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Chapter 1015: The Troublemaker Is Here (1)

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“Third Elder, what can I do for you?” A voice came from the Sound Badge. The Third Elder said anxiously, “Let me ask you, what does the Golden Cauldron Tree look like?”

“The Golden Cauldron Tree? Why do you ask?”

“What exactly does the Golden Cauldron Tree look like?”

“Not many people have seen the Golden Cauldron Tree. According to those who have seen it, it’s a short tree that grows together in a small area. They seem to be growing in stones…”

The Third Elder’s eyes widened as he looked at the dozen or so trees in front of him with scorching eyes. The Sound Badge paused for a moment. “Wait, you’re asking this? Did you find the Golden Cauldron Tree? Haha, stop joking. How can it be so easy to find the Golden Cauldron Tree? That’s something that countless people dream of!”

“I think I’ve found it. The Golden Cauldron Tree is in front of me!” The Third Elder’s voice was a bit shaky when he said this. The Sound Badge suddenly fell silent. After a while, he said, “You said you found it! You found the Golden Cauldron Tree! That means you’ve also got the Golden Cauldron Fluid!”

The Third Elder looked at the bottle in his hand with a complicated gaze. Even though it was only a little, this was indeed the Golden Cauldron Fluid! The Third Elder glanced around slightly and his pupils shrank abruptly. The ten huge pits dug on the ground also appeared in his eyes at the same time!

“Everyone who sees it gets a share! Now that I know the news, I should have one of the trees no matter what! You must know that this thing is a treasure for pharmacists! For cultivators like you, it’s just a supportive role. Besides, there are more than a dozen of them. It won’t be too much to give me one.”

The Third Elder didn’t say anything for a long time as he looked at the ten huge pits on the ground. “Someone has already dug them out.”

“What? What did you say? They were dug out?! Didn’t you say there were a dozen of them?”

The Third Elder swallowed and said to the Sound Badge solemnly, “Before I got here, someone had already dug out ten Golden Cauldron Trees!”

“Pfft! How many did you say? Ten, ten trees! One person dug up ten trees? Do you have to be so greedy? I’ll be satisfied if I have one. Ten…”

“Alright, I’ll talk to you later. I can give you one, but you must double the amount of potions you provide to the Juxing School.”

“Damn, you old man, you’re really good at bargaining! Do you know that one drop of the Golden Cauldron Fluid can increase the effect of the medicine by many times? You even asked me to double it! You’re a vampire!”

Ignoring the shouts on the other side of the Sound Badge, the Third Elder cut off the connection and looked at the dozen Golden Cauldron Trees in front of him. This person was also strange. Why did she only dig away ten of them and not all of them? Anyone else would certainly take these Golden Cauldron Trees for themselves. Or did this person not know that they were Golden Cauldron Trees at all and did whatever she wanted? Either way, the person who took the Golden Cauldron Tree kept overlapping with the blurry figure in the Third Elder’s mind. He would see that person sooner or later.

The floating island was one of the three islands in the Central Region. It was much larger than Yun Feng imagined. The four cities occupied four spots on the floating island. The other towns and even smaller villages were built around the four cities. In the four cities, there were four famous families. On the floating island, these four families represented supreme honor and status. Some people usually took a detour when they saw the people of the four families. If they couldn’t afford to offend them, they certainly had to hide.

This was all the information Yun Feng and the others got when they arrived in a small town. Naturally, Yun Feng also asked about the Juxing School. What surprised Yun Feng was that the Juxing School was indeed as that Flower Spirit said. It was a very respected existence in the Central Region. There was a very huge academic institution on the three islands in the Central Region. The Juxing School belonged to the floating island and was as famous as the schools on the other two islands. The geniuses on the floating island were all gathered in the Juxing School. It was the place that many young people dreamed of going.

It was unlike the East Continent and the West Continent. Yun Feng wasn’t familiar with the West Continent, but for the East Continent, there were special schools for warriors and mages to study. The Juxing School apparently included everything, including summoners.

That place could be said to be a place where geniuses gathered, and the older generation of the Juxing School was some big shots on this floating island. Even the four major families had to give the elders some respect. What Hua Ling said back then was true. The Third Elder of the Juxing School indeed had such an ability. If it wasn’t a tricky matter, he could deal with it with a wave of his hand.

The few of them didn’t say anything along the way and rushed to the You family. According to You Yue, the You family was just a family that was neither big nor small. The few of them came to the place where the You family was, but they received shocking news. The You family had already left this town and moved to one of the four cities on the floating island!

“You don’t know this, but the You family has a peerless genius. The You family can be considered to have flown to the top and become a phoenix. I even heard that the genius of the You family is a disciple that the elders of the Juxing School think highly of. The You family will probably soar in the future!”

People in the town where the You family originally lived all said so. They were undoubtedly envious and jealous. You Yue couldn’t help but feel complicated in his mind after hearing that. Yun Feng, on the other hand, smiled. “Brother, the You family is developing quite well. You can rest assured.”

You Yue nodded. He didn’t have any complaints when he was sent out of the Central Region back then. He knew that his family had no choice but to do this. Now that the You family had already risen, he was certainly happy from the bottom of his heart to have such a person. “Feng, if you have something to do, go do it first.”

Yun Feng shook her head. “I’m fine. I should go to one of the four cities to broaden my horizons.”

You Yue smiled gently. “This genius of the You family probably can’t compare to Feng.”

Yun Feng didn’t say anything. Qu Lanyi snorted in disdain. Even the top geniuses of the Juxing School couldn’t compare to Yun Feng.

There were four cities on the floating island. The city where the You family was located was called Yue City. After arriving at Yue City, Yun Feng finally understood why this city was called Yue City. This city was like being built in a mountain range. High and low mountains crossed the city. Every store or street was on a mountain path. All the large and small families were nestled in the mountains. This was a city completely formed by mountains, so this was called Yue City.

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