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Chapter 163: Meatball’s Bite (3)

“Old Qi, shut up!” Ao Jin shouted without looking back and Elder Qi closed his mouth embarrassedly, not saying a word again. Ao Jin looked back and gazed at Yun Feng with his golden eyes. “Kid, say something!”

Yun Feng lifted the corners of her mouth and looked at the man in front of her, who insisted on regarding himself as an uncle. “Uncle Flirtatious, I don’t care much about your appearance.”

Ao Jin narrowed his eyes slightly, then raised his head and burst into laughter. He said very crazily, “It seems that you like this face more!”

Little Fire couldn’t help but roll its eyes, and Meatball also turned around and pointed its butt at Ao Jin in disdain. Elder Qi stood there with an embarrassed look, while Xiao Ling’s eyes were full of jealousy.

“Ahem, Young Master, we still have business to talk about…” Elder Qi coughed in embarrassment. Ao Jin finally put his attention on Elder Qi.

“I know. You’re talking about the Dragon Palace, right?”

Elder Qi nodded and told Ao Jin that they should go back and talk about it, but Ao Jin showed a wide smile. “Just get to the point. I have limited patience!”

Yun Feng looked at Elder Qi and also knew what he meant. “Uncle Flirtatious, you should get to work first.” After saying that, Yun Feng was about to leave, but Ao Jin reached his hand out and picked her little body up. Yun Feng’s face flushed a bit shyly. “Put me down!”

Ao Jin was very happy when he saw Yun Feng’s shy face and he lifted her even higher. This move was more like a father holding his daughter up for the outsiders… but the bodies of the two of them didn’t match.

“Why are you so embarrassed? Why does it matter for me to hold you up?”

Elder Qi’s face flushed. “Young Master, Yun Feng is already a young lady…” Xiao Ling also said quickly, “Brother Ao Jin, put her down quickly!”

“A young lady? Can she be as old as I am? I’m already a few thousand years old!” Ao Jin shouted in discontent. Elder Qi was shocked and he chuckled wryly at Yun Feng. Yun Feng wrapped her arm around Ao Jin’s shoulder and jumped up to get out of Ao Jin’s arms agilely. After landing on the ground, she quickly stayed far away from Ao Jin.

“Uncle Flirtatious, men and women are different.” Yun Feng said while her little face was still a bit red. Ao Jin spaced out a bit as he looked at the blush on Yun Feng’s fair white cheeks, but he didn’t like Yun Feng being so distant from him, so he mumbled in dissatisfaction, “Human rules are troublesome.”

“Old Qi, just say what you want to say!” Ao Jin suddenly raged like a storm. Elder Qi had also gotten used to Ao Jin’s personality, so he immediately spoke and didn’t care if Yun Feng was there.

“The trials for the exploration of the Dragon Palace are about to begin. What are you planning to do this time, Young Master?”

Ao Jin’s handsome face, which looked like it was carved with a knife, turned cold and there was the viciousness and cruelty of a beast in his glistening golden eyes. He rubbed his chin gently with his hand. “What am I planning to do? Those bastards of the Red Dragons aren’t stopping this time and are still trying to eliminate me. Aren’t they afraid that I will kill them?”

“Young Master, calm down…” Elder Qi smiled speechlessly. The Dragons were already sparsely populated and the population was slightly shrinking again in recent years. If the Red Dragons and the Black Dragons had another dispute, the Dragons would suffer a huge loss. Even though Ao Jin was conspired against by the Red Dragons this time, the Black Dragons couldn’t suppress them on a large scale. They belonged to the same clan after all and they couldn’t really do things like hurting their own kind.

“Same rules. The number of places that can be obtained will be based on our own ability!” Ao Jin said. After hearing that, Elder Qi couldn’t help but turn to Yun Feng. Yun Feng glanced at Elder Qi and didn’t understand why he was looking at her.

“I’m not interested in the Dragon Palace.” Yun Feng said as Elder Qi smiled and Ao Jin burst into laughter. He wanted to reach his big hand out to touch Yun Feng again, but Yun Feng avoided him agilely. Meatball made a deep sound, as if it was warning Ao Jin.

Ao Jin retracted his hand and said with a deep voice. “Kid, you must visit the Dragon Palace once.”

“I must visit the palace? Are the Dragons going to share their treasures with an outsider?”

Elder Qi shook his head with a smile on his face. “Yun Feng, you don’t know that the summoner left a message back then.”

Yun Feng raised her eyebrows as Ao Jin burst into laughter again. His hand was about to reach out, but he retracted it once again. “The message left by that summoner is: The second summoner who enters the Dragon Palace, I left something nice for you in the Dragon Palace. Kid, are you still not going?”

Yun Feng’s heart became hot out of excitement! The inheritance left by the summoner, who contracted the ancestors of the Dragons, was inside the Dragon Palace! She looked at Ao Jin and then Elder Qi again. “You also want to know what he left here, right?”

Elder Qi nodded. “I’ll be honest with you, Yun Feng. This Dragon Palace is where the ancestors of the Dragons are buried and there’s also the inheritance from our ancestors. That summoner also left some things here. And yet, we’ve never found anything after our exploration all these years. The summoner has left, and these things became unowned things and they’re even in the Dragon Palace, so…”

Yun Feng nodded. The Dragons were born greedy and they were greedy for unowned things. Before she showed up, the Dragons certainly treated these things as theirs. However, after she appeared, they would belong to her!

“Won’t this cause trouble?” Yun Feng asked. Her identity was already awkward, and now, she suddenly became the owner of these unowned things. She thought that the Dragons wouldn’t be able to accept it.

“What are you afraid of? With me here, you don’t have to worry about those bastards!” Ao Jin shouted with charming glitters in his golden eyes. Yun Feng looked at Elder Qi. “Elder Qi, I think we shouldn’t tell anyone about this.”

Elder Qi also nodded. “Don’t worry, little friend. Since you’re the inheritor designated by the summoner. Those things he left here certainly belong to you no matter what they are.”

Yun Feng smiled, but she didn’t really believe what Elder Qi said. The Black Dragons were easy, but what about the Red Dragons? She would be entering the Dragon Palace with members of the Dragons. Nobody could be sure what kind of danger there would be. Would the Dragons play dirty? Even with the Young Master of the Dragons, Ao Jin, with her, she wouldn’t be able to prevent all the hidden dangers!

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