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1175 Yun Lan Appears (3)

“M-Master, you’re… You’re still here… Hehe…” The fatty stabilized his body and laughed dryly. Er Lei was full of anger at this moment. He was dragged back in the end after fighting with Leng Mi, which made him extremely upset. Even though he knew that Yun Feng was doing this for his own good, he was also very upset!

“F*ck, does it matter to you if I’m here or not?” Second Lightning glanced around fiercely and the round fatty’s body suddenly trembled. “It… It does not. You can come and leave as you please. Hehe…”

“Which place is the quietest?” Yun Feng asked. The fatty immediately replied, “My place! It’s absolutely quiet. It’s definitely suitable for you to cultivate!”

Yun Feng chuckled. Qu Lanyi whispered sarcastically, “What a lackey.”

The fatty heard that and the veins on his forehead bulged again. He squeezed out a smile. “Little friend, what do you think?”

“Of course. Thank you.”

The fatty immediately shook his head. “You’re too kind! Little friend, come with me. Your… Your Excellency, please…”

Er Lei strode forward with a sullen face. The fatty certainly led the way eagerly on the side, but Er Lei waved his hand unhappily. “F*ck, get lost!” The fatty immediately rolled into the bushes on the side after being pushed. Er Lei didn’t care at all as he strode forward. After a while, the fatty rolled back and immediately followed him. “If you’re willing to push me, you can push me a few more times…”

Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi followed behind. Hearing the fatty’s obsequious words, they both wanted to laugh. “The fatty is so scared of Er Lei even though they’re both Emperor Level Magic Beasts. Is it because of the difference in strength?” Yun Feng was puzzled for a long time, but Qu Lanyi shook his head. “Not necessarily. If there’s really a difference in strength, the relationship between Magic Beasts isn’t like this.”

“Master, he’s right.” Lan Yi’s voice sounded in Yun Feng’s head. Then, Little Fire said, “The reason why that fatty is so afraid of that idiot is probably because of his bloodline.”

“Bloodline?” Yun Feng was puzzled. “The reproduction of bloodlines among Magic Beasts is very complicated. Some ancient bloodlines are respected by all Magic Beasts and the power of the bloodline is deeply rooted in the Magic Beasts. The reason why that fatty is so afraid of Er Lei is very likely that Er Lei has the power of the bloodline in his body that frightens him.”

“Even though that guy is very stupid, it seems that we can’t underestimate him right now.” Little Fire’s rather unhappy voice came. Lan Yi smiled. “The Magic Beasts Master encountered aren’t simple. Other summoners should envy her for her luck.”

Yun Feng smiled gently and ended the telepathic communication of the Magic Beasts. As soon as she turned around, she saw Qu Lanyi’s indifferent smile. Yun Feng also smiled gently. Qu Lanyi reached out and held her hand. Yun Feng also held Qu Lanyi’s warm hand tightly. They were destined to hold hands on this path from the day they met until the end.

“Little friend, we’re here!” Fatty Fang Yuan shouted from the front and Yun Feng replied from the back. Er Lei slapped the fatty away unhappily again. The fatty rolled back again consciously. He was quite self-aware.

Yun Feng looked at the fatty’s place, a deep cave. The environment was extremely quiet. Such a place where nobody disturbed her was indeed a good place to cultivate. Er Lei sat cross-legged in front of the cave casually and slapped the fatty away again. “Yun Feng, go in and cultivate. I’m right here. I’ll kick whoever comes here away!”

Seeing the anger on Er Lei’s face, Yun Feng couldn’t help but smile helplessly. It was good to have him guarding outside the cave. With Er Lei’s strength and personality, he wouldn’t let anyone get close. Yun Feng walked to Er Lei’s side and patted his shoulder gently. “Thank you.”

Er Lei was stunned for a moment. Then, he waved his hand. “Go in quickly! Go in quickly! Increase your strength now. My patience is limited!”

Yun Feng smiled and walked into the cave with Qu Lanyi, sealing the space completely. She took out the Golden Cauldron Tree and sat on the ground, entering cultivation mode. The five-color aura began to linger around her, and the Golden Cauldron Tree also emitted dazzling golden light.

“Fengfeng, what’s your next step?” asked Qu Lanyi softly. Yun Feng opened her eyes. “Of course, to increase my strength to the Emperor Level. Search the Central Region for the Yun family and Mo Changge. If we don’t find anything here, I’ll enter the Inner Region!”

Qu Lanyi nodded and sat down next to Yun Feng. “Alright, as you say.”

Both of them entered the state of cultivation and the Golden Cauldron Fluid gradually scattered in the air. The cave soon became peaceful. Er Lei looked back inside and then turned around to look at the sky. Ao Jin, I fucking listened to you, but you went missing. Don’t let me see you next time!

The championship of the three academies had already ended, and the people of Feng Yun and Juxing had all left in the shortest time possible. Ever since the end of the competition, the Huafeng School had been in a gloomy atmosphere, or rather, it had lost all its face. As the organizer, it was the last place and it even lost so miserably. The disciples of Huafeng couldn’t even lift their heads. If they had a chance to meet the people of the other two schools in the future, they didn’t know how they would be mocked.

During this period of time, not only were the disciples of Huafeng very depressed, but Feng Lin was also depressed. The results of the championship had already made him speechless. And now, something that gave him a huge headache happened. Wei Ting was gone. He originally thought that Wei Ting went to the Wei family without saying goodbye. After all, Wei Ting was that type of person. However, at this moment, the Wei family sent a message to ask Huafeng for him. Feng Lin immediately felt a headache. He wanted to search through Huafeng, but he still couldn’t find Wei Ting.

In the blink of an eye, a month had passed. During this period of time, Feng Lin tried his best to find out more about Wei Ting, but he found nothing. It was as if the man had disappeared from the world. Wei Ting had completely disappeared, and the Wei family was certainly enraged. It would be fine if Wei Ting was an ordinary person, but he was the pillar of the Wei family, the best tamer on Yuelun Island! It was impossible for such a person to go missing for no reason! And he was even in the Huafeng Institute!

In the end, Feng Lin locked his gaze on the Innocent Forest. Wei Ting was very interested in the beasts created by Feng Yun back then. Could he have entered the Innocent Forest to find Magic Beasts himself? Even though the possibility of this idea was very low, Feng Lin had no choice. He had searched everywhere except that place.

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