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Chapter 1003: Blood Ray (3)

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Yun Feng immediately closed her eyes and sat on the ground. She sneaked into her spiritual space and saw the situation inside. After her surging mental strength swallowed this elemental energy like a tide, it emitted a faint yellow color. Then, this yellow color began to move on its own, as if it was stirring Yun Feng’s mental strength slowly. Yun Feng felt more and more clearly that her mental strength became purer under the stirring of the yellow solution!

Yun Feng didn’t do anything else. She observed quietly. The golden color gradually merged with the tide of her mental strength. Through stirring on its own, the golden color also became thinner and thinner, until it completely merged with the ocean of Yun Feng’s mental strength in the end. At the same time, Yun Feng felt that her strength suddenly rose by a level!

Before absorbing the golden solution, Yun Feng’s strength was at the mid-stage of the Lord Level. After absorbing the golden solution, just a little bit, Yun Feng’s strength took a huge step forward! Her strength had improved so much in such a short period of time!

Yun Feng opened her eyes and looked at the golden solution seeping out of the wall. Her heart couldn’t help but heat up and she didn’t try a second time. Yun Feng knew very well that she couldn’t be greedy for anything that could accelerate the speed of her strength advancement. If she took too much of it all at once, there might be bad consequences. Yun Feng searched in the dimension container and soon found a small bottle. She tried to collect all the golden solution into the small bottle. Yun Feng found that the total amount of golden solution on the wall was only a few millimeters high. This amount was too small.

After Yun Feng removed the golden solution and put it into the bottle, the elemental density in the air obviously weakened. Yun Feng looked at the golden solution in the bottle. So, the elemental density in the air was related to it? Looking at Qu Lanyi and You Yue, who were still cultivating with their eyes closed, Yun Feng opened the bottle again and put it on the ground. Instantly, the elemental density in the air changed again. Yun Feng chuckled and closed her eyes to continue cultivating. After the baptism of the golden solution, the purer mental strength made Yun Feng’s cultivation speed obviously increase. It was just a matter of time before she broke through the Lord Level!

Another year passed in the blink of an eye. A year and a half had passed. The cave was still quiet, but the momentum around the three of them changed obviously. Under the special effect of the golden solution, Yun Feng had already soared to the peak of the Lord Level in just a year and a half, and You Yue had already broken through to the Lord Level. In comparison, Qu Lanyi’s situation became unbelievable. The light elements around his body flickered. There were even a few times when dark elements appeared and intertwined with the light elements, causing an intense collision. Qu Lanyi’s closed face also showed a hint of pain from time to time.

After Yun Feng collected the golden solution last time, it quietly seeped in again. After a year, the golden color had already been covered with a faint layer and the elemental density in the cave had already reached a quite high level. The three of them continued to immerse themselves in cultivation, but an uninvited guest soon broke the peace.

A black shadow flashed to the entrance of the cave like the wind. Its slender body stretched to the ground and its greedy breathing was rough and unpleasant. When the eyes of the black shadow saw that there were other people in the cave, strong anger suddenly burst out!

“How dare you, human! How dare you steal my things!”

A furious roar swept over with a gust of wind. Yun Feng suddenly opened her black eyes and flipped her hand. Mental strength surged out of her body and directly blew away the wind completely! Seeing that the attack was resolved, the black shadow immediately roared furiously and pounced forward, running towards Yun Feng. Yun Feng’s body immediately flashed to the side, avoiding the slender body of the black shadow. When the two of them brushed past each other, Yun Feng reached out her hand unexpectedly and grabbed the slender tail behind the black shadow fiercely. She pulled hard and a fierce force burst out of her transformed slender body. The black shadow was thrown away by a force! However, its body flipped agilely in the air and stuck to the wall just like that!

“Feng! What’s wrong?” This sudden movement immediately woke You Yue up. When he opened his eyes, he saw Yun Feng trembling with a slender black shadow. The next second, this black shadow was thrown away by Yun Feng.

Yun Feng didn’t answer You Yue’s question. Instead, she looked at the animal lying on the wall like a gecko. It was daytime, but the cave was extremely hidden. There wasn’t much light here. Yun Feng was also in a daze. “Sizzle…” The sound of licking flashed, accompanied by a huge friction. Yun Feng only saw the slender black shadow stick out its tongue and lick the wall greedily. Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened. Was it talking about the golden solution?

After licking it, the black shadow arched its body slightly and then swooped down like lightning, as if it was flying. This time, its target wasn’t Yun Feng, but Qu Lanyi, who was still closing his eyes after such a huge commotion!

Yun Feng cursed in her mind. Qu Lanyi must be at a critical moment. Otherwise, how would he not open his eyes after such a huge commotion? However, this black shadow was even faster than before. Yun Feng couldn’t reach out in time. At this moment, those closed eyes suddenly opened. They were bloody red and emitting blood light!

His eyes, which were as red as blood stones, opened in an instant. They were red! After seeing these blood eyes, the slender black shadow trembled and turned around in the air, trying to escape! The corners of Qu Lanyi’s mouth curled up and a glint of fierceness flashed through the depths of his blood eyes!

“You want to leave after disturbing me?”

He quickly extended his fair hand, and a ball of thick black color that was as dark as the night jumped out of Qu Lanyi’s hand. It swallowed the slender black shadow like the mouth of a beast! Yun Feng couldn’t help but feel shocked when she saw this scene on the side, while You Yue turned pale. He… He was a dark-element mage!

“Ahhh! Let me go! I’ll leave immediately! I apologize. I shouldn’t have come here. You’re a magnanimous person. Please forgive me!” The slender black shadow was wrapped in thick dark elements and screamed miserably. Qu Lanyi, on the other hand, smiled coldly. His blood-red eyes made him look extremely charming!

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