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Chapter 1020:

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You Yue’s expression froze. “The You family can do this to Feng, but I can’t!”

Yun Feng chuckled and shook You Yue’s arm gently. “Brother, don’t worry. Go in. Zhao Jianren can’t hurt me at all. I know what you’re thinking. I only care about you. As for the You family, it has nothing to do with me at all. I don’t care what they do to me at all.”

You Yue’s breath tightened. Why… Why was she like this to him? Such sincere feelings, such a close attitude. Even though they were not blood brother and sister, they seemed to have thought that the other party was family and would protect each other from the bottom of their hearts.

“Alright, I’ll go in.” You Yue nodded. His current identity was very awkward. The You family wanted to cut ties with her, and he was a member of the You family. With his strength, he wasn’t helpful to Yun Feng at all. Rather than being a burden to Yun Feng outside, it was better to follow the You family’s wishes and go in.

You Yue looked at Yun Feng deeply, then turned around and walked towards the door of the You family. The few elders of the You family were all relieved when they saw You Yue walk over. The leader of the You family looked up at Yun Feng and then chuckled at Zhao Jianren. “Jianren, since this is a private matter between the Zhao family and this person, shouldn’t you choose somewhere else? After all, this is… the You family’s place. It doesn’t seem right for you to argue here.”

Zhao Jianren burst into laughter. “Master You, the Zhao family understands what you mean. You! If you have the courage to hurt my brother, you certainly have the courage to bear the consequences. If you have the guts, don’t run. Follow me!” Zhao Jianren immediately shouted angrily and jumped into the sky. Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi both sneered. The two of them instantly jumped from the ground and chased after Zhao Jianren.

The people of the Zhao family who came to cause trouble soon left, and so did Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi. Peace soon returned to the entrance of the You family’s house. The few big shots of the You family were all covered in a layer of sweat. The You family had always been very careful when going in and out of Yue City. They relied on that famous genius of the You family to get their current position. Their background and accumulation certainly couldn’t compare to that of the other families. Even though the You family had risen, they weren’t stable at all. Recently, the You family was looking for an alliance with a certain family to consolidate their power. If they angered the Zhao family at this moment, the You family would be in constant trouble.

“You just came back. You almost let the You family fall into a trap!” The elder of the You family walked to You Yue and scolded him. You Yue stood there stiffly and only felt uncomfortable in his mind as he listened to the scolding of these elders.

“Look at who you brought back. You formed a grudge with the Zhao family and even crippled the second young master of the Zhao family! If the You family didn’t get rid of them quickly, we would probably be involved right now!”

“Even a rather powerful summoner doesn’t mean anything. After all, she’s not a member of the You family and won’t be used by the You family.”

“You just said that Feng is one of us!” You Yue couldn’t help but refute. The few elders of the You family all glanced at him with a weird expression. The leader of the You family walked over and glanced over with a fierce gaze. “That was just then! This is now. The situation is already different. What I said certainly doesn’t count!”

“What?” You Yue couldn’t help but widen his eyes. Looking at the leaders of the You family in front of him, he couldn’t believe that this was something a leader of a family could say. You Yue had been sent to the Outland since he was young. Even though the environment had been very difficult since he was young and he often accompanied death, the concept of the family in his mind was pure. It should be said that the cultivation environment of You Yue in the Outland was complicated, but the human world was blank.

He had never come into contact with the selfish side of the large families and had never thought about it at all.

The leader of the You family flicked his sleeve fiercely and walked past You Yue. “It’s fine if this matter is resolved. If the Zhao family doesn’t solve it, you can forget about your sister!”

You Yue’s body trembled. How could this be? The members of the You family walked past You Yue with an inexplicable meaning in their eyes. Then, someone mumbled softly, “He’s just at the peak of the Lord Level, but he caused huge trouble. How troublesome.”

You Yue’s pupils shrank fiercely. The members of the You family had already walked into the mountain gate. The young people who were watching the drama also looked at You Yue with different gazes. This was the first time You Yue felt that his family was so unfamiliar. This was the first time he felt like he didn’t fit in with this place!

Those young people pointed at You Yue and whispered from time to time, as if they wanted You Yue to hear them. “You caused trouble for the family right after you came back and even took the initiative to acknowledge a sister. Do you have nothing better to do?”

“That’s right. If he made the Zhao family think less of the You family, he’s the You family’s jinx!”

“If he was sent to the Outland, he should just stay in the Outland. Why did he come back? The strength of the peak of the Lord Level is nothing at all. Even if he comes back, it’s useless, right? It’s fine if he’s like that genius of the You family. Tut-tut…”

The young man looked at You Yue with a strange gaze. The ridicule in his eyes and words was everywhere. You Yue’s body completely stiffened as he remembered these harsh words in his mind. He only felt extremely bitter in the bottom of his heart. These people wouldn’t know how hardworking those bloodlines who were sent to the Outland were! These people wouldn’t know everything those bloodlines in the Outland experienced in the arena! These people would only mock and ridicule here and didn’t know what the family values in their minds were at all!

You Yue couldn’t help but clench his fists hard. Even if he was a jinx, he wouldn’t abandon the sister he acknowledged. Even if Feng got into trouble with the Zhao family, he would bear it with her! For the first time, You Yue completely felt the coldness of a large family, especially when it came to Yun Feng’s problem. He didn’t care about others. He was very determined in his mind. Since he had acknowledged Feng as his sister, he was her brother. If anything happened, he would bear it with her!

On Yun Feng’s side, Zhao Jianren kept flying higher, as if he wanted to take Yun Feng down a notch with his height and speed, so that she would realize how powerful he was. Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi followed behind casually and saw through Zhao Jianren’s thoughts.

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