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Translator: Miri

키에- Fortune Killer Prologue (Part 5)

"I get what you’re saying, but this is still too shocking for me."

"That’s why you’re on duty 24 hours a day. Of course, you’ll have to take care of legal issues and……. Uhm, this is a top-secret matter but since you’re someone who will become family from now on, I’ll tell you about it."

Almost as if Lain had already signed the contract, Alex even used the word 'family' with a sneaky smile.

"Actually, there’s a drama that CBN is ambitiously preparing for next year.

To be precise, 'Attorney at Law' is about prosecutors and lawyers. If I had to pick a genre, I’d say it’s a human comedy drama.

Edan will play the title role, so I thought it would be even better if he received help from a lawyer in his age group. And the reason I’m asking you to be on duty for 24 hours is because I think it’ll probably be more convenient if you follow him to the filming set.
Ah, but the time Edan spends working is excluded from those 24 hours. In other words, you only have to look after him when he isn’t working."

This was definitely a plausible explanation, Lain thought. He also knew a lot about Edan Blake.

From original and unique independent movies to complex art films, and even blockbusters.

However, this was too bizarre.

"Please wait a moment. Ah, but this doesn’t make sense."

"What exactly are you talking about?"

"So I won money from betting on horse racing today, you know? So since I won fifty thousand dollars, that means under normal circumstances an incident costing me just as much will occur.
If it’s about the amount of a scratched Jaguar, a broken iPod and shattered phone screen, for me to receive a job offer with such unprecedented terms, somehow the plus and minus doesn’t add up, no?"

"……Excuse me?"

"So what I’m saying is……."

While talking gibberish, Lain made an uproar about money, fortune, horse racing and lottery tickets one after another and caused Alex to slightly knit his brows.
It was a face that showed he had no idea what Lain was talking about at the moment.

"Perhaps, the conditions aren’t to your liking?"

The moment Aley asked if there was anything else he desired, Lain put on a serious face.

"The conditions are all right."

"Then what is the problem?"

"So what I’m trying to say is, my luck is……."

Lain kept complaining to Alex but then thought what in the world he was talking about in front of a person he had met for the first time and closed his mouth.
There was no room for choices to him at the moment. Starting from his cell phone, he had to replace things right away.

"I’ll do it."

Looking at Lain who had so easily thrown his life into the mire, Alex showed a brilliant smile.

"Alright, then I’ll show you the house first of all."


"I will introduce to you the house you’ll be staying in and the car you’ll using from now on. And I also have to explain about the various devices/equipment. Because I have to get on the airplane later, at 11 o’clock.
Otherwise, it’s to be expected that my wife will pull out all my hair."

Due to the extremely fast change in the situation, Lain rose to his feet  and followed Alex while still in a dumbfounded state. It was a somewhat peculiar feeling. It felt like he was in a dream, so there was no sense of reality at all.
Without knowing how troublesome the person whose life he just stepped into was, Lain followed after Alex for the time being.

"This is the dining room, and inside here is the kitchen. Once between 9 a.m. and 12 a.m. in the morning, as well as between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. in the afternoon, the housekeeper comes by.
You can use the kitchen to your heart’s content and in there is Edan’s bedroom, this is the key to the bedroom ."

Alex who had dragged Lain over to Edan’s villa as soon as they finished talking, was briefly explaining the home’s overall structure after packing all of his luggage.
Lain’s jaw dropped at the kitchen covered with marble and while he was looking around the high class villa, he looked back at Alex as if there was something strange about his explanation.

"There’s a key for the bedroom?"

"Because he dislikes it when just anyone enters. Well then, this is the business PDA.
And here is the card key for the elevator connected to the basement parking lot, as well as the car key. Use the Jaguar you hit this afternoon. Edan bought it for me, but I can just drive the car I was using before."

At those words, Lain widely opened his eyes. Alex grinned at the face seeming to say, what kind of windfall is this.

Besides, it did not look good for Edan Blake’s spokesperson to drive around a vehicle that was just about to get scrapped. He intended to give him all the support he could, for now.

"For your room, you may use the guest room on that side. Well then, I’m counting on you."

Alex dumped a bunch of keys on Lain and said goodbye with a smile, as if he was leaving for a distant journey.

"Yes, I wish your wife a safe delivery."

"Thank you. Then I’ll leave Edan in your care for the next month."

"Yeah, well……."

"He has no important schedule within the next moth, so you don’t have to worry. And there are bodyguards, another manager and stylists as well, so there’s nothing~ to worry about at all.
Even if he gets a different schedule in the meantime, they will take care of it as they see fit 3 , so don’t worry and it’s fine if you just tell Edan that you were hired by me. You already signed a contract with me, therefore there are no legal issues at all."

After he finished saying the things he had to say one after another 4 while keeping an eye on the time, Alex turned his eyes to look at Lain almost as if asking if there was anything else to see.

Although his job was that of a lawyer, the apartment Lain lived in was a two-room apartment located in New York downtown and it was his first time looking around such an impressing villa.

Each and every one of the materials and frames used for the floor and walls were luxurious. It seemed like in this house, even for just one room, fundamentally a few ten thousand dollars had been put into it.
It was literally a house plastered with money, to the extent that one could tell only by looking.

"The house is very neat and elegant."

Lain sincerely blurted out a genuine exclamation regarding the elegant and cool interior but Alex understood this in the sense of it being excessively simple considering that it was the house Edan Blake was living in.

"Well, New York is a little on the ordinary side. And there’s also the fact that this is the place he stays in the longest during the year so it’s decorated rather cozily in its own way.

Seven million dollars went into remodeling the interior of the residence in France alone. When he sucessfully bid for that castle at the auction the price was five million dollars, so seeing that seven million dollars went into the interior and maintenance activities, it basically means that the belly button is bigger than the stomach 5 . I seriously don’t know what that guy is thinking. And after being like that, he actually doesn’t use the castle properly and only lends it to friends. Since he himself stays in New York for the most part."

"Doesn’t he often go to overseas locations?"

"Apart from the time he spends working, he’s mostly in this villa. It’s because that fellow doesn’t film more than one movie per year. Sometimes it’s one in two years.

This whole villa is the place where the people who work together with Edan live. Since the villa’s landlord is that guy."

Alex who came out of the villa’s entrance and got on the elevator, briefly finished his explanation and pressed the button for the second floor in the basement.

"Ah, and one more thing. Even though I do receive calls, you can look at the PDA I handed you earlier as Edan’s offical contact number in some way. So you will occasionally be contacted by the agency.

Of course, the primary contact comes to me but as you know, I’ll soon need to be present when my wife gives birth. Because it’s her first delivery I don’t know how long it will take and might turn off my cell phone.
In that case, the contact will go to that PDA. When that happens, you can just say that you understood and that we will receive the script at a later time."

He did not know why a spokesperson had to even take care of such matters as well but persuaded himself that it must originally be this way in this line of work.
Lain had not realized yet that this was considerably strange.

"Yes, I’ll do that."

"Then, I’m leaving it to you. Ah, you can use the car right away. I don’t have the time to take you home, so just drop me off anywhere on the way and drive home by yourself.
And report to work again starting tomorrow. In case you come to work and Edan is here, don’t be taken aback and tell him to contact me. And if I don’t take the call, show him the contract you signed today."

The elevator arrived at the basement in no time and the door opened.

He seriously began having thoughts contemplating if this was not a dream.


Lain was looking at the Jaguar with an almost drooling face due to its energy that was even more enormous up close. Alex, however, approached the car with fast footsteps as if it was nothing special.

The Jaguar’s seat he sat on for the first time was so comfortable, he could not express it in words.

At that point he did not know.
That after precisely one day, instead of "Oh, it’s Edan Blake!" he would come to repeat the words "Damn Edan bastard." over and over again even in his dreams, it was something he could not foresee as the Lain of that time.


1 – (lit. Edan’s one top)

2 – (lit. high teen star) <- This stands for a teen star in his late teens.

3 – Or he will(?) <- The subject wasn’t given in this sentence. orz

4 – (lit. dadadada)

5 – I didn’t know how to put this nicely in English so I just translated it literally. Basically he’s just trying to express how ridiculous it is that the interior was more expensive than the residence itself.

Hey~~~ I’m here to deliver your weekly dose of BL to you!  And more good news, we’re finally done with the prologue! So our main characters will meet soon, for those of you who are anxiously waiting for that moment. But it doesn’t look like the first meeting will go too well because the ML is a jerk… lol

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the prologue and please leave me some comments! 😊

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