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Chapter 485: 485
With the help of the Source, the Jade Fang Fishes, the Gourd Wine, the Spirit Stones Soil pieces, and other nourishments, he trained the “Basic Body Refining and Fist Technique” to the Eighth Type, which was obviously more difficult and the coming levels would be even more difficult in the future .

As for his Spiritual Force, his potential has been tapped completely and it basically will not rise in the future . He can now only train his Spiritual Force and have more control over it and become more and more skilled .

Within a few days, the first batch of Antimatter was produced at the cutting-edge Institute of Physics, the exact amount was 0 . 001 Grams, with a pure consumption of 30 Million Yuan, it really was burning money .

Su Jing brought the Antimatter back to the Super Universe Garbage Station and this minuscule amount of Antimatter expanded the Garbage Station’s diameter by a few meters .

Su Jing didn’t underestimate these few meters as now the Garbage Station has a diameter of 800 meters . For every additional meter, the added volume is very optimistic for the Super Garbage Station .

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At night, at three or four in the morning, Su Jing’s mobile phone suddenly sounded with an alarm .

Shi Qing was woken up and opened her eyes confusedly before asking: “What is that sound?”

Su Jing kissed Shi Qing’s face and said softly, “It’s okay, nothing’s wrong, go back to sleep . ”

After that, Su Jing released his Spiritual Force and let Shi Qing enter the Deep Sleep, and then he brought the pets to the first floor .

After entering the Super Universe Garbage Station, Su Jing saw a vortex appeared over the center of Garbage Station as before, and a lot of garbage was being dumped down . This time, there was no sound coming from the Vortex . After the garbage piled up like mountains, the vortex slowly disappeared .

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Su Jing kept the pets around him as always . The main fighting power of pets in the past was the Battle Wolf . This time there was also the Octopus . The Octopus was supplemented by Jade Fang Fishes and a large number of common fishes and its broken tentacles have grown by half .

Although it has not returned to its heyday, it is no weaker than the Battle Wolf in terms of strength .

Su Jing released his Spiritual Force and swept through the entire garbage and he found no Large-Scale Lifeform . After detecting the Garbage with his Spiritual Force again, Su Jing began to sort out the garbage .

He saw that there were many Costume Clothes, Antique Broken Tea Tables, Broken Bricks, Broken Swords… There is no doubt that this Garbage had come from a non-modern world . However, at a glance, Su Jing can’t determine which world it has come from .

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Su Jing, as always, intentionally puts the materials with text messages in a single pile and puts the Clothes in another pile… After sorting for a while, Su Jing picked up a piece of cloth but he was suddenly stunned .

That dress… It should be called a robe, but it was too ragged . It was supposed to be white, but it was so stained with dirt and some blood that it was hard to see the original color . However, Su Jing actually felt that such a dirty and ragged robe was very sacred and holy, and he wanted to hold it in a high and inviolable position .

“What the hell is this, is this illusion?” Su Jing was puzzled and shook his head and then picked up other clothes for comparison . Some other clothes weren’t ruined, but they looked very ordinary, and there was nothing like this robe in the pile of clothes .

“It’s really weird . ” Su Jing was amazed and released the spiritual force, carefully detecting the whole rotten and dirty robe, but didn’t notice anything strange . However, when the spiritual force swept across the front of the robe, the dirty badge-like ornament, the spiritual force seemed to be bounced off by a gentle hand .

“Huh?” Su Jing’s eyes lit up and he tried again, but he still got the same feeling . Su Jing reached out with his hand and he took off the badge from the dress and wiped it clean, and found that it was beautifully shaped, it was like a pair of wings, giving a very sacred feeling as if radiating bright with white light .

After removing the badge, the robe became very ordinary and completely lost the sacred taste it has to it . It seems that the holy feeling came not from this robe, but from this badge .

Su Jing thought about it and put the badge on his chest .

After feeling it for a while, he found that there was nothing . He felt no difference between wearing it and not wearing it . He tried to use his Strength and Spiritual Force as he wanted to see if there were any bonus effects, but he did not find anything .

“What the hell, this badge is Useless . ”

Su Jing was disappointed and tried again for a while . He tried every possible way, but he didn’t find any effect . Su Jing had no choice but to put the badge in his pocket, he had planned to go back and study again . He continued to sort out the Garbage and soon morning came but he didn’t find a piece of garbage that looked valuable .

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