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Chapter 131: Shocking the Audience (1)

“Zheng Ran, are you mad? If something happens to this mage, how can you explain it?” Kai’s face was full of anger. Zheng Ran didn’t take what he said seriously and allowed this young mage to make trouble… This… The kid was immature. Couldn’t he understand that even at his age?

“Explain? Who do I need to explain to? Yun Feng is a member of the Mercenary Union. Even if I have to explain, I just need to explain to our President.” Zheng Ran looked cold as Kai’s expression also changed slightly. He knew that he talked a bit too anxiously just then. He was very annoyed and impatient, but things had already developed completely uncontrollably and he could no longer stop it anymore!

Kai stared at the ring firmly and hoped that the three members of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group were just idiots. If not… How would a level-6 mage be able to beat such a lineup?

“She’s beating her head against the wall. How foolish!” Kasa looked at Yun Feng as a fire of anger and also deep jealousy rose in her heart. She looked at Murong Yuntian next to her with her beautiful eyes and was even more furious when she found that his eyes were also attracted to Yun Feng.

“Isn’t she just a mage? Hm!” She mumbled softly. Kasa glared at Murong Yuntian a bit angrily, but Murong Yuntian ignored her. His black eyes only stared at that petite body. Would she… win?

What Zheng Ran said confirmed the sudden addition of a battle. The three Commanders of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group were all smiling ferociously. They had been choking with resentment for a long time. And now, they finally had a chance to vent their anger.

“We must torture her harshly to get even with her.” The man with a scar smiled cunningly as he looked at Yun Feng opposite him and said with a deep voice, licking his lips gently with his tongue.

“Yun Feng, it’s not a big deal for young people to be impetuous, but you must learn a lesson if you don’t know your place!” The Commander of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group looked at Yun Feng with crazy viciousness and cruelty in his eyes like those of a wolf. Yun Feng slowly curled up the corners of her lips and gently shook her head. “I’ve seen many people who talk a lot of nonsense. It wouldn’t change much counting you in.”

The expressions of the three Commanders of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group immediately changed slightly after hearing that and the viciousness in their minds became even stronger. “We’ll let you take advantage of us with your words right now. After a while, you’ll know how it feels when you can neither live nor die!”

The judge looked at both parties carefully. The three Commanders of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group were fierce and vicious, while Yun Feng was calm and relaxed.

“The Red Maple Mercenary Team should also send out three people, to be fair.” The judge reminded them. Zhao Mingqi and Wang Ming then yelled down the ring. “My Lady, let us do it!”

Yun Feng slowly turned around. “Do you want to die coming up here? Don’t worry. I’ve already arranged everything in my mind. You just need to watch the battle from down there.”

Zhao Mingqi and Wang Ming were both anxious after hearing what she said. She was really planning to fight with the three Commanders by herself? How could she do that? This, this, this… This is too reckless!

However, the judge couldn’t say anything since Yun Feng had already decided. In fact, he also understood after thinking carefully. Even though Zhao Mingqi and Wang Ming were both level-6 warriors and had a weapon with six holes and six crystals, there was still a huge gap between them and the three Commanders of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group. There was a watershed between level 6 and level 7!

Members of the Red Maple were extremely worried, but Yun Feng wasn’t at all. Her strength had already reached level 7 right now. Together with the power of her body, which was comparable to that of a level-6 Magic Beast, it would be very difficult for the three people in front of her to beat her.

When a mage, who was proficient in using magic, fought with warriors of the same level, the mage would be at an absolute advantage, as long as the warriors couldn’t get close and make attacks!

The three Commanders of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group all burst into laughter when they saw Yun Feng standing on the opposite side alone. “Why? Do you really think you can beat us with your level-6 power?”

Yun Feng smiled slightly and didn’t say anything as the short wand appeared again in her hand. The three Commanders of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group couldn’t help becoming alert after seeing it. Yun Feng closed her eyes gently and the blue water element surrounded the wand. The six Magic Beast Crystals emitted dazzling light abruptly. When the light flashed, the giant python yesterday that was a few meters long showed up again!

“Sizzle…” The giant python stuck out its tongue with evilness in its wide-opened eyes. Its transparent blue body wriggled slowly, carrying the coldness that could freeze the air.

“Haha, why? You want to beat us just by yourself and a snake? Aren’t you too confident with yourself?” Greedy Wolf’s scar couldn’t help becoming more ferocious after seeing this. A level-6 mage with a giant snake wanted to defeat the three of them? How ridiculous!

Yun Feng shook her head and a beaming smile appeared on her gorgeous face. “Tut-tut, a competition must be fair after all. Since there are three of you, we should certainly have the same number of participants as well.”

“I’ll see where you can find the third one. Hahaha, you aren’t praying for reinforcement, are you? Haha…” The Deputy Commander with faded scars all over his face held his belly and laughed loudly with a mocking look. However, his throat slowly became dry as he laughed and his breath suddenly sped up. His pupils shrank gradually and he felt like his heart was about to jump out of his chest. She… What… What is that?

“Ignorant people, just shut your mouth.” Yun Feng said indifferently as she closed her eyes again and spinned the wand in her hand. Dazzling light burst out of the six crystals on the wand again, hurting everyone’s eyes!

When the light disappeared, everyone’s pupils shrank severely. Looking at the fiery red animal next to Yun Feng, their breath seemed to be completely stopped at this moment!

“What’s that thing next to my Lady?” Wang Ming stared at the red wolf in front of him dumbfoundedly. A scorching temperature came right at him, which made him take a few steps back subconsciously.

Zhao Mingqi was also startled when he saw this. His eyes wandered between the giant blue python and the huge red wolf, and he couldn’t stop looking. Zhao Yan clenched his fists and swung fiercely. “Fuck, my Lady is truly awesome!”

“That’s… That’s the fire element. Right, that’s the fire element…” Kasa rushed to the railing quickly and her body was stuck out a few meters. Her big eyes stared formly at that entirely red animal next to Yun Feng. Kasa couldn’t be more familiar with that element fluctuation. She was a fire-element mage. How would she not know what that was?

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