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Chapter 1055: Master-Level Versus Advanced Three-Star (3)

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You Bai chuckled. “Don’t regret it!”

Yun Feng curled her lips. “I’ll give you back what you said. Don’t regret it!”

“Humph!” You Bai shook off his sleeve and stood at the pharmaceutical counter, starting to prepare his materials. It wasn’t that he had never succeeded in making a perfect three-star advanced potion, so it certainly wouldn’t be a problem! She wanted to make a master-level potion? What a joke! He didn’t believe that she could succeed!

“Hey! Don’t force yourself! I’ll call him grandpa for you!” The little girl of the Gong family ran to the side of the pharmaceutical table and looked up at Yun Feng. Yun Feng chuckled. “I have a name. I’m not called Hey.”

The little girl of the Gong family was stunned. “I’m serious! That You guy is indeed very good at potions!”

Yun Feng chuckled and walked to the other side of the pharmaceutical table. You Bai turned his head and looked at Yun Feng with a cold smile. “By then, kneel on the ground and call me grandpa obediently!”

The pharmaceutical competition between the two of them was about to begin and it was in the yard of the pharmaceutical branch. Naturally, they couldn’t let the elder miss this good show. If Yun Feng really succeeded, a master-level pharmacist would be born!

“Elder! Potion Elder!” The few students ran to the room of the potion elder quickly. At this moment, the potion elder was frowning at the Golden Cauldron Tree, hoping that it would give him some Golden Cauldron Fluid. Suddenly, he heard someone calling him outside. He immediately put away the Golden Cauldron Tree and walked out with a gloomy face. “Why are you shouting? If you have the time, why don’t you improve your potion level?”

“Elder! Someone in front is challenging Senior Brother You right now! I heard that she’s going to make a master-level potion!”

“What did you say? A master-level potion!” The eyes of the potion elder suddenly brightened as his mind raced. Which one of the disciples had such potential? However, after filtering for a long time, there was no such person at all!

“It seems that someone wants to challenge him first. Hahaha, very good, very good courage!”

“Elder! I’ve never seen that person before! She suddenly appeared today and her strength is extraordinary!”

The heart of the potion elder suddenly trembled. She was never seen before? She just came out? In other words… there was a new student in the Juxing School?! The potion elder immediately got up and rushed to the front yard. As he rushed, he was also happy in his mind. It was good to have a new student. If she was a good seedling, he would certainly be able to nurture her! If this good seedling came out of his hands, he would feel even more glorious in the future!

In the front yard of the pharmaceutical division, You Bai had already started making a high-level three-star potion. Unlike last time when he was distracted, You Bai was serious this time. Every step was meticulous. It seemed that he was determined to get the perfect quality. On the other hand, Yun Feng still didn’t do anything.

“Does she really know how to make potions? Master Level? I don’t think she’s done anything yet.”

“Who knows? I wonder what she’s thinking. Perhaps she’s thinking about what herbs to use?”

The students below the pharmaceutical stage whispered. Everyone focused their eyes on Yun Feng, who had yet to move. The little girl of the Gong family looked anxious and couldn’t help but shout again, “Hey! Come down! I’ll call him grandpa for you!”

Yun Feng glanced over with her black eyes. “Don’t talk. Just watch.”

The little girl of the Gong family couldn’t help but shut up. Yun Feng withdrew her gaze. It wasn’t difficult for her to make master-level potions. She had already been able to make them successfully when she was in the Pharmaceutical Institute, but that was with Meatball’s help. Now that Meatball was in a deep sleep, she relied on her own strength! Ever since she reached the King Level, Yun Feng had never made potions. This was the first time. She also wanted to know if her elemental sensitivity of herbs would change after entering the King Level. Would it work if she relied on herself with her unique method?

She flipped her hand and a herb had already appeared in her hand. Yun Feng closed her black eyes slightly and sensed it carefully for a while. Nobody could guess what she was doing. Why was she closing her eyes again now? You Bai couldn’t help but sneer when he saw Yun Feng’s movements. She was just a layman. She wanted to make master-level potions? Ridiculous!

Under everyone’s puzzled gaze, the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth slowly curled up, which made people’s mood improve. When those black eyes opened again, a beam of bright light flashed across the sky. The heart of the little girl of the Gong family couldn’t help but tremble. She… looked very powerful!

She flipped her fair hand again and a bright, jumping fire appeared! The moment the fire appeared, everyone opened their mouths wide. You Bai’s hand trembled when he saw this. What was going on? What was she doing?

There was a smile in Yun Feng’s black eyes as she looked at the bright fire jumping in her hand. She took the herbs out of the storage space with her other hand. When she took out what she needed, Yun Feng took a deep breath. The first time she made a master-level potion with her own strength, begin!

The front yard of the pharmaceutical branch fell into an unprecedented excitement. There was a pharmaceutical competition on the huge pharmaceutical platform that made people excited. Yun Feng undoubtedly became the center of everyone’s attention, because of her incomparable pharmaceutical method that belonged to her!

The bright fire jumped in the air. Yun Feng’s next move attracted even more exclamations. “Wow! What is she doing? How can she refine medicine like this? She threw all the herbs in!”

“Doesn’t she need grinding and mixing? Does she know how to make medicine?”

You Bai on the side was also dumbfounded. This unbelievable way of making medicine made everyone gasp in shock. Hua Ling and Yu Xia, who were trapped in the spatial barrier, were also stunned. “D-Does she know how to make medicine…” Hua Ling couldn’t help but mutter. Yu Xia looked at Yun Feng on the stage with her eyes wide open and only felt that how could there be such a person in this world? Such a reckless way!

“Humph! I think she just looks impressive. If she can make master-level potions with that method, I won’t be called Yu Xia!”

All the noises were automatically excluded by Yun Feng. After throwing all the herbs into the fire, Yun Feng closed her eyes and focused, starting the most important step of her pharmaceutical process, elemental sensing and arrangement!

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