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Chapter 925: Want to Return Back to the Wen Family

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He wanted to be a boss with lush hair for his lackeys. He didn’t want to be a bald boss.

After he finished speaking, An Yang happily carried the boxes towards Hu Jiaojiao’s dormitory building.

When he arrived at the building, he let Hu Jiaojiao carry the box upstairs.

When Hu Jiaojiao returned to her dormitory room, she gave a bottle to each of her roommates.

“Oh my god. You’re way too kind!”

Hu Jiaojiao’s roommates gathered around her to thank her.

“My Boss gifted these to me. If you want to thank someone, you should thank her,” Hu Jiaojiao explained.

“Your Boss? That’s still insane! Does she still need lackeys?”

“Yeah! I want to be a lackey for your boss as well! Please introduce me to your boss sometime!”

Hu Jiaojiao’s roommates continued to praise and thank Jian Yiling for a while.

Wen Ruo and Cai Qinyue’s plan to return to the Wen family had utterly failed.

Right now, Wen Cheng was incredibly busy. As a result, they did not even get to see him. And thus, how could they possibly mention the idea of getting back together?

Furthermore, it seemed as though because of Zhai Yunsheng’s words, Grandma and Grandpa Wen did not intend to allow Cai Qinyue and Wen Cheng to remarry.

And thus, the only card they held in their hands was the Wen family’s love for Wen Ruo, their only granddaughter.

As Cai Qinyue and Wen Ruo had no source of income, they were currently strapped for cash.

As of now, they could no longer even maintain their daily social life. Furthermore, they weren’t able to eat at high-end restaurants anymore.

“Mother, we can’t go on like this,” Wen Ruo said. She hadn’t ever suffered like this.

She couldn’t afford to buy something that she liked. She had to count the money in their bank account from day to day.

“Wen Ruo, I can’t do anything about this. I don’t even get the chance to see your father.”

“Mother, I could return to the Wen family first. Then, I could think of a way to help you come back as well,” Wen Ruo suggested.


As of now, Cai Qinyue could not get back together with Wen Cheng. However, Wen Ruo was not affected.

“Wen Ruo… You…”

“Mother, although according to the divorce agreement, I’m meant to live with you in the future. However, if I want to return to the Wen family, my grandparents will definitely allow for this. Furthermore, I’m already an adult. I can choose to live with my father or my mother.”


“You’re right but like…”

“Mother, we can’t go on like this. If I return to the Wen family, I can attempt to convince my grandparents and my father. It’s better than just staying in this room and worrying about all this.”

Wen Ruo’s words convinced Cai Qinyue: “Alright, I can only rely on you now.”

“Mhmm, don’t worry about it. When I return to the Wen family, I will find a way for you to come back as well. Then, our family will be complete again.”

“Oh right, did the company you submitted a resume to give you a response?” Cai Qinyue asked. She was curious about her daughter’s current situation.

Wen Ruo submitted her resume for an internship position at Sofia.

That day, the letter of recommendation for Sofia had been torn up right in front of her.

However, Wen Ruo was unwilling to give up. And thus, she looked into the career opportunities on Sofia’s website.

She wanted to prove that she had the ability to do so.

If it weren’t for the plagiarism incident, Wen Ruo would have been confident in her application for the internship position at Sofia.

However, now, she had to gamble.

“Not yet,” Wen Ruo replied. “I will return to the Wen family first. I’ll think about the internship position later. I think my grandma would help me.”

Grandma Wen still had some connections in the industry.

If she couldn’t get the internship offer from Sofia, there were still other companies out there.

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