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Chapter 1026: Little Qi’s Side 13 – You Are My Wife

Humph, you are showing off.

“Who’s giving you permission?” Little Qi retorted.

“You are my wife… Where else can I put them if not here?” He Yanzhi said, matter-of-factly.

After Little Qi heard the word ‘wife’, she suddenly lost her temper and completely forgot to refute. “If you put them here, how am I supposed to attend classes?”

“Why don’t you sit on me?”

When she heard He Yanzhi’s dirty words, Little Qi ignored him and picked up the box on the ground. Then, she put He Yanzhi’s toys in it one by one.

“Keep your childhood well. I can’t remember it for you.”

He Yanzhi took the box and smiled faintly. Before class, he deliberately said to Little Qi, “You really don’t want them? They’re full of my scent…”

“Heh…” Little Qi snorted.

She had always known that He Yanzhi’s words to her were just for fun.

This person had never been serious.

He Yanzhi knew that Little Qi looked like a piece of white paper, pure and untainted. Moreover, she was soft and cuddly. She looked like she was easy to bully, but her heart was colder and more determined than anyone else. She merely looked like she was easy to tease.

In actual fact, it was very difficult to really pry open her heart.

For such a young child to have such determination, it had to come from the influence of her parents.

As He Yanzhi continued with his thoughts, he proceeded to lie on the table to sleep. However, the mid-term exam was just around the corner. In order to let the students in the class improve their grades, the homeroom teacher proposed to have the top twenty students in the class tutor the students in the bottom 20.

After the homeroom teacher proposed this idea, Little Qi immediately felt many pairs of eyes looking at He Yanzhi lying on the desk.

It seemed like they all wanted him to tutor them.

“I have a list in my hand. It’s randomly arranged. My goal is to encourage you to help each other. He Yanzhi, don’t sleep. Don’t even think about running away from this tutoring. It’s time for you to interact with the students in the class.”

The old witch specifically called He Yanzhi out twice.

“There are twenty groups in total. I’ll read the names. First place, He Yanzhi, you will tutor…”

He Yanzhi finally propped up his head and looked at the old witch while stroking his messy hair. “I’ll tutor the one next to me. I’m too lazy to move.”

“Who wants you to tutor…” Little Qi whispered.

“But…” The teacher hesitated.

“If you arrange for a boy, I can’t guarantee that I will do it. If it’s a girl… She’ll definitely be more dangerous than Sheng Qingwan. Teacher, what do you think?”

The teacher took a deep breath and adjusted the glasses on her nose. In the end, she had no choice but to compromise. “Think it through. She’s near the bottom.”

“And that will prove my ability.” With that, He Yanzhi lay down again.

Little Qi looked around. The girls’ eyes were filled with jealousy, as if they wanted to tear her apart.

However, Little Qi was not modest at all. Who asked the person in first place to take a fancy to her?

No matter how others looked at her, she pretended not to see it.

And after the homeroom teacher finished reading out the pairs, she propped herself up on the table and said, “In the future, the evening self-study session will be the time for you to tutor each other. There’s still half a month before the mid-term exam. I hope that the average score of our class can improve even by a bit, and not always be the last place, especially for individual students.”

Little Qi was speechless.

What’s wrong with being the last? You don’t allow people to have bad grades? It’s not like we’re eating all your food.

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