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Chapter 1004: Level Up, Level Up, Level Up (1)

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“You…” Looking at Qu Lanyi’s appearance at this moment, You Yue didn’t know what to say. He leaned towards Yun Feng and tried to shield her behind him. Feng’s fiancé was a dark-element mage. Everyone knew that there were very few good people among dark-element mages. Anyone who was a dark-element mage wasn’t a good person! Besides, his eyes turned red. You Yue intuitively thought that Qu Lanyi was too dangerous.

Yun Feng gently pushed You Yue away and shook her head at him silently. Then, he walked forward and wanted to grab Yun Feng anxiously, but Yun Feng dodged. Qu Lanyi looked up at Yun Feng, who was walking towards him, and couldn’t help but put on a charming smile. He extended his hand at Yun Feng, asking her to hold it.

Yun Feng glanced at Qu Lanyi’s face. She felt that he seemed to have changed a bit. Yun Feng was most familiar with him, who had the advantage of light elements. Even though he was also frivolous at that time, he always seemed gentle and warm. However, when the dark elements had the advantage, he exuded an invisible charm. A kind of evil surrounded him faintly, especially those blood-red eyes.

Yun Feng held Qu Lanyi’s hand. Qu Lanyi chuckled and waved his hand. The thing wrapped in the dark elements was casually thrown aside. The slender black shadow was wrapped in the dark elements and wanted to escape after being thrown away, but the dark elements pressed it firmly. The slender figure struggled desperately in the dark elements, but it was useless in the end.

“You’ve made a breakthrough?” Through their hands, Yun Feng clearly felt an unfamiliar powerful force filling Qu Lanyi’s body. Qu Lanyi smiled. “You know that my strength has always been unstable.”

Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth helplessly. That was indeed the case. Qu Lanyi’s true strength would only be shown when the dark elements had the upper hand. Right now, his strength must have broken through the Lord Level. Thinking of this, Yun Feng couldn’t help but smile. He had walked ahead of her.

“What’s the level above the Lord Level?” Yun Feng asked. Qu Lanyi pursed his lips and smiled, but didn’t answer. Instead, he slowly closed his eyes. His aura instantly changed. The power that was overflowing just then gradually shrank. When he opened his eyes again, those blood-red eyes were already gone.

“It’s meaningless for me to tell you the level above the Lord Level. Isn’t it better to experience it yourself?” Qu Lanyi smiled casually. Yun Feng thought for a moment that it was indeed the case. She wasn’t far from this level. She had to experience everything herself to know what it was like.

Seeing Qu Lanyi’s obvious change, You Yue was greatly puzzled in his mind. What was wrong with that man? His strength was extremely unstable. He was still so strong just then, but he was much weaker now… The moment the thing that was thrown on the ground turned black, the dark elements around Qu Lanyi were eliminated at the same time. It was still struggling desperately and couldn’t react for a moment, but then it immediately stood up and rushed towards the entrance of the cave without caring about its life!

“Did I allow you to leave?” Qu Lanyi said casually without even looking up. The black shadow that had already reached the entrance of the cave immediately froze and didn’t dare to move a step!

Sunlight shone in from outside the cave at this moment, shining on the black shadow and allowing Yun Feng to see what it was clearly. It had a slender body and the appearance of a gecko, but its body was colorful and very gorgeous. There was also a slender tail behind it. At this moment, it was patting the ground at a high frequency, looking extremely anxious in its mind.

“You said we touched something that belongs to you just then. Is this it?” Yun Feng walked over and shook the bottle on the ground in front of it. This thing’s eyes suddenly widened like a pair of lightbulbs and it looked at Yun Feng with an extremely fierce gaze.

Seeing that its expression changed so much, Yun Feng asked, “What’s this golden solution?”

The thing that looked like a gecko glared at Yun Feng fiercely and didn’t say anything. Seeing that, Yun Feng sneered and raised her foot, stepping on it fiercely. Her target was that slender tail!

“Ahhh!” The thing whose tail was stepped on shouted fiercely. It immediately turned around and was about to bite Yun Feng, but when it glanced at Qu Lanyi on the side, it was completely stiffened again. It could only endure the pain of its tail being stepped on and didn’t say anything.

Seeing that it wasn’t talking, Yun Feng exerted her strength again. The thing’s entire body twitched a few times after being stepped on. In the end, it couldn’t help but say, “I… I’ll talk, I’ll talk! This is the Golden Cauldron Fluid!”

“Golden Cauldron Fluid?” Yun Feng was quite unfamiliar with this name, and so were Qu Lanyi and You Yue. While the three of them were confused, the thing immediately turned around and bit its slender tail off fiercely. Its body turned into a black shadow and quickly darted out of the cave, disappearing.

“You’re quite fast at escaping.” Yun Feng let go of her foot. The long tail that had been bitten off still twitched a few times and finally collapsed on the ground. The three of them looked at the wall that was covered in the golden solution. “When I was practicing, I clearly felt that my speed became faster towards the end.” You Yue mumbled. “It seems that it’s related to the Golden Cauldron Fluid.”

Yun Feng flipped her hand and took out the notebook left by her master. This notebook was a precious treasure. Yun Feng flipped through it. Even if she had time in the past, she had only read a small part of it. The things her master recorded here were too vast and complicated, and there were many types. There were many things that Yun Feng didn’t finish reading. She flipped through them and searched carefully. Qu Lanyi and You Yue didn’t disturb Yun Feng. They were still studying the so-called Golden Cauldron Fluid.

“Golden Cauldron Fluid, Golden Cauldron Fluid…” Yun Feng searched for the Golden Cauldron Fluid as she flipped through the pages. Even though her master was knowledgeable, there was still too little information about the Central Continent after all. It was still unknown if the Golden Cauldron Fluid would appear here.

“Golden Cauldron Fluid… Found it!” Yun Feng’s black eyes glittered. In the description of the herbs in the notes, her master had a special column, and the name of the Golden Cauldron Fluid happened to be in this special column! Yun Feng immediately read it carefully. The Golden Cauldron Fluid was the juice produced by the Golden Cauldron Tree. It had the effect of accelerating the cultivation speed. If it was added to the potion, the effect of the potion would be increased several times. However, the Golden Cauldron Fluid wouldn’t be produced voluntarily. It could only be produced under special conditions.

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