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Chapter 1007: Level Up, Level Up, Level Up (4)

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“Let’s go,” whispered Yun Feng. She entered the passage first, followed by Qu Lanyi. You Yue was still in shock, but seeing that the two of them had already entered, she followed them closely. Yun Feng lowered her body and walked in the passage. It wasn’t easy for the Ultimate Crystal Beast to expand the passage like this. After all, it was so small. The passage kept extending backwards and it was dark in the passage. At this moment, Qu Lanyi’s light elements served as the light source. The three of them walked carefully and finally came to the end of the passage.

On the other side of the passage was a rather vast area. After Yun Feng came out of the passage, she was attracted by some strange sights. This was a cave that looked like a place of stalactites. There were stones of all sizes protruding in the cave. These protruding stones were more like small pedestal. An extremely short tree grew on each pedestal. The length of the tree was only as long as a human arm and front limbs. It could be said to be mini. Looking around the cave, there were more than twenty such mini trees. They were all rooted firmly on the protruding stones and the roots were fused into the stones.

“This is the so-called Golden Cauldron Tree?” You Yue looked at the twenty or so short trees in front of him and couldn’t help but feel dumbfounded. These were the Golden Cauldron Trees? They were too small. They were completely different from what he imagined! Qu Lanyi and Yun Feng were also a bit surprised. If the Golden Cauldron Tree really looked like this, it would indeed make people’s jaws drop. It was too short. Was the Golden Cauldron Fluid really secreted by such a tree?

“We’ll know if it’s true or not after we try.” Yun Feng whispered and immediately closed her eyes to enter the cultivation state. Five elements gradually oozed out of Yun Feng’s body, forming a layer of five-color halo around Yun Feng. At this moment, the twenty or so trees in the cave suddenly emitted a faint luster. The bark of the trees instantly became transparent. Qu Lanyi and You Yue both widened their eyes and saw clearly that the bright golden solution was flowing under the transparent bark! All the twenty trees were the same!

“Magical, truly too magical…” You Yue looked at the twenty or so glowing trees in front of him. They were originally ordinary just then, but they seemed to have transformed at this moment. They echoed with the five-color light source around Yun Feng’s body and the golden solution kept flowing slowly, flowing down through a few slender tree roots!

Yun Feng opened her black eyes. The moment the five-color halo disappeared around her, the twenty or so Golden Cauldron Trees also lost their luster in an instant and returned to their normal appearance. Qu Lanyi chuckled. “It’s as if they were made for you.”

Yun Feng’s red lips curled up. Her five elements had become a special condition for activating the Golden Cauldron Fluid when she was cultivating. This was indeed made for her. How many five-element talents could there be in the world? The Golden Cauldron Tree and Yun Feng’s cultivation could be said to complement each other.

“It’s better for us to cultivate here. I guess our cultivation speed will be several times faster than before.” Qu Lanyi looked around at the twenty or so trees around. Yun Feng nodded. She had the same thought. She walked to a Golden Cauldron Tree and observed it carefully for a long time. The Golden Cauldron Fluid should be flowing out of the roots and seeping into the stone wall on the lower level. These roots had already grown inside the stone. If she wanted to take the Golden Cauldron Trees away, she would have to dig out the stone together.

This was also an extremely skillful job. The Ultimate Crystal Beast that Yun Feng put into her space bracelet just then was taken out again. This time, it didn’t look confused. It looked at Yun Feng with its big eyes. Yun Feng pointed at the short trees around and gently tapped the little head of the Ultimate Crystal Beast with her finger. The Ultimate Crystal Beast immediately nodded and jumped with its smooth little body, starting its digging.

After a while, the Ultimate Crystal Beast dug out ten Golden Cauldron Trees with stones and roots. The roots of the Golden Cauldron Trees that were dug out intertwined with the stones that grew and clung to them. These roots even grew into the stones. The complicated and slender roots showed a faint golden color, like fur, tiny and abundant.

Yun Feng casually took out some bottles and put the stones of the roots of the ten Golden Cauldron Trees at the mouth of the bottle. The stones were stuck at the mouth of the bottle and the Golden Cauldron Tree stood steadily above the bottle, while the fluffy roots under the stones spread out in the bottle.

Qu Lanyi couldn’t help but smile when he saw what Yun Feng did. “You’re quite thoughtful. If it were me, I would take the entire trees away.”

Yun Feng smiled. “What I need is just the Golden Cauldron Fluid. I have to put the Golden Cauldron Trees back to their original place. After all, every thing has its purpose. They grow here. Just let them stay here.”

You Yue only felt quite shocked in his mind as he listened on the side. People in the world were all greedy. If it were someone else, perhaps they wouldn’t be as broad-minded as Yun Feng. She only wanted what she wanted and didn’t want anything else.

There were a total of twenty-two Golden Cauldron Trees in this cave. Yun Feng dug out ten of them, while the remaining twelve were still there. The three of them started cultivating again. Under the stimulation of Yun Feng’s five elements, the twenty-two Golden Cauldron Trees emitted a faint golden light. The golden solution in the bark flowed out along thousands of slender roots. The fluid of the ten Golden Cauldron Trees Yun Feng dug out all flowed into the bottle Yun Feng prepared.

Time passed slowly. It would take a long time to collect the Golden Cauldron Fluid, and Yun Feng happened to be moving towards the Lord Level and above during this period of time. The cultivation speed of her mental strength after fusing with the Golden Cauldron Fluid increased rapidly and she cultivated in this environment full of Golden Cauldron Trees. Yun Feng’s results could be said to have increased by more than a thousand miles a day.

In the blink of an eye, another half a year had passed. The Golden Cauldron Fluid was still flowing. The twenty or so Golden Cauldron Trees in the cave was still shining. And under Yun Feng’s extraordinary cultivation speed, she had also reached the edge of the peak of the Lord Level that she still yearned for!

It had already been two years since she entered the Central Continent. She had reached the peak of the Lord Level in two years. This speed shocked those powerhouses! Yun Feng felt the peak of the Lord Level and her heart was surging. She knew that she had already touched the threshold. She was only one step away from the peak of the Lord Level!

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