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Chapter 1005: Level Up, Level Up, Level Up (2)

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There were only a few sentences about the Golden Cauldron Fluid, but they explained the main point. Yun Feng gained some knowledge about the Golden Cauldron Fluid. She put away her master’s notes. Qu Lanyi turned around and smiled. “Have you come to a conclusion?”

Yun Feng nodded. “The Golden Cauldron Fluid is the juice produced by the Golden Cauldron Tree. I think the cave we’re in happens to be near a Golden Cauldron Tree. The greatest effect of the Golden Cauldron Fluid is to increase your cultivation speed. You must’ve felt it.”

“This thing is probably something many powerhouses dream of.” You Yue sighed. He was deeply touched. If one cultivated in an environment with the Golden Cauldron Fluid, their cultivation speed would increase so much. If they directly absorbed the Golden Cauldron Fluid, what kind of speed would that be? Would they jump a few levels all of a sudden?

“This thing is also something many pharmacists dream of,” said Yun Feng with a smile. Qu Lanyi’s black eyes glittered. “The Golden Cauldron Fluid is also effective on potions?”

Yun Feng walked around the stone wall and looked at the faint layer of golden color. “If the Golden Cauldron Fluid is added to the potion, it’ll increase the effect of the potion by a few times. You can imagine how crazy the pharmacists will be. However, this thing shouldn’t be common. The Golden Cauldron Tree won’t produce this liquid itself. It must be catalyzed under certain conditions. Even if someone finds the Golden Cauldron Tree, it’ll be useless if they don’t know the method.”

“Since the Golden Cauldron Fluid appeared here, does it mean that we unconsciously fulfilled this specific catalytic condition?”

Yun Feng shook her head and didn’t agree with You Yue’s conclusion. “That’s not necessarily true. Whether this specific catalytic effect has anything to do with us remains to be verified.”

“However, in any case, the Golden Cauldron Fluid appeared after we came. This cave was very cold before and there were no traces of the Golden Cauldron Fluid on the walls. That thing probably knew that the Golden Cauldron Tree was nearby. It also dug this cave. The place he chose was quite hidden, so that nobody would find it. Unfortunately, even if it dug this cave, it probably didn’t find anything.” Qu Lanyi couldn’t help but laugh mockingly. “That thing said that it belongs to it. I should’ve killed it.”

You Yue was shocked by the coldness in Qu Lanyi’s words and couldn’t help but look at him again. Qu Lanyi didn’t care about You Yue’s gaze. He looked at the layer of faint golden color on the wall. “Since the Golden Cauldron Fluid only appeared here after we arrived, it’s a gift from the heavens. We want to know if the activation condition is related to us. It seems that we have to take it for ourselves.”

Yun Feng smiled helplessly. That was indeed her intention. If the Golden Cauldron Tree was nearby and the activation condition was related to them, Yun Feng certainly wouldn’t let go of this gift. If the activation condition had nothing to do with them, Yun Feng wouldn’t think about anything else. Those who were capable could get it. Besides, the Golden Cauldron Tree was a creation of heaven and earth and didn’t belong to anyone. It was understandable for Yun Feng to get it.

The three of them immediately collected the layer of shallow solution on the wall of the cave. There was only a small part of it in total. Yun Feng looked at the golden solution flowing in the bottle and couldn’t help but exclaim, “There’s very little Golden Cauldron Fluid produced. It’s truly a rare thing.”

In order to find out if the activation condition was related to them, Yun Feng put away the small bottle. There was already nothing on the wall of the cave. The three of them sat in the cave quietly and didn’t do anything. After staying for a few days, the wall of the cave was still empty and the Golden Cauldron Fluid didn’t show any signs of oozing out.

“It seems that the Golden Cauldron Tree has nothing to do with us,” said You Yue. Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi, on the other hand, smiled. They didn’t think so in their minds. They wouldn’t know if it had anything to do with them until they made a move.

“Brother, let’s enter cultivation mode.” Yun Feng smiled at You Yue casually. You Yue also nodded and closed his eyes, entering cultivation mode again. Qu Lanyi and Yun Feng, on the other hand, waited and observed quietly. A day had passed, but there was still no reaction on the stone wall. Then, Qu Lanyi entered cultivation mode. After a day, there was still no reaction on the stone wall.

Two days later, You Yue and Qu Lanyi opened their eyes. Qu Lanyi looked at Yun Feng. “It seems that the key is you, Fengfeng.”

Yun Feng pondered for a few seconds and finally closed her eyes. After entering the cultivation state, five colors gradually oozed out of Yun Feng’s body and kept circling around her, forming an unusually bright halo. You Yue couldn’t help but feel a bit dumbfounded. Five colors. This sister he acknowledged was indeed extraordinary!

At the same time, the stone wall that had been silent also changed quietly at this moment! A day later, a faint golden color seeped out of the stone wall that originally had nothing, and the Golden Cauldron Fluid appeared again!

Seeing the Golden Cauldron Fluid that seeped out of the back of the stone wall, Qu Lanyi couldn’t help but smile. “As expected, it’s natural for Fengfeng to get this item.”

You Yue widened his eyes and looked at the stone walls around curiously. As Yun Feng cultivated for more time, the light golden solution seemed to seep out endlessly. The elemental density in the entire stone wall changed drastically, as if the Golden Cauldron Fluid was reflecting with Yun Feng’s five-color halo!

Yun Feng opened her black eyes. She clearly felt the change in the concentration of elements in the air around her and knew that the Golden Cauldron Fluid had appeared again. Right now, she was 100% certain that the catalytic conditions of the Golden Cauldron Tree were related to her!

“The specific catalytic condition of the Golden Cauldron Tree seems to be based on many elements.” Qu Lanyi touched his chin and said, “Fengfeng, you have five elements. The Golden Cauldron Tree must’ve been greatly nourished, or the Golden Cauldron Fluid wouldn’t have seeped out so much.”

Yun Feng stood up and looked at the bright Golden Cauldron Fluid on the wall. The corners of her mouth curled up. “Since the activation condition is related to me, I must get this Golden Cauldron Tree!”

You Yue touched the stone wall of the cave and frowned slightly. “This looks like a complete mountain from the outside. I don’t see any plants that look like trees.”

Qu Lanyi wiped his chin with his finger. “It seems that there’s another world behind this stone wall. If the Golden Cauldron Tree grows near this stone wall, there must be a hollow area. If you want to find the Golden Cauldron Tree, you have to break this stone wall. It’s an extremely skillful job to break the stone wall.”

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