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[1] "Life of Moscheles," by his wife. (Hurst & Blackett, 1873.)

[2] "Letters of Felix Mendelssohn to Ignaz and Charlotte Moscheles."

Translated and edited by Felix Moscheles. (Houghton & Mifflin, Boston, U.S.A.)

[3] It's as good a trade as another, that of making-up pictures.

[4] "Shut up," I growled, "and get to bed, you idiot."

[5] Philistine.

[6] Oh, it's that young man who is upset by the moon; just like Rollo.

[7] Queer dog that.

[8] That's all very well, but he knows what's what.

[9] The Gewandhaus in Leipsic.

[10] Reprinted from "Cosmopolis."

[11] A 1000-franc note.

[12] I should be the loser by it.

[13] 'Tis love that leads us.

[14] We don't care a pin, sir, as long as we can get work.

[15] Betrayed.

[16] The French Tommy Atkins and the country cousin.

[17] "Parleying with certain people."--FRANCIS FURINI.

[18] The following notes formed part of an article published in _Scribner's Magazine_ in 1891.

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