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Chapter 3123: 3123
Chapter 3123 The End – Matchmaking

A song here and a glass there and it was late into the night before anyone knew it and everyone present had become one large boisterous group .

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Jun Wu Xie and Shen Yan Xiao had not seen each other for ages and had much to catch up on .

Di Xie and Jun Wu Yao sat next to their respective wives, their feud now a thing of the past as they now only cared about the women next to them .

The so-called hatred had been resolved .

Fan Zhuo smiled and surveyed the happy scene in front of him and gradually came to rest his gaze on the handsome, smiling man seated opposite him . He was a man of few words and when the drunk Tang Na Zhi said something to him, he felt his hair stand on end .

If he remembered correctly, the man’s name was Qi Xia .

Fan Zhuo was curious about this man and observed him closely . After a while, he noticed that despite his outwardly casual demeanour, he carried an unmistakable air of sadness with him .

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Qi Xia, who was in the middle of taking a drink, felt someone looking at him and raised his head to look Fan Zhuo in the eye .

The two intelligent men said nothing to each other . Qi Xia raised his glass and they made a silent toast to each other .

Fan Zhuo could not help but sigh after drinking the wine .

The moonlight was bright and the smell of wine filled the air .

The two tired children were carried back to the hall by Zhu Que and Tao Tie and their respective mothers took them over . Upon seeing the two sleeping children, Shen Yan Xiao flashed a mischievous smile and looked over at Jun Wu Xie .

Jun Wu Xie knew exactly what that look meant .

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“Little Wu Xie, look…your LIttle Mo Ye is so well behaved and my son isn’t ugly . They may have gotten off on the wrong foot but they seem to be getting along fine now . Why don’t we… . ”

Shen Yan Xiao fluttered her eyelids at Jun Wu Xie .

Jun Wu Xie was helpless when it came to her friend’s way of thinking, but… .

Regarding this proposal, she not only did not mind, she happily supported it .

“It’s all well and good but we live in different worlds . It’s easy to say when we are together but when the time comes for one of us to have to be separated from our child, there will be some difficulty . ” Jun Wu Xie sighed lightly .

Shen Yan Xiao allayed her friend’s worry, “It’s a small matter, we’ve been fooled by the main god long enough and he should be grateful that we don’t take our revenge on him . Getting him to solve this issue won’t be a problem . ”

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Although Shen Yan Xiao was reluctant to bring him up, she had to admit that he was at a higher level than her or Jun Wu Xie .

“If that is possible, then I don’t see any issue . ” Jun Wu Xie nodded .

The two children did not know that their futures had already been decided by their mothers while they were sleeping .

And that shared future will be another story .

For now, they were still children and they had a very long road ahead of them .

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