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I put my armor back on again and walk to wherever my mood takes me.
Plants grow sparsely in the area due to the poisonous swamp, making the view rather nice.
Monsters like Spray Green Mosquitos approach me but I can easily dispatch of them all.
My sword also cuts very well. A mere graze would slay low-level monsters like Spray Green Mosquitos.
Even if I were to be attacked, I could always just hop back in the pond to recover. It’s very reassuring.

It’s very nice knowing that I can safely battle, as long as I avoid any fatal wounds.
Though I’m not doing much but cutting down vines and insects.
I feel like I’m playing on easy mode… but is everything really alright?
Aren’t those bad guys who are trying to kill Veno around here?

‘Aye. I cannot call our progress anything but good so far. However, as with you too, it puts me at unease.’

They say to not let your guard down after a victory, right?
Let’s not get careless then.
Like how I was stung by the mosquito after I finished chopped down the vine.
But while I was treading lightly forward…


I heard a distant howling, coming from somewhere farther away.
As I inspect my surroundings, Veno highlights with a marker.

Four Midnight Blue Wolves
One Midnight Blue Wolf Alpha

The monsters respectively appeared.
It appears that the monsters have formed a pack.
They’re a wolf-type monster, right? Every one of them are all pretty damn big.
A bit bigger than a golden retriever.
Not to mention that the alpha is about one and a half times bigger too.
I’m… in a bit of a pickle, aren’t I? Even though due to instinctual fear, I’m already sprinting at full speed.

“Hmm. You will have difficulties with this many of them.’

Veno warned me.
I’m a guy who barely even wants to fight! Of course I knew that.
As if the Midnight Blue Wolf Alpha were eyeing me up, it fixates its gaze on me and growls.
In any case, there are too many of them! Even one of them would be tough enough.

Woof, woof!

They were pretty far away, but in a blink of an eye, they’ve formed into a pack, rushing over at me.
I can tell they’re powerful just by their speed.
They’re definitely not on the same level of vines and bugs! My instincts tell me that if I were to be surrounded, I’d be done for.

“Stow my armor!”

Before they closed the distance, I requested Veno to store my armor while diving into the rather deep swamp.
With big splashes, I swim towards the middle of the pond and look back at the bank where the Midnight Blue Wolves continued to growl and bark.
You thought I was an easy prey, did you?

Haha! You wouldn’t dare enter this dangerous swamp, would you, mongrels?
Before long, one of the Midnight Blue Wolves lost its temper and jumped into the poisonous swamp, doggy paddling towards me.
Shit! It jumped in! I hadn’t thought of the possibility that they might be resistant to poison since here is their habitat.

Hah… hah…

Oh? It’s running out of steam.
When it dived in, I thought it might have resistance against poison but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

“Moron! This is my territory!”

With my body feeling as light as a feather, I swam towards the Midnight Blue Wolf and thrusted at him in the water with my sword.
Crap, it doesn’t matter how light I am, I’m still in water.
I couldn’t stab it as well as I thought I could.


As it was being stabbed, the Midnight Blue Wolf snapped towards me, aiming at my neck. I guard against its bite with my arm.
Gah! My arm’s gonna snap off!
What strength, this monster! And it even has the nerve to go berserk at me!
Anyway, having just narrowly avoided his bite, if I don’t take out this Midnight Blue Wolf in one more move, the others might come jumping in.
With all my determination, I muster all the strength I had. I use my wounded arm to cling onto the wolf from behind and sink the wolf into the water.

Blub blub blub?!

The Midnight Blue Wolf having been sunk into the water and unable to breathe, stops its biting and tries to keep his face above the water.

‘Don’t let it breathe!’

As I interfere with the wolf by leaning on it from above, I haphazardly thrust my sword.
The blood of the Midnight Blue Wolf dyes the water, turning the swamp into a suspicious shade.

The wolf whimpers in pain.

Oh? It’s quickly becoming weaker and weaker.

‘It seems like the poison is getting to its system. It might be a higher-level monster for you, but you can fight well with your schemes.’

As soon as I thought it was starting to convulse, the Midnight Blue Wolf stops moving.
I’ve slain it quicker than I thought I would.


The Midnight Blue Wolf Alpha howled in rage as it sees one of its own killed. But there were no signs of any intention to come towards here.
Maybe it’s obvious. It doesn’t seem like the Midnight Blue Wolves have any sort of resistance to poison.
Furthermore, where I was bitten was visibly and steadily healing.

‘Now then… the rest of them are watching to see how you will exit, hmm?’

Wow. I can almost believe that I won’t die as long as I have that toxic swamp.
So, the Midnight Blue Wolf Alpha’s strategy is to not let me escape by simply circling around the water and trying to intimidate me?
Perhaps they’re planning to kill me once I leave my safe zone or maybe they’re anticipating that I succumb to the poison.

‘As the monsters’ leader has experience battling here, it would be easier for it to wait for its opponent. Since only the foolish underling died.’

I see. Only a dumb prey would enter a toxic swamp by his own accord is what they’re thinking.
Well then, storing the corpse of the Midnight Blue Wolf at once wouldn’t pose any problems, right?

‘Ah. Since you have already dealt with it at great pains, let us not waste its hide either. Would you like the bones?’

Just in case…

‘In that case, I shall enjoy the meal.’

For some reason, the thought of Veno tearing up the corpse apart and digging in at its delicious meat just popped up in my head.
But how is it really?
Wait, don’t fuckin’ eat in the middle of battle!

‘If you succumb here, so shall I! I will feast! I desire a last meal before I perish!’

Ah, whatever, you’re nothing but a useless spectator of a dragon!


I might just be loitering right now, I did have a pretty close call. Though I shouldn’t die while in this poisonous pool.
… it’s another story if I hit the limits of what Poison Absorption can do however.
That’s why while I worry about my surroundings, I’m also figuring out a way to attack and execute my plans.
The picture of Poison Release flashes in my mind.

Swamp toxin
Spray Green Mosquito toxin

Hmm? Spray Green Mosquito’s venom has been added to the list too.
Maybe it’s a learning-type skill.
When I checked the details, a remaining quantity was shown. That must mean I have a limited supply.
So… I pretty much have unlimited charges for the swamp toxin, eh?

‘Aye… it seems like you are able to attack them from your safe area. You might be able to achieve something if you execute your plans well.’

Veno has the nerve to make these comments with his mouth full.

I grunted out loud as I threw the blob of poison at the Midnight Blue Wolf Alpha.


As expected, the wolf easily dodged the poison before it connected. But I’m bound to hit one of them if I keep throwing, right?
Not to mention that I have an inexhaustible supply of this.
At any rate, I’m safe here in my pool of poison!
I threw tens of those balls of poison without running out of breath.

Woof, woof! Woof!

The Midnight Blue Wolf Alpha realized both that it wouldn’t be killed by my poison and that I wouldn’t come out of my safe zone. They ran away together at once.

‘Did they escape after comprehending their disadvantage? Perhaps it is in the nature of the leader and not the rest of the pack.’

Since I’ve killed one of their own, they can’t help but to come back and take revenge, right?

‘If the had such a persistence, it might lead to their own demise. They must be blaming their failure on underestimating their opponent.’

That’s good if that’s the case…
If I can only survive from my safe zone, my weakness would be obvious.
I better not get cocky.

‘Aye… we have learned a bit more about ourselves. To have so much comprehension in our first day of existing together is great progress.’

Yeah, yeah.
I come out of the pool and survey my surroundings.
There… aren’t any other monsters.
Since it seems safe, I’ll get Veno to get my clothes for me.
Being able to change in an instant is pretty handy as well.
In any case, I’ll investigate a bit for now?

‘Hmm? Look yonder.’

I look to where Veno marks with a highlighted marker.
I see a cave there.

‘I dare say it is a dungeon.’

A dungeon, like in an RPG where great treasure lies?
There’s even stuff like this in this world, huh?

‘Aye… although there are various types of dungeons.’


‘It would be a long explanation. Would that be fine?’

It’d be better to know a bit about them, wouldn’t you say?

‘Aye… then to put it simply. First, there is the type where it is created by twisting space. It is a curious reaction to a monster’s Compression Magic. The process collects magical essence and creates many different things. It is a forte of mine to untwist and dismantle these dungeons.’

Twisting space, huh?
In a sense, it’s an accumulation of magic?

‘The next type is remnants of ruins. Often, relics of the past lie in wait. Well, if there is a high density of magic, it is more than likely to be a monster’s den. I, too, often exploit curiosity to lure others in my nest.’

A dragon’s treasure hunt… if you think about it, you do see a lot of instances in fiction where dragons hoard treasure.
It’s easy to imagine humans plundering valuables, but hoarding is also in the nature of dragons too, I see.

‘I am glad that this is easy for you to understand. Then next up are dungeons of a monster’s own creation. Nests, like mine, are usually made suitable for notable monsters.’

Ah, these are dungeons made from something like a dragon’s nest or an ant’s nest.
So? Which one is this one?

‘Even I do cannot sense something like that at first glance… however, it is likely that this is either naturally-made or a remnant since there are no monsters as sentries.’

Hmm… then shall we head in?

‘We shall not. Not for now, at least. To enter a dungeon alone would be insufficient.’

Yeah, I thought so.
For a guy who had such a difficult fight outside of the dungeon, entering would be reckless.
As I said that…

“Hey, that person over there…”

A mysterious person with a gas mask on?
No, that voice… it’s Arleaf showing her face all of a sudden as she exits the cave, seeing me and calling out for me.
On her back is a mountain of herbs collected.
It seems like that Arleaf has been harvesting in that dungeon.

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