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Chapter 1014: You’re Unjust and I’m Unjust (5)

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Yun Feng smiled indifferently. In her eyes, the four of them didn’t matter at all. It was just a pity that they wasted a bottle of potion. Forget it. She would make the potion again. Her slap just then was indeed as she said. She took back half of the life she gave the man. The life and death of that person had nothing to do with her.

“Brother, it’s time to go back to the You family,” said Yun Feng. You Yue chuckled and nodded. The three of them walked forward together and soon disappeared. As he was returning along the way to find the Sound Badge, he only felt something fly in the air and hit his head directly. He was about to curse, when he saw that it was the lost Sound Badge!

Luo Xing immediately opened the connection of the Sound Badge. Before he could say anything, the Third Elder’s voice had already come. “Tell me, where are you?”

Luo Xing was stunned and immediately reported his location. The Third Elder quickly cut off the connection and seemed to have rushed over. Luo Xing was confused. He hadn’t said anything yet. Why did the Third Elder seem to know everything?

As expected of the Third Elder of the Juxing School. After a while, they found the cave where the few of them were. The three of them couldn’t help but feel delighted when they saw the Third Elder. And when the Third Elder saw the young man lying on the verge of death, he couldn’t help but feel enraged!

“What exactly happened? Why is Tian Kui like this?”

The three of them didn’t dare to say anything. The Third Elder immediately started treating the dying young man. He glanced over with his sharp eyes and saw an empty bottle of potion next to the young man. The Third Elder picked up the bottle suspiciously and his expression immediately changed drastically. Master Level potion! He glanced at the three disciples. It was impossible for these three people to have a potion of this level. Who did this potion belong to? And who was the person who talked to him with the Sound Badge just then? In a blink, a blurry figure gradually formed in the Third Elder’s mind and his hand holding the empty bottle tightened.

The Third Elder carefully treated the unconscious young man on the ground. The young man’s heavy injuries were certainly relieved under the Third Elder’s ability. The other three people were relieved when they saw that. After seeing that the disciple he cared about the most was fine, the Third Elder had time to ask him what he wanted to know in detail.

“Did someone come here just then?” The Third Elder slowly put the young man, who was covered in blood, on the hay. He glanced at the huge hole on the stone wall and couldn’t help but flash. Even though the young man’s pale face was still there, his breathing had gradually eased and he had already left the state where his life was hanging by a thread just then.

The three of them looked at each other. In the end, Hua Ling said, “Someone was indeed here just then.”

“It was that person who injured Senior Brother Kui!” Yu Xia shouted. Hua Ling and Luo Xing’s eyes glittered. The two of them didn’t argue in the end. In their minds, Yun Feng had indeed injured Senior Brother Kui. They had already saved him. Even if they went back on their words, they had promised her benefits. Yet, she still did this! Hua Ling and Luo Xing were both decent people, but they were more or less dissatisfied with Yun Feng’s behavior.

The Third Elder was immediately enraged. “What does that person look like?”

“A rather young woman who seems to be in her early twenties. There were two men next to her,” said Yu Xia immediately. She glanced at Hua Ling and Luo Xing. The two of them looked at each other and only said yes. The Third Elder couldn’t help but sneer. “That’s all? She doesn’t even have a name?”

“We… We don’t know either…” Hua Ling whispered. She finally remembered that she didn’t ask Yun Feng’s name. The Third Elder glanced at the three disciples fiercely and the three of them couldn’t help but lower their heads guiltily. “Does that person have a deep grudge against you? Why did she hurt Tian Kui, while the three of you were fine?”

“We… We…” Hua Ling and Luo Xing both lowered their heads and felt that their cheeks were a bit hot. The reason why Senior Brother Kui was seriously injured certainly had nothing to do with Yun Feng, but Yun Feng’s slap also injured Senior Brother Kui quite badly. The Third Elder took out the empty potion bottle in his hand. “Where did you get this?”

The eyes of the three of them glittered when they saw this. “This… This was given by that person…” Hua Ling said. The Third Elder immediately frowned. “What exactly happened? Tell me clearly! If you don’t, none of you will take another step into the Juxing School!”

Yu Xia immediately raised her head in panic after hearing that. “Third Elder, it has nothing to do with me! I… I was just telling the truth!”

The Third Elder narrowed his black eyes slightly and looked at Hua Ling and Luo Xing. Hua Ling finally told him what happened briefly. After hearing that, the Third Elder’s face changed constantly. What an unknown person. Since she took out this Life Potion, it was fine to save him, but there was even a reason to take it back! Looking at the empty bottle of potion in his hand, the Third Elder’s heart trembled a few times. Someone who had a master-level potion couldn’t be a simple person. If that person was a master-level pharmacist…

“Third Elder, I found this!” In order to divert the Third Elder’s attention and claim credit, Yu Xia immediately took out the golden liquid she collected earlier. Even though it was just a small amount, it was enough to surprise the Third Elder.

“This is the Golden Cauldron Fluid! Where did you get it?” The Third Elder took the bottle in Yu Xia’s hand with a bit of enthusiasm in his eyes. The Golden Cauldron Fluid, which was only two millimeters thick, was flowing slowly and emitting a faint dazzling light. This was the first time the three of them saw the Third Elder so enthusiastic and they couldn’t help but feel stunned.

“Golden Cauldron Fluid? What’s that?” Yu Xia asked as she looked at the small bottle she handed over curiously. The Third Elder glanced at it fiercely. “Where did you get this?”

“It’s on the stone wall of this cave. It seems to be coming from behind this stone wall.” As soon as Yu Xia said that, the Third Elder had already flashed into the huge hole on the stone wall. Once he entered, the Third Elder was greatly shocked. There was another passage behind this! Without any hesitation, he followed the passage all the way. The Third Elder was still observing the situation inside the passage along the way and soon reached the end. When he reached the end, the Third Elder’s eyes widened abruptly.

This… This is…

A dozen Golden Cauldron Trees stood there. The Third Elder immediately ran to these short trees and sized them up, looking left and right. Then, he flipped his hand and took out the Sound Badge!

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