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Chapter 1024: Popular (5)

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“W-What?” The registrar almost fell off the chair. He sized Yun Feng up and down. “Are you sure you’re auctioning… a master-level Life Potion?”

“You talk a lot of nonsense,” said Qu Lanyi coldly. The registrar saw that Yun Feng had been smiling. Although the girl was very young, her momentum gave people a sense of dominance. The registrar immediately stood up. “Please wait a moment!” The registrar immediately left in a hurry. After a while, a manager came with him. When he saw Yun Feng, he sized her up first and then said respectfully, “Madam, please follow me. We still need to discuss the details of what you’re going to auction.”

Yun Feng nodded. She got up and followed the manager in. Qu Lanyi followed her. This action certainly attracted the attention of the other members of the Auction House. They all discussed curiously. The registrar who was responsible for receiving Yun Feng just then kept his mouth shut and didn’t say a word.

Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi followed the manager into the Auction House and came to a room. After sitting down, the manager said with a smile, “Madam, how should I address you?”

“Feng Yun.”

The manager was stunned for a moment. Then, he chuckled. “Master Feng, I’m the person-in-charge here and I have a certain level of appraisal ability. Master Feng, please take out the things you’re going to auction so that we can see if they’re real.”

Yun Feng flipped her wrist and a bottle of Life Potion appeared in her hand. The color of the potion was glowing faintly. When this person-in-charge saw it, a layer of light flashed through his eyes. He immediately took the bottle from Yun Feng’s hand and looked at it carefully with an even more respectful expression.

“Master Feng, may I ask if Master Feng made this potion? Or did Master Feng’s friends or relatives make it?”

Yun Feng raised her brows and didn’t answer this question. The person-in-charge smiled awkwardly. “This question is too much. Please forgive me, Master Feng. After all, it’s exciting to know a master-level pharmacist…”

Yun Feng smiled lightly. “How is it? Is this bottle of potion real?”

The person-in-charge immediately nodded. “This bottle of Life Potion is indeed at the master level. It should be the purest kind and has the fastest effect. Lord Feng, I wonder what price you want.” When the person-in-charge said this, his eyes glittered. He put the bottle of Life Potion on the table carefully and rubbed his hands. “According to my past experience, this bottle of Life Potion is at the master level. The price can be fixed…”

Yun Feng waved her hand. “I don’t need money.”

The person-in-charge was stunned. “Ahem, sure! What do you want to exchange for this bottle of potion, ores… or something else?”

Yun Feng smiled. “It’s very simple. Help me spread the news of this thing. If a buyer is looking for it, ask him to come to me in person. I’ll talk to him in person.”

The person-in-charge was stunned again. “That… That’s fine. Then, please give me your address, Master Feng.”

After putting away the Life Potion, Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi left the Auction House and found a random hotel in Yue City to stay. Yun Feng believed that in less than a day, this news would definitely cause an uproar in Yue City. As expected, the news of the master-level Life Potion appearing in the Yue City Auction House spread like wildfire. The large and small families in Yue City were instantly stirred. The appearance of the master-level Life Potion also meant that a master-level pharmacist or someone related to him had appeared in Yue City! Who exactly was this person?

The Auction House was tight-lipped. If they didn’t intend to buy this potion, they wouldn’t know what the seller was at all. Even if they wanted to buy it, the Auction House only provided a name and address. However, the person who wanted to buy such a potion had to pay a considerable amount of money to get this information. This huge amount of money kept most curious people out.

The Zhao family received the news immediately. The master of the Zhao family was so excited that his face immediately flushed. “Quick! Go to the Auction House!” The Zhao family immediately sent someone to the Auction House to gather information. However, to everyone’s surprise, one of the families in Yue City that cared about the news was one of the four largest families on the floating island, the Gong family, which was the boss in Yue City.

“You said that a master-level Life Potion appeared in the Auction House?”

“Yes, Master! This news is absolutely true. The director of the auction house personally released it.”

“Send someone to the Auction House to find out more. No matter what the seller asks for, agree to it.”


The person sitting in the main seat closed his eyes and pondered. After a while, he opened his eyes with a sharp glint in his eyes. “A master-level Life Potion. Whether it’s the pharmacist or the person related to them, we can’t let them go easily.”

The news that a master-level potion appeared in the Yue City Auction House spread throughout Yue City in just a few days. All the families, whether they were civilians or nobles, were extremely curious about the news and the person who took out such a potion. However, the extreme secrecy of the Auction House gave this person a mysterious halo. Everyone was guessing and discussing. This was the most lively topic in Yue City during this period of time, and this mysterious auctioneer was the center of attention in Yue City at this moment.

Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi stayed in a hotel in Yue City for a few days leisurely. The news could be said to be spreading like wildfire in the city right now. The two of them knew how popular the news was even without stepping out. Yun Feng couldn’t help but smile. The Auction House was indeed efficient. The news spread quite quickly, but this bottle of Master Level potion was quite shocking.

“Fengfeng, how many families do you think will come to you?” Qu Lanyi leaned against the chair lazily and fiddled with his short black hair. There was a hint of passion in his eyes when he looked at Yun Feng, but he hid it carefully. He put his hand on his chin and looked out of the window with his black eyes. There were mountains outside.

“As expected, the Gong family, one of the four largest families, will come. The Zhao family will come. I’m not sure about the other large and small families, but there’s another family that will come.”

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