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Chapter 128: All in Seconds (2)

“Why can’t he stand my attack…” Wang Ming looked at his opponent, who was knocked down and passed out after one attack, and said in confusion. This almost made the audience crazy!

This was provocation, absolute provocation!

“He defeated his opponent with one attack…” Murong Yuntian saw this scene on the platform and was indeed a bit stunned. The weapon in the hands of that warrior of the Red Maple played an important role. Those six inserted crystals were definitely not level-1 junk… They should be level-4 crystals.

“The gap is really huge.” Kasa made this comment indifferently on the side, “Don’t you think, Yuntian?” She turned her head over with a slightly flattering look and gave a sweet smile at Murong Yuntian.

Murong Yuntian glanced at Kasa coldly. “No, the difference between the strength of the two of them isn’t really large. Ignoring other factors, they can tie.”

Fitch nodded after hearing that. “Your Highness, a weapon can change the result of a battle.”

Kai lifted the corners of his mouth in embarrassment as he watched the weird first round. “Mr. Zheng Ran, the Mercenary Union is really generous…”

Zheng Ran smiled with a hint of satisfaction in his eyes. “I’m flattered, your Highness. The weapons and equipment are all prepared by the mercenary groups themselves. The Mercenary Union doesn’t help them with these things.”

Six level-4 Magic Beast Crystals, kid, you’re quite generous.

Wang Ming jumped off the ring as Zhao Mingqi nodded with a smile. “My Lady, I didn’t embarrass you, did I?” Wang Ming gave a silly smile. The corners of Yun Feng’s lips lifted. Embarrass her? He couldn’t possibly embarrass her. Not only that, he even gave her honor!

“Haha, Uncle Wang, did you see the expressions of those people on that side? Tut-tut… It’s really amazing!” Zhao Yan smiled in disdain at the opposite side and there was a trace of excitement on his young face. The Red Maple Mercenary Team indeed started well this round, really well!

“Uncle Zhao, you’re up.” Yun Feng smiled and said. Zhao Mingqi nodded as he hopped on the ring. His opponent from the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group, a level-6 warrior, also jumped on and stared at Zhao Mingqi in front of him firmly as resentment rose all of a sudden.

Zhao Mingqi stood there with a friendly smile without a hint of hostility. He was like a gentle breeze that blew slowly and did no harm.

“Why are you so arrogant? I don’t believe that you each have a weapon with six holes and six crystals!” The second level-6 warrior shouted fiercely with vicious eyes. A spear then appeared in his hand and there were also four Magic Beast Crystals inserted in the body of the spear!

“Fuck! The Evil Wolf Mercenary Group doesn’t want to live anymore. Another weapon with four holes and four weapons!” The audience didn’t know what noise to make anymore. They only shouted with their utmost strength. This battle was truly amazing! Two weapons with four holes and four crystals appeared in a row. Would the Red Maple Mercenary Team have another six-crystal weapon as well?

“Red Maple! Take out another six-crystal weapon! I have confidence in you!” A mercenary yelled. This cracked many people up. Even the few heavy hitters on the platform couldn’t help laughing. Yun Feng shook her head speechlessly.

“Right, I have faith in you too! You can’t lose! Show the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group your momentum! Beat them up!” Another mercenary shouted. This resonated with a lot of people. The Evil Wolf Mercenary Group had always had a bad reputation. Almost nobody in the Mercenary Union had a close relationship with them. This mercenary spoke everyone’s mind. After he yelled, a thousand people immediately followed. In a blink, the burst of shouts resounded all over the sky.

“That’s right! You can’t lose! Knock them down on the ground!” Shouts soared into the sky one by one. This time, the mercenaries didn’t say the name of the Red Maple Mercenary Team anymore, but they pushed the atmosphere to the next level.

The three Commanders of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group sat there silently with a sullen face as dark as charcoal. Their black eyes were full of viciousness and thirst for blood. The Red Maple Mercenary Team really gave them quite a huge blow!

“We must take revenge. We must take revenge!” The Commanders of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group gritted their teeth and tasted blood. They stared at Yun Feng firmly with gloominess in their black eyes. This kid could never stay!

“Shut up, you all!” The level-6 warrior up on the ring suddenly shouted, “Red Maple, take out another six-crystal weapon if you have the guts, or you’ll just be a bunch of fucking cowards!”

The members of the Red Maple chuckled. The smile at the corners of Zhao Mingqi’s mouth even carried a hint of pity. This made the heart of the warrior, who talked so arrogantly, tremble and he felt something wrong.

“I’m so sorry. I have to let you down…” Zhao Mingqi said as he rolled his wrist and held his swords in both of his hands tight. There were six Magic Beast Crystals on the blade of one of the swords!

“Fuck! The Red Maple Mercenary Team spent even more than the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group! Another six-crystal weapon. Holy shit! I’m going to work for the Red Maple Mercenary Team from now on. Hahahaha!”

The heads and chests of the mercenaries became hot out of excitement and there was only one thought in their minds. They would have great resources if they followed the Red Maple Mercenary Team! The six-crystal weapons that only the four Commanders of the five-star groups had were now as common as cabbages. The members of the Red Maple Mercenary Team had one each. How could people not be mad?

“Fuck, did I see it correctly? Another six-crystal weapon! Did the Red Maple Mercenary Team pour their money away?” Tuoba Gang yelled and suddenly realized that the six-crystal weapon, which he had always regarded as a treasure, suddenly became worthless and wasn’t good enough to be presented in front of the others. The other three Commanders also had the same thought and they all looked a bit embarrassed. Six-crystal weapons used to be something that only they had, but there were as many of them as cabbages in the hands of the Red Maple Mercenary Team.

“It’s the mage. It’s all that mage…” Leng Siaose murmured and couldn’t resign himself to accept this. Such an increase in their strength, such weapons and equipment, he was jealous. He was so jealous that his heart had already turned green!

They didn’t know that the Red Maple Mercenary Team didn’t buy these Magic Beast Crystals. Even if the Red Maple Mercenary Team had tons of mid-level ores, it wouldn’t be enough for them to buy level-4 Magic Beast Crystals. The Red Maple Mercenary Team didn’t spend any money on these Magic Beast Crystals. They picked a time when nobody was around in the first morning of the level assessment and searched around the Shiny Plains completely.

With Yun Feng there, those Magic Beasts certainly had no ability to fight back at all. After searching for level-4 Magic Beast Crystals, the Red Maple Mercenary Team then rushed back in a hurry, which was the reason why they were a bit messy and were almost late the first day.

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