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Chapter 595: Introduce Potential Partners to Jian Yiling

Grandma Jian got discharged from the hospital.

The Wen family asked Grandma Jian to recuperate at their home.

Therefore, Grandma Jian planned to stay in Beijing for a while longer.

The Jian family was worried about Grandma Jian traveling immediately after her surgery. They didn’t want anything to happen to her again.

Furthermore, Grandma Jian wanted to see Jian Yiling more often. If she stayed in Beijing, she could see her beloved granddaughter from time to time.

She had nearly died. Therefore, Grandma Jian didn’t want to be too far away from her granddaughter.

Compared to living in a hotel, it was more suitable for her to stay with the Wen family.

Wen Cheng had no complaints about this. He immediately invited Grandma and Grandpa Jian to live with them. In addition, he hired another housekeeper.

Cai Qinyue took this opportunity to mention what she saw last time to the Jian family.

“Yiling is still young. She can be easily deceived. The playboys in Beijing play dirty tricks. Furthermore, the person that she’s hanging out with is Master Sheng! The Jian family is just a small family from Hengyuan City. Master Sheng would not treat Yiling properly! I’m really worried about Yiling. I don’t want her to be hurt in the future.”

Cai Qinyue knew what was going on. Jian Yiling was not suited for the Zhai family. She didn’t have the social status nor connections.

There was no way for her to become the lady of the Zhai family.

The future wife of Master Sheng had to come from an incredible family.

Therefore, Master Sheng was probably just playing around with Yiling.

However, Jian Yiling was unwilling to listen to her.

Therefore, Cai Qinyue took this opportunity to tell Grandma Jian and Grandpa Jian.

The Jian family could worry about this instead.

When Grandma Jian heard Cai Qinyue’s words, the expression on her face was not what Cai Qinyue expected.

“Hmm, this matter is indeed not too good,” Grandma Jian sighed.

She remembered that Master Zhai had visited her personally not so long ago.

This matter felt unreal.

However, it indeed happened.

Therefore, at least Master Zhai treated Jian Yiling seriously. He wanted her to become his future granddaughter-in-law.

As for Zhai Yunsheng, Grandma Jian thought that he was serious about Jian Yiling. There was no need for him to play around with her granddaughter.

They had interacted with Zhai Yunsheng before.

Although they did not understand him fully, they still knew what sort of person he was.

Zhai Yunsheng was not bothered with anything superficial and fake.

If he wasn’t interested in someone, he wouldn’t act like he was interested.

“Grandma Jian, you should try and persuade her. We’ve tried already… But she doesn’t listen to us,” Cai Qinyue said quietly.

“Ahh, let her be. Don’t worry about it too much. My darling isn’t stupid.”

It was good that Wen Cheng and Cai Qinyue were worried about their niece. However, they still shouldn’t interfere with this matter.

As a matter of fact, Grandma Jian did not want Jian Yiling to be with Zhai Yunsheng. Zhai Yunsheng did not fulfill her requirements.

However, she would not mention this to her darling.

What was the point of saying this if Zhai Yunsheng was in Yiling’s heart? Her words would only hurt her precious granddaughter.

Her darling’s heart was already lonely enough. If she didn’t support her, then who would?

“Grandma Jian… Are you not planning to advise her to stop hanging out with Master Sheng?” Cai Qinyue asked. She was surprised to hear Grandma Jian’s words.

“Nope. They can handle their relationship matters on their own. At most, I will introduce a few potential partners to Yiling. Then, she will have a few more options.” As Grandma Jian said this, the first person who came to her mind was Yu Xi.

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