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[ Enchants : Strengthening , Auto-Resize , Auto-Clean , Auto-Repair ]

[ Strengthening : Strengthens the fibres in the clothes with atmospheric Mana ]

[ Auto-Resize : Resizes the clothes to fit the wearer's size ]

[ Auto-Clean : Cleans the clothes using atmospheric mana every second ]

[ Auto-Repair : Repairs the clothes every second ]

He was wearing his new clothes . They all had these enchants except the sneakers had another one .

[ Heavy-Weight : Increases the weight ]

He wanted all these enchantments to make it easier to move around . The sneakers were more for the momentum . He had gotten used to kicking and he had no weapons that suited him .

He looked at himself in the body length mirror . His hair were what people from earth would call , from anime . His body had become well built in the last few days . His muscles had mostly been reshaped and he looked like someone who had been going to the gym for at least 3 months .

' Thank you to alternate reality biology , I guess .'

He said as he smiled .

" Not too bad , is it ? The others looked pretty nice on you too , but this sort of looks , cooler ?" Leah said as she played around with the hoodie around his back .

" Some of those , even I haven't seen before . Do you mind if I use them ? I'd like to sell them as my designs ."Tyler said as he looked at the clothes he had made .

" Yeah , I don't mind ." He said as if he was talking about something insignificant .

The monthly quest people had to take , usually was about killing a few monsters . Adventurer's Guild ranked quests by adventurer ranks . These quests could be anywhere on the globe .

There were 4 continents , each known by their general direction from the Helt island .

Leo , also had to take a quest in the 1st week of the month . He took a quest to the dungeon country on the north continent .

Leo took the warp portal to the northern continent the very next day . He didn't want to complete any quest , but wanted to sweep a few dungeons . If one sweeped a dungeon , natural mana would infuse them with the body and would strengthen it .

[ The most common outcome will be an increase in attributes .This world is too low tier to provide anything else .]

'What do you mean low tier ?' He immediately asked in his mind . But he received no answer . ' Too weak , huh .'

He could get about 20 points/week if he tried . He could easily become a supreme rank hero in just a few months . ' But I can't leave her too far behind .' He looked back at his sister who was smiling and walking right behind him . ' I don't want to lose her . She seems to be a weakness I don't want to lose .' He looked back on the road ahead and thought of his destination .

' Ziega city of the country of dungeons . One of the 3 major cities . It has more than 10 dungeons and many more arise every year . The capital has 20+ dungeons , but that's a completely different matter . We are going to clear all dungeons less than basic-intermediate and higher than middle-low in the country . It would be a tour worth at least a few weeks .' He thought to himself . It was a s he just remembered something , he spoke in his mind ' Tell me if I am ever going to become stronger than Leah by more than a 125%. I don't want to be stronger than her by a higher ratio .'

[ Acknowledged ]

He smiled as he looked back towards the road and continued walking . ' The climate should be humid in this area .' He thought to himself as he looked around . There were high trees which had vines all over them . ' Well I am not good with geography , and this world has many things different from my old world .' He could only keep walking through the deep forest as he had to reach the next village by nightfall .

He did reach the village by nightfall , but by that point he was already flying because Leah got too tired and couldn't walk .

" I was the one with actual heavy shoes. My shoes might as well be heavier than your whole body " He said as he let her back down on the ground .

" Hmph " Leah just snorted with a red face as she walked ahead to the village chief's house .

The village was exactly like he had imagined . It was old , but not too old . At least the houses weren't made of mud . This was like a country side farming village from his old world .

' Better than I expected , actually .' The living conditions in this world were much better than he had imagined to see in a fantasy world . He expected to see a medieval Europe type world where the strong rule and what not . ' But it is more like the early 2000s .' He thought as he looked around .

They got the village head to let them stay at the village for a day . He was ready to let them stay for free but Leah insisted on giving him a few gold . Leo didn't mind . He had already told her to manage all their funds after she lectured him about how he spent 1200 points on just buying a single set of clothes .

They were going to spend the night with a recently married couple , who had an empty room in their house .

Leo had no say in the matter . He was just dragged around with Leah , who was looking around the village for things she wanted to buy . At the end of the day he had confirmed one thing .

' The shops are certainly like the towns in my old world . There are a few restaurants and many things related to the history of the town . '

This town was made by a hero in the past . There was nothing less ,nothing more . Except the fact he was pretty well known during his generation as one of the best wizards . There were stores here that sold small toys that looked like him and even t-shirts that said ' I (InsertHeartHere) Tempesto !' on them .

They had a peaceful sleep that night and were ready to leave the village the very next but the village had a problem .

" Chief , there seems to be at least an intermediate tier dungeon that formed near the village last night !" A man shouted as he burst into the village chief's house .

Apparently , it was good luck for leo and Leah to stay here .

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