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 TN:This one is also a violent chapter just saying. Anyways enjoy




I yawned by accident.

The headmaster was enthusiastically making his exciting speech onstage——at least that’s what he thinks


「Fellow students, the new school term had begun, we must….」


Looking at the surrounding classmates, most of them are either dozing off or in a absent minded state


Not good, the more I think about this the more tired I get...




Woken up by the sound of clapping, I seem to have fallen asleep.


Has it ended?


「The let us welcome the students who traveled far from Phyllis Academy to visit this school! 」


It seems like there’s a few students from another school coming to visit. Clearly it’s the first day of school, how come there’s already auditors...


I glanced at the stage.


Eh? Isn’t that Nakamura?


He seems to be looking for something, his eyes were scanning everywhere.


Suddenly we locked gazes and stared at each other.


「Well the auditors can choose the classroom they want to join themselves」


The students on stage did a brief self introduction and then walked off


Soon after the school opening ceremony ended.


After the opening ceremony it was homeroom, the teacher is a middle aged woman.


The teacher-who-I-don’t-know-the-name handed out new textbooks for everyone and returned to her desk.


「Let us introduce the class auditor, Nakamura Yuki. 」


Following her introduction, Nakamura walked into the classroom.


The large words 「Nakamura Yuki」was then written on the blackboard


「Nakamura Yuki, Phyllis Academy, even though I would only be learning together for two days, I hope everyone can give me more guidance.」


The class was soon filled with whispering


「Phyllis, isn’t it that posh school for the rich?」


「Don’t you think he is hot☆」


This Nakamura, turns out he really is a young master from somewhere.


「Where should you sit...Oh, Chino is absent today so you can sit there.」


As she said that, she pointed at the seat behind me


And so, that was how (I met your father) Nakamura ended up sitting behind me


「We’ll end today’s class now, lessons would officially start tomorrow」


The teacher then left the classroom


This then signaled the end of class, which then students began picking up their bags to leave. However, a few girls walked this way instead


「Does NakamurKun want to hang out and play?」


「 Ah, sorry, I already have plans」


「Wu, how brutal」


The girls waved「goodbye」as the left the room.


The only ones left in the room was us two.


「Then I’m, going to, go also….」


I picked up my bag.


「To ignore me like this!」


「Eh? Is this, not, Nakamura? When, did you, appear?」




「I’m, just joking. But, for you, to visit this, school, what kind, of plot is this?」


「Well, it’s just for school credits. Since I heard this school is quite close to where Sai lives, I didn’t expect you to actually come to this school though.」

TN:So apparently in Japan is considered rude to call people by ‘you’ and instead they say their names e.g Sai (I learned this from another novel xD)


I mean, there is only one school in this area.


「But hey, Nakamura, did you, bury the hatchet, with, your family yet?」




「What’s there, to “eh” about...didn’t, you run, away from home?」


「Ah, you are talking about that. We had a talk about it already. No problem, Problemない!」

TN: (It means there is no more problems) -- to keep the effect and frustration I kept the Japanese here because apparently the author can't be bothered to explain what it means either.


「That’s, good then~」


「Sai seems to remember everything about me….」


「What is there, to forget...It’s only been, a few, days since, we last met.」


「You’ve got a point... let’s not talk about this anymore. I have practiced a lot for the past days, I definitely won’t lose to you this time!」







「Sai, you went easy on me just now didn’t you!」


「Huh? I didn’t」


「You were actively running into my  “108 Shiki Yami Barai”! 」

 TN: 108 Shiki Yami Barai took me 20 min cross referencing the ability on youtube. F**k the author


「It..It’s your, misconception.」


「Another round」


After going easy on him for one round, it seems to had made him even more fired up.


「Let’s, change games」


「No! I need to beat you fair and square!」


「Let's change, the games, please, Yuki~」TN: in a very pouty way




Wait, what did I just say


With the current atmosphere, I pouted at him without realising.


I’m not doing this on purpose! Is this the body’s natural instincts at work?


「You, didn't, hear that!」


「……Ah! Le..let’s change the game」


The mood afterwards was a little awkward.


It was already dusk as we walked out of the game store together.

TN: Literally the same as the last few chapters this is so sad can we make it a meme


「You’re not staying at my home again today right?」


「No way, the school organised dormitories for us. Instead I should be asking you, is Sai ok.. staying home by yourself」


「Ah, it’s alright, my dad, came, back already.」


But that man...


「That’s good… then I’ll leave first.」


「OK, bye bye.」


I felt gloomy, thinking I would have to see that drunk again.


Unexpectedly, there was no one at home.


「Ahhh~ so much, the better.」


As usual, cooking, washing up, and watching TV.


So, the previous Kanade really don’t have a mother.


She used come here from what that man said.


Although, I haven’t seen her for the past ten days or so ever since I reincarnated here.


I’ll ask that man later. This is a flag and a dumb move


It’s time to take a bath.


Recently, I have been getting more and more accustomed to this body.


Of course, the first time I bathed I had my eyes closed.


My figure in the mirror doesn’t excite me much. Although it’s very cute, with a pale complexion and bruises showing, there is a feeling of fragileness.


I heard the door unlocking.


I put on pink pajamas and walked into the living room.


「Welcome back.」


I’m also ignored today.


Glancing at him, his emotions doesn't seem to be too bad today, so I decide to talk to him.


「Umm, papa, where is, mother now?」


After all, it’s important to gather intelligence.

TN:The mc really needs some IQ I swear


「Huh? What did you say? Say it again.」


He stands up.


「Well, where is, my mother n-hiii」


He picked me up by my collar and lifted me in the air.


「I warned you not to XXing mention that woman again!I’ll tell you again, that woman ran away with another man!」

TN: tmd


「So-sorry, guu——」


The crushing feeling on my throat made me unable to speak properly.


「Well then!」


The moment I was dropped onto the floor, a pain which felt like a scorching fire spread across my face.


It seems like that man had thrown a punch towards me


I could taste metal in my mouth as the left side of my face burned with pain


The person who did this then swaggered back into his room


…….it hurts.


Crawling up from the floor, I covered my burning face and slowly walked back into my room.

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