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More importantly, he must not show any bias to the Emperor. Else, the emperor will deem that he too was involved in this power struggle.

Xing Yuanguo thought quickly on his feet before providing his reply.

"Replying to the Emperor, this official believes that the Crown Prince is trying to abide by the royal rules and wishes. Official Han is incredibly experienced in invigilating the Imperial Examinations. He is able to spot talents from a distance and is a great choice for the Chief Examiner of the Imperial Exam. On the other hand, King Duan is experienced in the other fields. His skills are also equally capable. Having him as a supervisor would also allow him and Official Han to learn from each other. However, this may make the Crown Prince feel that you do not trust him enough. As such, I suggest a triumvirate!"

"Triumvirate? Please elaborate!" The Emperor's tone had traces of surprise.

"You can have Official Han be the Chief Examiner, and pick King Duan and another prince to assist him. This way, the Crown Prince will not be antagonized, and King Duan's experience can be grown!"

"Mm, what you say is reasonable. But who do you think I should send as the other person?"

"This will depend on who you favor. I am rather slow, and can't think of anyone at the current moment." Xing Yuanguo knew that saying anymore could potentially be dangerous.

"Haha... you are just like before. Okay then, since it is rare for you to visit me, let's go take a walk in the park." The voice chuckled, relieved of a heavy burden.

"Yes, my lord!"

Xing Yuanguo replied immediately and heaved a sigh of relief. He immediately thought of what he had discussed with Chi Guyan about the Imperial Examination when she visited him. He sighed to himself, "No wonder the emperor pampers her this much. She is the top of the ranking boards and is a true talent indeed! That Fang Zhengzhi? I think he is just a joke!"

Naturally, Fang Zhengzhi did not know what Xing Hou was thinking. At this point, he was happily wining and dining away with Yan Xiu.

However, Yan Xiu still seemed quite hesitant.

"What's going on?" Fang Zhengzhi asked as he looked at Yan Xiu.

"About the... Mirror Projections that you told me about last time. I still don't really get it." Yan Xiu had always tried to figure out cultivation matters himself, and found it difficult to ask for help now.

"Mirror Projections?" Fang Zhengzhi had a revelation. In this world, there was only the "Book of Dao", there was not much research into physics.

His Mirror Projection theory would be easily understood by anyone in the previous world who had an understanding of physics. However, for someone like Yan Xiu, this was a completely foreign concept.

"Let's do an experiment!"

"Experiment? Sure!" Yan Xiu did not know what an experiment truly was, but he understood that Fang Zhengzhi was about to demonstrate something.

But, how was he going to demonstrate Heavenly Reflection?

Just as Yan Xiu was thinking to himself, Fang Zhengzhi called a waitress over and asked for candles and white paper.

The waitress quickly brought them over.

Before long, everything was ready. The only thing missing was a convex lens.

But this was no problem for Fang Zhengzhi. He managed to form an ice cube in his hand, which he quickly molded into a rudimentary convex lens.

Then, as Yan Xiu watched on in awe, Fang Zhengzhi used a simple experiment to demonstrate mirror image reversal.

As he worked, he explained the concept to Yan Xiu.

"When you're in the Heavenly Reflection State, your pocket dimension is the reflection of reality. Then, all you have to do is combine what is in your pocket dimension with what is out here. It's very simple, you can try it out."

"That simple?" Yan Xiu felt that something was not quite right after hearing what Fang Zhengzhi had to say. If it is that simple, why are so many people stuck at this level?

But he did not doubt Fang Zhengzhi. It was a fact that Fang Zhengzhi had done it.


He began to try out what Fang Zhengzhi said.

Very quickly, he felt that his pocket dimension seemed to link up with the outside world. This came as a surprise to him. However, it was not as easy as Fang Zhengzhi said to breakthrough into the Heavenly Reflection State. 

Yan Xiu still had some trouble having his pocket dimension reflect everything in the real world. After all, he did not have Fang Zhengzhi's foundation.

Even so, Fang Zhengzhi had given Yan Xiu the key to breaking through.

With the key, he believed that even if he could not do it now, he would be able to do it in the future.

"Thank you!" Yan Xiu thanked Fang Zhengzhi sincerely.

"You're welcome. When we get back, I will show you a few more experiments. I will also further explain the uses of mirror image. Back on... erm, anyways, mirror image can be used in many areas." Fang Zhengzhi took a sip of wine. He nearly let slip tha he was from another world, but he managed to catch himself in time.

Yan Xiu was deep in thought and naturally did not notice Fang Zhengzhi's slip.

A few days later at noon... The sun was shining brightly on a patch of blooming flowers in Ping Yang's residence, and the aroma of flowers filled the air.

"How is it, have you sent the invite?" Ping Yang wore a purplish red cloak as she swayed on a swing. Next to her was a servant like middle aged man.

"Replying to master, the invite..." The middle aged man hesitated.

"You didn't send it?"

"No no no... I sent it over myself the first thing in the morning." The middle aged man fell to his knees when he saw Ping Yang's expression change.

"That's good. Was he very happy to receive the invitation?" Ping Yang smiled radiantly when she heard it.

"Erm... Young Master Fang did not even look at it before he tore it up."

"What?! He tore it up? I invited him to my birthday party and he tore up my invitation? What did he say?" Ping Yang's smile froze as she jumped from the swing.

"Replying to master. He... he said that you were just trying to butter up to the powerful. Then, he said that he did not know many in the city. Those who sent him invites on their own accord probably wanted something from him, or wanted to rob him... idiot!"

"I? Butter up to him?! Why do I need him to like me? He will be the death of me! Fine, since you won't take the easy way out, I will make sure you suffer!" Ping Yang's eyes flashed with fury as she clenched her fists.

However, she recovered quickly. After her chest heaved a few times, her eyes flashed with a bright glow.

"Bring me pen and paper!"

"Yes ma'am!"

After a while, the middle aged man brought pen and paper. He also set up a table in the courtyard for Ping Yang.

Before long, she passed the man a letter filled with feelings of love.

The middle aged man could not believe his eyes.

"A love... love letter?!"

Ping Yang was writing a love letter. Furthermore, it was a spicy love letter. Every word and phrase was carefully chosen to arouse.

The final sentence was.

"My greatest hope is for us to meet once at Ping Yang's residence!"

After she was done, Ping Yang placed the letter in an envelope. However, she still doubted its effectiveness, so she penned a name at the bottom.

"Chi Guyan!"

After she was done, Ping Yang smiled to herself.

"Go, send him this letter. Make sure he reads this in front of you and sees who has signed off on it! Do you understand?"

"Yes!" The middle aged man nodded.

Only now did he realize what his master was thinking.

This is a forged love letter!

But will Chi Guyan smack her for doing this? Okay... that is between them, who am I to question?

Fang Zhengzhi was rather bored. After Yan Xiu had learnt his mirror image theory, he had locked himself up inside his room, refusing to come out.

As such, Fang Zhengzhi would occasonally go to the gardens to admire the flora, sit down to have tea and read books.

Just at this moment, a man was rushing over in his direction.

Fang Zhengzhi recognized the man as the same person who had sent the invite. What is wrong with the people here?

Two invites for a birthday party?

The middle aged man quickly arrived in front of Fang Zhengzhi. He bowed politely and placed a letter with impeccable handwriting in Fang Zhengzhi's arms.

Fang Zhengzhi received it and saw Chi Guyan's name on the envelope.

"Chi Guyan?" Fang Zhengzhi looked at the middle aged man.

The middle aged man looked back at him.

"She hopes to meet you in Ping Yang residence!" The middle aged man said carefully. He had no other choice.

"Meet her? She must be dreaming!" Fang Zhengzhi snorted derisively.

Then, he tore the letter to pieces right in front of the middle aged man's eyes.

"Tell Chi Guyan that I am very busy!" Fang Zhengzhi continued sipping his tea, ignoring the middle aged man thereafter.

The middle aged man was completely rooted to the ground. This was unbelievable.

That's Chi Guyan's letter!

Even though it's a forgery...

Why didn't Fang Zhengzhi take a second look?

Very quickly, Ping Yang was the one to be stunned by what happened. Her happiness was quickly extinguished when she heard what happened.

She was not scared, she was completely floored.

"You're saying that he ripped it apart?! Are you sure he saw Chi Guyan's name?" Ping Yang was in disbelief. However, she knew that the man in front of her would never lie to her.

"I am sure, I even made sure I reminded him that she wrote it." The middle aged man answered.

"Then he tore it up?"

"Yes, he ripped it up, he didn't even take a second look!"

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