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The Super Demonic Beast's appetite was truly shocking. The hundred-plus experts were actually not even enough to fill the cracks between its teeth!

After swallowing two batches of people, the black Demonic Beast began to grow unsatisfied with the quality of its meal. It began to choose its prey, aiming specifically for Xiantian Lords!

For its massive body, it possessed surprising speed and agility. Such a strong contrast was enough to cause most people to drop their jaws with disbelief!

It was only for a short moment, but quite a few Xiantian Lords had already been killed. At this moment, the black Demonic Beast raised its head and looked in a certain direction.

"What a pure blood and Qi aura! This one person alone is equivalent to eating a thousand people!"

Drool and blood rolled off the sides of the creature's face as it stuck its tongue out of its mouth. Completely ignoring the rest of the people fleeing beneath it, it flapped its wings and shot out in a certain direction!

Bei Feng was currently fleeing rapidly at supersonic speed when he felt the gaze of the black Demonic Beast turn onto his back. In an instant, he felt all the hair on his body standing on its ends as a terrifying fear arose in his heart!

Without any hesitation, he stopped and threw Mystic Three into the forest. In the same instant, a beautiful snow-white wing appeared on his back!

The wing had been nourished by his blood and Qi all this time, and was now a full eight meters long! Numerous layers of blade-like snowy feathers could be seen lined up neatly atop it!

Bei Feng poured all his blood and Qi energy into the wing and instantly appeared several hundred meters away!

A series of broken afterimages was left behind him, dissipating only after some time.

At this moment, Bei Feng was also struggling with all his might. Without bothering about the cost, he poured his energy wantonly into the Celestial Snow Ridge Eagle Wing!

In an instant, he directly broke through to three times the speed of sound! At this speed, the originally gentle breeze had turned into sharp blades which reduced his clothes to shreds!

The air became as thick as water, and was filled with restrictive might, causing Bei Feng's blood and Qi to turn turbulent as well!

"Oh? Interesting!"

The black Demonic Beast was stunned for a brief moment. From its perception, the blood and Qi target it had identified had suddenly accelerated and fled far into the distance. As the surprise passed, a sinister smile appeared on its face instead.


The black Demonic Beast also increased its speed in an instant! A black light shimmered on the pair of huge wings on its back!

In an instant, it broke past two times the speed of sound and flew forward at three times the speed of sound! Its humongous body carried a terrifying wind pressure with it as it flew!

The ground beneath it began to crack, and countless trees were directly uprooted by the wind's pressure alone!

The larger an object was, the more difficult it was for it to move at supersonic speed. That was because the air resistance would also be stronger!

If the black Demonic Beast were to ram its body into the ground at this speed, it was no exaggeration to say that with the strength of its body and its weight, the damage it would cause would not be much weaker than a regular guided missile!

Bei Feng's blood and Qi energy was draining at an extreme speed. The energy expenditure of using the Celestial Snow Ridge Eagle's wing like this was too much. However, he did not dare to slow down at all. There was a prickling sense of danger on his back at all time!

Without even needing to turn around, he knew that the black Demonic Beast had to be chasing after him!

Bei Feng's face fell. Without any hesitation, he took out a bunch of Lava Python galls from his spatial ring and stuffed them in his mouth!

In a short moment, his powerful digestive system quickly reduced the snake galls into pure energy which flowed to his entire body. Immediately, Bei Feng's exhausted blood and Qi energy began to recover quickly!

However, he still did not feel that this was enough! Bei Feng continued shoving more Lava Python galls down his throat. Normally, he would not dare to do something like this even if he was using it to cultivate the Minor Illumination Body Tempering Technique!

The huge amounts of energy contained in the snake galls would cause him to bloat with energy and die from internal energy detonation! However, the Celestial Snow Ridge Eagle's wing was draining his energy too rapidly. He didn't need to worry about being overstuffed with energy at all!

Numerous tiny red lines appeared on the snow-white wing as blood and Qi continued to flow into it. In that moment, the wing began to transform!

The red lines spread through the wing, forming numerous strange patterns!

Large amounts of strange runic patterns even appeared on the bone structure of the wing, looking exceptionally enchanting!

Under Bei Feng's unintentional infusion of energy, the wing was beginning to transform, becoming wider and wider!

The eight meter long wing had already extended to nine meters, and its growth did not seem to be stopping!

The increase in wing's size also caused Bei Feng's speed to increase, pushing him to a speed of three and a half times the speed of sound!

Finally, he was beginning to pull away from the black Demonic Beast!


The black Demonic Beast was unwilling to give up. The food which had reached its mouth was actually capable of flight?

Raising its strength to its peak, black light shrouded its entire body as the black Demonic Beast burnt large amounts of blood and Qi in exchange for greater speed!

Once again, it began to gain on Bei Feng, causing the latter to be shocked awake from being immersed in the awesome feeling of his wing transforming!

Bei Feng was on the verge of tears and was cursing the Demonic Beast's mother under his breath. There were literally thousands of people back there, so why did the crazy beast choose to chase only him, and so adamantly at that?!

All of a sudden, Bei Feng felt the wind blasting against him lighten up, and the slicing sensation on his face disappeared. The air resistance also seemed to have reduced greatly. In an instant, his speed increased to four times the speed of sound!

In that moment, he morphed into a streak of white which disappeared far into the distance! Behind him, the black Demonic Beast was howling angrily as it stared helplessly at the white afterimage in front of it.

It'd made a huge loss! Initially, it thought that with its speed, it would be an easy task to catch the prey. But who would have thought that the human was so fast!

All the martial practitioners it had eaten earlier added together were not even enough to replace the energy it had spent in the chase! However, that speed was already the limit of what it could reach!

Even if it continued chasing, it would not be able to catch up to the prey. Furthermore, it did not have so much blood and Qi energy to spare.

Finally, the piercing aura on his back began to disappear. However, Bei Feng did not dare to stop. He continued fleeing at that speed for a few more minutes before coming out of supersonic speed and landing in a dense forest!

"Huff, huff!"

Bei Feng gasped roughly as he staggered unsteadily. His entire body was red, and smoke emanated out of his body steadily. Large amounts of sweat began to flow out of his skin, drenching his ragged clothes instantly.

"Badump! Badump!"

Bei Feng could hear his own heartbeat ringing clearly in his ears. In that moment, he felt like he had lost his sense of hearing as the only thing remaining in his ears was the sound of his own heartbeat!

Without wasting any time, he quickly sat down in a cross-legged position and regulated his blood and Qi!

It was unknown how much time passed before his turbulent blood and Qi finally stabilized.


Bei Feng spat out a mouthful of congealed blood. After that, his blood and Qi weakened rapidly.

However, Bei Feng's face actually became more relaxed. He spat out some dried blood from his tongue and murmured, "The damage of flying at four times the speed of sound is too heavy for my body. Even with large amounts of energy to sustain the speed, my body's strength is not sufficient to endure it."

At the same time, he unfurled the over-ten-meter-long wing on his back and examined it with interest. This time, he was able to escape thanks to this wing. Otherwise, with his normal speed, he would have been caught by the Demonic Beast long ago!

Bei Feng calmed his mind and began to inspect the wing's changes thoroughly.

Large amounts of red patterns had appeared atop the snow-white wing, looking exceptionally conspicuous. However, it did not look out of place at all. It was like the patterns were supposed to be there!

The Grade 7 Celestial Snow Ridge Eagle Wing had been elevated to a Grade 8 item! At the same time, he had gained a Xiantian level wind elemental ability to manipulate the wind!

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