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Chapter 123: Fight Against the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group (1)

Yun Feng’s powerful mental strength surged out wildly and formed an invisible whip. The whip flashed forward, as if the air was broken, going around Murong Yuntian’s body straight to Kasa behind him fiercely.

“Fire Shield!” Kasa yelled in panic and the red fire element gathered immediately to form a fire shield in front of her. Yun Feng watched her resist coldly as the whip lashed mercilessly. What was a level-5 fire shield before Yun Feng? It was nothing!

Yun Feng’s mental strength attacked so quickly that made Murong Yuntian’s expression change completely. His level-8 fighting energy immediately gushed out and formed a transparent barrer in the air, tightly enveloping Kasa in it, while Yun Feng’s whip lashed against it hard!

“Boom!” A muffled sound burst in the air. Yun Feng’s body shook slightly and she retracted her mental strength. Murong Yuntian opposite her also looked bad. After taking the attack from Yun Feng’s whip, he clutched his chest with his hand and frowned slightly.

“You…” Murong Yuntian wanted to say something, but he shut his mouth and stopped talking when Yun Feng gazed at him. Kasa’s fire shield also disappeared while shaking. Even though she wasn’t physically attacked just then, the feeling that came quickly like an electric current made her face turn extremely pale.

“Yuntian, are you okay?” Kasa asked with a concerned tone when she saw Murong Yuntian clutch his chest. Murong Yuntian glanced at her and shook his head with a reproaching look. “I’m fine.”

Yun Feng crossed her arms in front of her chest with an amused smile. The attack just now made Yun Feng feel the standard of a level-8 warrior completely. Murong Yuntian was indeed a talent. With his level-8 fighting energy and her mental strength, the two of them could tie.

This would only happen when Yun Feng was still under the identity of a mage. Yun Feng still hadn’t shown her powerful body strength and her identity as a summoner. However, Murong Yuntian had never thought that there would be such a huge gap between him and his “ex-fiancée” in front of his eyes, even though he was also a talent.

Level 7, she was a level-7 mage. Murong Yuntian had already known that in his mind. The wand Yun Feng took out in the ring during the day made everyone think that she was a level-6 mage, but she didn’t hold back at all when they fought just now. She did this on purpose to crack the whip in front of Kasa and certainly to let Murong Yuntian figure out her strength as well.

“Yun Feng, don’t be too arrogant!” Kasa gritted her teeth and was angry with Yun Feng. Yun Feng didn’t only attack her, but also despised the Karan Royal Family! The members of the Yun family were really insolent as usual!

The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth curled up with coldness. “Let me give advice to the Karan Royal Family. Don’t interfere with the matters of the Yun family! Also, I don’t care how many lackeys the Karan Royal Family have. The Yun family won’t be a part of it anymore!”

What Yun Feng said completely angered Kasa. She was the princess of the Karan Empire. And now, she was showing Yun Feng kindness on behalf of the Karan Royal Family, hoping that Yun Feng would join them. She was a member of the Yun family. How could she say something so disrespectful?

“Aren’t you afraid that the Karan Royal Family would banish the Yun family?” Kasa shouted furiously, but Yun Feng smiled like she didn’t care. “Banish? Sure, just give it a try!”

“Great, great, great! The Yun family! Just wait and see. I’ll definitely tell my father!” Kasa pointed at Yun Feng’s little face and said as she gnashed her teeth. Seeing that Yun Feng wasn’t afraid at all, Kasa felt stripped of all her dignity again and she immediately turned around to leave.

Murong Yuntian didn’t go anywhere. He stood right in front of Yun Feng and looked at her intently with his black eyes. “Your princess is gone.” Yun Feng glanced at Murong Yuntian. He still wasn’t moving. After a while, he said, “Don’t mess with the royal family. It’s dangerous for you.”

Yun Feng was startled. Then, a layer of coldness covered her beautiful face. Should she be moved to tears for the advice given by her “ex-fiancé?”

“Thank you for your advice. The Karan Royal Family isn’t as dumb as this princess.” Yun Feng said and ignored Murong Yuntian. She jumped gently and hopped through the window on the second floor. “Bang!” The window was immediately closed.

“Yuntian, let’s go!” Kasa noticed that Murong Yuntian wasn’t keeping up after going far away. She turned around and had a look. He was still standing there. She couldn’t help but feel a bit angry, so she shouted loudly. Murong Yuntian lifted his head and looked at the window on the second floor before turning around and leaving.

After going back into the house, Yun Feng sat on the bed. “Ancestor, did you hear how the Karan Royal Family see the Yun family?” Yun Feng moved her mind. When she saw the ancestor’s sullen handsome face at this moment, she indeed couldn’t bear it.

You were sincere and loyal, but in the eyes of the Karan Royal Family, you were probably just a lackey, so you should sacrifice everything for them!

The ancestor didn’t say a word, with his face sullen for quite a while. In the end, a touch of exhaustion and sorrow flashed through his face. “Ah…” He heaved a long sigh slowly, but still couldn’t express how much the Yun family had done for the Karan Empire in the last thousand years.

Yun Feng also remained silent. The Karan Royal Family certainly wasn’t wrong doing this, using those who were useful and abandoning those who weren’t. It was completely reasonable logically, but it was too inhuman in a sense.

“Kid, the Yun family takes root in the Karan Empire after all…” The ancestor said with a strong feeling in his words. Right, their root was here. Even if the ruler of this homeland wasn’t quite humane, the Yun family wouldn’t be able to leave this place easily.

“Kid, what were you thinking?” The ancestor asked calmly as Yun Feng smiled.

“Don’t worry, ancestor. The root of the Yun family is here and my root is also here, but it’s already impossible if the Karan Royal Family still wants the Yun family to work for them,” Yun Feng said as a glint of viciousness flashed in her black eyes. The Yun family would never be anyone’s lackeys! She wouldn’t serve the Karan Empire as a summoner. She would only serve herself and the Yun family!

Yun Feng wasn’t afraid at all of what Kasa said just now. She was with the Mercenary Union right now. Wouldn’t the Karan Royal Family be worried about going against the Mercenary Union if they did anything to her?

Kasa certainly understood this. As she went back furiously along the way, she thought about what she said just then. Kasa was only trying to scare Yun Feng verbally. What could be the reason for banishing the Yun family? The Yun family contributed a lot in the history of the Karan Empire. That legendary summoner was born from the Yun family! Since then, there hadn’t been a summoner in the Karan Empire. Although they didn’t care about the Yun family anymore, the contribution of the Yun family was still there.

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