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Chapter 1019: The Troublemaker Is Here (5)

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“Are you also of the You family’s bloodline?” asked the leader of the You family with anticipation. Qu Lanyi burst into laughter. “Master You, we’re not related to the You family by blood at all. You should give up as soon as possible.”

Master You’s face heated up. He glanced at Yun Feng, who didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. You Yue explained, “Master, this is the sister I’ve acknowledged. Her name is Feng Yun.”

“If you acknowledged her as a sister, she’s also a member of the You family. Master, don’t you think?” A smart old man immediately said and pulled Yun Feng into the territory of the You family. Yun Feng was a bit uncomfortable in her mind. She acknowledged You Yue as her second brother and didn’t want to have anything to do with the You family. In Yun Feng’s mind, You Yue and the You family were two different things.

You Yue also frowned. “Master, this…” This isn’t appropriate, right? You Yue didn’t say anything, but Master You waved his hand. “No matter what, you’re a guest. Since you’re here, it’s good to stay for a while longer. What do you think, You Yue?”

An extremely oppressive gaze swept over. You Yue looked at Yun Feng awkwardly. He knew that Yun Feng still had something to do. She was just accompanying him home this time, but she was going to be forcibly kept here now. That was too… “Feng, you have something to do. Why don’t you leave first?” You Yue said in a low voice. Yun Feng, on the other hand, chuckled. She certainly could feel the enthusiasm of these few old guys of the You family for her, but their wishful thinking was wrong. She, Yun Feng, would only work for the Yun family. As for the other families, she had no time to care about them.

“It’s fine, brother. I originally planned to stay for a few days. I’m afraid the second young master of the Zhao family won’t be satisfied just like that. He’ll find out about the You family sooner or later. By then, if I’m not here, things will be a bit tricky.”

You Yue was stunned. “It shouldn’t be anything big. Since the You family has its current status, why would they be manipulated by the Zhao family?”

Qu Lanyi heaved a helpless sigh. “How long has the You family been stationed in Yue City? How long has the Zhao family been here? How long has it been since you returned to the You family? If you cause a conflict between the You family and the Zhao family, do you really think these old men will protect you?”

You Yue choked and couldn’t say anything. Yun Feng held You Yue’s hand. “Brother, the You family has developed to this point. It’s certainly impossible for us to give up such a high position so easily. You must be mentally prepared. All large families have a cruel side.”

You Yue moved his lips and didn’t say anything. He didn’t consider this matter much after all, but Yun Feng was different. The Yun family was indeed different from other families. The bloodline of the Yun family flowed with a kind of unity and a belief that they couldn’t abandon each other. No matter if the Yun family was down and out, the members of the Yun family were one. This was a height that no large family could reach. Even though she had never been to the headquarters of the Yun family, in Yun Feng’s mind, the headquarters of the Yun family was also like this!

“You’re the one who injured my brother?!” A furious shout came from the sky. The members of the You family all raised their heads in shock, while the leader of the You family looked at the person who came in shock. Yun Feng slowly turned around and saw a few people flying over from the sky. The person in the lead was a young man with a furious face and a loud shout. His facial features were very rough and there was a hint of anger on his entire face even if he didn’t have any expression.

“Jianren, what exactly is going on?” The master of the You family asked. Yun Feng didn’t say anything on the spot after hearing that. Jianren1? Who exactly gave him this name? He was too smart.

The young man roared furiously, “Master You, let’s talk later. I’m here for her this time!” The young man extended his arm and pointed the weapon in his hand at Yun Feng. Yun Feng’s black eyes glittered and her red lips curled up slightly.

“What’s going on?” Master You looked at the Young Master of the Zhao family, who came to take revenge with anger on his face, suspiciously and was a bit confused. Did they have a personal grudge? Master You looked at Yun Feng and wondered if this personal grudge could be resolved just like that.

“Jianren, let’s talk nicely. What can’t be resolved?” Master You said earnestly, but Zhao Jianren snorted in disdain. “Master You! You don’t know everything that happened. You’d better not say anything! I only want to ask you if she’s related to the You family!”

What he said made the bigshots of the You family a bit dumbfounded. The Zhao family was obviously angry about this matter, or they wouldn’t have mobilized so many people to chase them here. Such a trouble was certainly not something the You family, who had just established themselves in Yue City, should get involved in. They wanted to stay out of it right now, but they said that they were on the same side with Yun Feng just then. Such a change was too fast.

The master of the You family smiled awkwardly, not knowing whether to go up or down. He could only raise the corners of his mouth. “Jianren, what exactly happened? Why don’t you tell me?”

Zhao Jianren looked at Yun Feng with anger all over his face. He was already very angry in his mind. Seeing her calm look again, his anger rose even higher! “You crippled my brother, Zhao Jianzhong. Don’t even think about escaping from this! I won’t stop until I cripple you today!”

“What?” The bigshots of the You family were immediately shocked after hearing that! They subconsciously glanced at Yun Feng. Cripple the second young master of the Zhao family? W-Wasn’t this a disaster? The You family couldn’t have anything to do with such a person!

“You Yue! Since you’re already back, go in first!” An elder of the You family shouted, but You Yue was stunned and didn’t move at all. “You Yue! Didn’t you hear me?”

You Yue pursed his lips. At this moment, the You family was obviously going to cut ties with her, which made You Yue a bit disappointed in his mind. Even though Yun Feng didn’t owe the You family anything, she treated him differently. He could enter the Central Region and come back to the You family. He had come all the way here safely because Feng was helping him! The You family had a reason to cut ties with Yun Feng, but he couldn’t!

Yun Feng held You Yue’s hand gently. “Brother, go in first. This matter started because of me, so I should take care of it.”

“But…” You Yue shook his head and immediately said that he didn’t want to leave. Qu Lanyi whispered impatiently, “Fengfeng doesn’t want you to make things difficult for her. Besides, how can you help her with your strength? You might as well go in as soon as possible. Don’t you understand what the You family means?”

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