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Qin Feng laughed, "Do you think you are better than a dog now?"

Zhou Liang squinted at Zhu Fei and said, "You see, she was ruthless and never indecisive, I couldn't do this, which make Zhou Husha have a loophole to exploit, if I had been cruel, there will definitely be no trouble like this!"

"Bullshit, do you think you are as same as Qin Feng? He just treats the bad guys in this way, but you owe the dissolute debts outside, you'd better don't pester me endlessly. Please get out! Don't bother me."

Zhu Fei said with a cold face, "Never think that you can get my forgiveness by relying on my father. You are a liar who says in one way and behaves in another way, you are not welcome."

Zhu Fei helped her frightened father to sit on the sofa, holding his rough pleated hand. "Dad, don't listen to what Zhou Liang said. The dirty work he did is not worthy of your expectation at all."

However, Zhu Fangguo still believed in Zhou Liang, "My dear daughter, don't regard him in this way, every man can make mistakes. What's more, it happened before you get together with him, it's the woman who wants to pester him, you can't blame Zhou Liang. It is because of his kindness that made him fall into other pitfalls. This is the most valuable quality, you should not blame him like that."

Voice faded, Zhu Fangguo looked towards Zhou Liang, "Come here, boy, sit beside your uncle."

Qin Feng looked embarrassed, the three of them were talking warmly in the living room but he was teaching Biaozi a lesson in the dining room, which was a bit indecent.He looked back at Zhu Fangguo. "Uncle, if there is nothing else, I'll leave now.You'd better tidy up and wipe the blood off the ground as soon as possible. It wouldn't be easy to clean if it's dry."

"Qin Feng."

Zhu Fangguo got up anxiously, it seemed that there was something he want to tell.He could see that Qin Feng was deliberately avoiding, he originally had a strong self-confidence in front of Zhou Liang, but Zhu Fangguo knew that he had been with Zhou Liang for so long and already had deep feelings for him,but for Qin Feng......

Qin Feng was so intelligent that he certainly realized it, therefore, he would only choose to leave so that he would not make Zhu Fangguo feel embarrassed.

But the more he did in this way, the more Zhu Fangguo entangled in his mind.

They were both good boys, but after all, this was his daughter's affection, he could only choose one, alas.

Seeing Zhu Fangguo was about to speak but say nothing, Qin Feng understood what he thought and looking at Zhu Fei anxiously, "Listen to your father, be polite to Zhou Liang and don't always be so irritable, a gentle woman is the most beautiful."

Voice faded, he clutched Biaozi and went directly to the door, Zhu Fei got up to chased after him hurriedly, but Zhu Fangguo stopped her.

Zhu Fei held the door frame with one hand, watching Qin Feng dragging Biaozi down the stairs.

She drew a deep sigh, she knew that a prodigal like Qin Feng was really elusive. From his frivolous eyes, she could not see any missing for her, which made Zhu Fei feel very sad. She always thought that if she got along with Qin Feng for a long time, she would retain his heart. But she didn't expect that he had not shown any sincerity for such a long time, which made Zhu Fei once suspected that his attitude to her in the past was pretended.

Alas, it could only be said that she thought too much, she did not see this man's mind clearly.

But Zhou Liang......

To be honest, he was really good, all aspects of him were excellent, but the more excellent he was, the more Zhu Fei felt unrealistic.

But the appearance of Zhou Husha made Zhu Fei's mind that just came out hided again.

Zhu Fei went back to the living room, Zhou Liang looked at her and said seriously, "Feifei, you, what kind of feelings do you have for Qin Feng? He is indeed a good man. It is undeniable that he is very charming. However, he is really not suitable to get marry, you should know it better than me, but you are not willing to admit it."

Zhu Fangguo also said, "Yeah, my child, you are my dear daughter, I am very lucky, you come to Tianhe to meet me, I am very touched, we have not seen each other for so many years, your feelings for me are still profound. At first, I didn't dare to recognize you as my daughter, because I was afraid to give you pressure, but how can I not miss you? I would rather not eat enough and not wear warmly, I would never let you suffer any grievance, you have grown up now, and you have your emotional problems, I can see it in my eyes every day and it hurts me in my heart. Both Qin Feng and Zhou Liang are very good man, but choosing a husband is not choosing goods, the higher or lower of price is useless, the key is who is more suitable for you. The answer is obvious, and you also see Qin Feng's attitude, he is not willing to stay here at all."

Zhu Fei drew a deep sigh and said nothing, she turned back to the room and lay on the bed, staring at the crescent moon outside the window, she was very worried.


Qin Feng threw Biaozi to the door of the community then called 120, and sat on a roadside stone, he lit two cigarettes, putting one into Biaozi's month and laughed, "Look, you tortured yourself like this. Why bother?"

The two arms of Biaozi were already maimed, he had a cigarette in his mouth, sucking with trembling, "Who the devil is you? The tricks you make are not what an ordinary man can do."

"Hehe, there are some things you don't need to know, it's not good for you."

Qin Feng thought in his mind, the training he had suffered was not what you could bear. You should never think that you were powerful enough after practicing martial arts for a few years.

At this moment, the sound of sirens came, Qin Feng took a glance, two police cars were roaring past.

Seeing the cars were moving into the community, Qin Feng hurriedly went over and stopped them.

It should be the neighbors had called the police because it was too noise when he was dealing with the bad guys.

The police car almost hit Qin Feng, the police were angry to get off to rush over him like bandits, they had cigarette in their mouths, scolding loudly with their batons.

" Fuck! Don't you have eyes? Shit."

They were basically the temporary cops, they had no basic behavioral constraint at all and feel that they were mighty when wearing the police uniform. Seeing Qin Feng was just a normal civilian, they raised batons and wanted to hit him.

After all, they were not unwilling to carry out a task in the middle of the night.If there were not some people reported that there were large fights here, they would be playing cards for pleasure in the police office.

Qin Feng grabbed the baton that coming to his head, "What's wrong? As a police, Are you going to hit people? The camera at the entrance of the community is recording. Do you enforce the law in this way?"

"Fuck. Dare you discuss the way I enforce the law? You son of bitch."

A skinny twenty-year old policeman who looked like a monkey stared at Qin Feng in anger, picked up an electric baton in his hand and stabbed it to Qin Feng. Such an electric voltage, as long as it touched the human body, people would immediately fell down on the ground and convulsed.

However, Qin Feng reacted rapidly, he retreated back. While dodging the electric baton, one of his arm pressed down, directly pinched the wrist of the skinny policeman, then he hooked up slightly, the electric baton hit the skinny policeman!

The skinny policeman screamed, his body trembled up and down and directly fell down on the ground.

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