excited about Yun Feng’s strength.

“Whoosh!” The spear spinned in Yan Yu’s hand stood on the side of his body. Yan Yu’s black eyes darkened. “Show me how powerful a summoner is!”

Yun Feng’s lips curved up and she smiled, while Little Fire next to her growled with a deep voice and Meatball on her shoulder shook its body, jumping next to Ao Jin perfectly. Ao Jin looked at Meatball with a trace of nervousness in his golden eyes. Meatball seemed to feel Ao Jin’s emotions. it turned its head back slightly and showed an extremely ferocious smile at Ao Jin, gnashing its sharp teeth. Ao Jin smiled wryly when he saw that and was worried that Meatball would pounce on him after opening its mouth. After all, it broke his dragon scales, his most powerful defense that he was most proud of, with one bite!

Yan Yu was furious when he saw Yun Feng’s calm and relaxed smile. A shout burst out of his throat and he abruptly swung the spear in his hand, piercing towards Yun Feng with the sound of whistling wind!

“Take my attack!” Yan Yu yelled angrily as Yun Feng’s body dodged and avoided the attack agilely, and so did Little Fire. The body of this level-8 Mutated Magic Beast flashed like a thunderbolt and Yan Yu’s spear missed the target!

“You’re quite something!” Yan Yu said with a deep voice, while Yun Feng chuckled. Reciprocity was a must. She waved the short and powerful wand in her hand and the pure fire element instantly gathered around it, forming a giant fireball that was burning with many heat waves quickly!

“What a large fireball!

“It’s the fire element… Oh God…”

The Dragons watching the battle around felt the temperature of the heat waves in the air and they all mobilized their fighting energy or mental strength to resist the changes caused by Yun Feng’s level-8 magic. Yan Yu only smiled in disdain as he looked at the enormous fireball in Yun Feng’s hand. Yun Feng didn’t care about it at all. The fireball in her hand became larger and larger, and it was already as huge as the height of a person!

“Fireball, go!” Yun Feng shouted with a deep voice as the fireball formed at the tip of the wand sped towards Yan Yu, creating a red trace in the sky like a meteorite that shot through the atmosphere!

“You’ve underestimated me!” Yan Yu shouted. There was immediately a burst of light from the spear in his hand and the “swish” sound of air splitting kept coming continuously. Yun Feng’s fireball was completely blocked outside by Yan Yu’s spear and it couldn’t get any closer to Yan Yu!

“Hm!” Yan Ting grunted after seeing this scene. Even if that human is a summoner, so what? That’s what this little girl has got. How ridiculous!

The Red Dragons couldn’t help but cheer when they saw this. Who was Yan Yu? He was the talent of the Red Dragons, someone who had never lost. He wouldn’t possibly lose today!

Yun Feng looked at Yan Yu’s defense that he thought was perfect, as she raised her little hand and waved the wand. “Explode!”

“What?” Hearing what Yun Feng said, Yan Yu immediately swung the spear in his hand around his body and he saw that the gant fireball that he blocked exploded vigorously in an instant. Every member of the Dragons felt a threatening heat wave coming right at their faces and that giant fireball also disappeared immediately, turning into countless little fireballs, shooting towards Yan Yu like gravel!

The spear kept swinging and the fireballs were all destroyed. Yan Yu felt like he had indeed underestimated her. The attack this kid made just then focused on quality but not quantity. And now, it seemed that this girl had quite a quick response! However, she would be dreaming if she thought she could hurt him like this!

“Roar…” A beast’s roar sounded. Yan Yu’s pupils shrunk as the spear in his hand immediately spinned and blocked behind him. “Clang!” Yan Yu felt the vibration from the body of the spear. He saw through the fireballs that a giant, dark red beast was gradually approaching. Little Fire’s sharp claws were blocked by Yan Yu’s spear. The power of this level-8 Mutated Magic Beast didn’t give Yan Yu too much pressure, but it wasn’t easy to push it away either. A glint of light flashed through Little Fire’s eyes and it opened its wolf mouth. Yan Yu felt that the air around was even distorted a bit!

Oh no! Yan Yu was shocked for a second in his mind and he immediately gave up resisting Little Fire. He jumped up gently with the spear in his hand and his body had already fallen back a dozen meters, but the high-temperature fire that spouted out of Little Fire’s mouth had already arrived as expected!

“Whoosh…” The dark red fire element with a trace of darkness came towards Yan Yu’s body. Yan Yu’s black eyes darkened and he stuck the tip of his spear in the ground as he spun his body hard, avoiding Little Fire’s fire attack. And yet, the corners of his clothes were still burnt and his face also became a bit black, making him look a little messy.

People watching the fight couldn’t see it very clearly. They only saw that something seemed to have happened inside the fire element. As the thick smoke lifted, Yan Yu showed up, but he didn’t look as relaxed and calm as before anymore. Yan Yu’s robe was burnt by the fire and his face was covered with black stains. The Black Dragons couldn’t help but laugh softly when they saw Yan Yu.

The Red Dragons felt a little embarrassed. Yan Yu didn’t lose, but he seemed to be in a difficult position. When had this talent of the Red Dragons been so messy before?

“Hey, Yan Yu! If you can’t beat her, just surrender!” Those of the Black Dragons started to cause a commotion. Yan Yu immediately looked enraged after hearing that. A summoner… was indeed extraordinary!

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