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Chapter 258: A Face Of Coarse Smiles?
The long awaited transformation would allow Bei Feng to save a lot of time, leaving him more time to practice his martial techniques.

After his practice, Bei Feng headed back down the mountain. As he passed by the lake, he saw a huge black shadow swimming into the depths of the lake.

"What a powerful blood and Qi energy! This should belong to a Grade 5 Demonic Beast?"

Bei Feng looked at the ripples on the surface of the lake with some shock. Although he did not manage to see the appearance of the creature, the boisterous blood and Qi energy on it could not escape his senses.

His interest in the lake instantly grew exponentially. There was actually a Grade 5 Demonic Beast here!

"Eh? Wait! Could the Frigid Snowy Arowanas I released into this lake have been eaten as snacks?!"

Bei Feng slapped his forehead and looked unkindly at the disappearing ripples on the lake. If the Frigid Snowy Arowanas had really been eaten, he'd use that Grade 5 Demonic Beast as compensation.

As he considered the trade, Bei Feng did not feel that he might not have lost out. Only then did he continue strolling down the mountain.

Back at the villa, Mystic Moon was busy in the yard, tending to the flowers. Her main focus was mainly on the few peach trees there.

This was not something that Bei Feng had asked her to do. Instead, Mystic Moon was the one who wanted to take care of the flowers.

As Bei Feng came back from his training, the first thing he was greeted with was the sight of Mystic Moon moving among the sea of resplendent flowers with an enchanting and gentle smile on her face. In that instant, he felt his heartbeat jolt wildly and increase at a terrifying rate.

"Mystic Moon, did anything strange happen while I was gone, or did you see any strange people?"

Bei Feng swallowed firmly and readjusted his mental state as he placed his hands behind his back and strutted into the garden as though it was the most natural thing in the world.

"Strange incidents and people? Yeah, there was some!"

Mystic Moon

furrowed her brows and cocked her head in a cute manner as a strange gleam flashed in her eyes.

"Hm? What was it?" Bei Feng asked anxiously.

The thing he was worried about was that the Fox of Human and Natural Calamity's Grade 3 innate skill was something that even Bei Feng would have a bit of trouble neutralizing.

"Who if not you!" Mystic Moon pointed at Bei Feng and replied in a serious manner.

"Huh?! What's strange about me?"

Bei Feng could feel his scalp aching as he nearly spat out a mouthful of blood.

"Hmph! You came over with a coarse smile hanging on your stupid face asking if this Empress had seen anything strange? You are the strange person!" Mystic Moon said as she narrowed her eyes. Bei Feng felt like fainting on the spot. 'What is a coarse smile?!'

Bei Feng touched his chin awkwardly and quickly left. But to Mystic Moon, his actions seemed like he was hatching some evil plan against her.

"This is not logical!" Bei Feng mumbled with confusion. How could someone be inflicted with the little fox's curse and be completely fine? This was really strange!

He could not figure the situation out. But since she was fine, he could also not be bothered to think too much about it.


At the same time, a beautiful girl in a light pink dress was currently suffering a series of extremely unfortunate events in the Qingxuan continent. This girl who was referred to as a Sage by Daoist Chi Song finally exploded with rage as she slapped a mountain peak into dust with her palm!

Those people who had come looking for trouble with her were directly wiped out. Not even a trace of their existence had been left behind!

"Strange, I can feel that a spell had been cast on me for some reason. And the main utility of that spell is... bad luck?" The female Sage mumbled. But no matter how she looked, she could not find any traces of the spellcaster. She could not determine who was trying to create trouble for her at all!

Chi Song who was standing on the side clicked his

his tongue in silence. The elderly Sage's temper had indeed not changed after so long! Destroying entire clans with just the slightest offense!


Bei Feng clearly had no idea that a mighty Sage in a far away Qingxuan continent had ended up as the scapegoat for Mystic Moon. He was still griping unhappily about how the little fox's curse was biased against beautiful people.



Just as he walked into the hall, a loud roar sounded out, followed by a shrill scream.

"Help! Help! This ugly dog is going crazy! It's going to eat me!"

Wang Qin stumbled out of the room with tears flying out of her eyes. She hurriedly hid behind Bei Feng as soon as she saw him.

"Indigestion, what's going on?"

Bei Feng looked at the enraged three-headed hellhound with furrowed brows. He had explicitly warned Indigestion to behave properly. How did it suddenly become so enraged?

All three heads were growling with anger. Even Insatiable and Black Hole were furious.

"I already said that you must not bring any random person just to brush this Lord Dog off. You reassured me and did not admit to it. But this fat b*tch did not teach us a single thing the entire afternoon! She simply played with her own mobile and even had the audacity to use a stick to hit us! This Lord Dog is going to die from anger! I must tear her into pieces!"

The Cerberus was really angry this time. Faint smoke was spouting from the nostrils of all three heads, as if it was on fire.

As he listened to Indigestion's story, he turned around and looked at Wang Qin with a frosty expression.

Mystic Three also hurried over after hearing the commotion. He was completely unaware of what happened.

"Hurry up and take this dog away! It needs to be put down! This thing is crazy! It tried to bite me!"

Wang Qin's face was completely drained of color. She had not thought that this dog could turn so scary in the blink of an eye.

Bei Feng continued looking at Wang Qin frostily. "You didn't teach it anything the entire day,

entire day, and even hit it?"

"How could that be true? I've been teaching it with all my heart the entire afternoon! You can ask this sir if you don't believe me!"

Wang Qin's face twisted dramatically as soon as Bei Feng's words came out. Even so, she pointed at Mystic Three and maintained her stance.

"That's right Boss, Teacher W-..."

"Shut up! I didn't ask you to open your mouth!"

Bei Feng snorted coldly, stopping Mystic Three mid sentence. Mystic Three immediately stood quietly to the side as his palms grew clammy with cold sweat.

"It told me that you didn't teach it a single thing and were playing by yourself?"

An icy light flashed past Bei Feng's pupils. This woman was truly brave!

Mystic Three swallowed nervously and lowered his head further. From the tone of the boss's voice, he was truly angered this time.

"That's impossible! How can a dog tell you anything! It can't even speak! Are you saying all this so that I won't pursue the matter?!"

Wang Qin's voice grew louder. But at the same time, her heart was pumping madly. How did this person know? Could it be that there was a surveillance camera in the room?

Still, Wang Qin refused to admit to anything. Her client had given her a dog to teach! How could a dog learn a language? Why don't you tell me to make it speak!

This was entirely why Wang Qin had decided to take the job. She knew that it was impossible to teach a dog to read no matter how she taught. It was simply a waste of her time! Since the client was offering such a high remuneration, she would just make a show of it and pretend that she was doing her job.

How could she have imagined that a dog would be so intelligent as to expose her completely!?

Wang Qin looked at Bei Feng's expressionless face and snapped, "I don't want this job anymore. And I'm going to sue you!"

'These rich people hate trouble and definitely would not want to blow up the matter. At that time, wouldn't I be the one to determine the amount of the amount of compensation?' Wang Qin thought darkly. Since the matter had already escalated to this point, there was no way she could continue working here. Since it was like that, she might as well make some more money from it.

As expected, the young man suddenly smiled and asked, "You want money? Fine, how much do you want?"

"I won't ask for much! Just one month salary should not be a problem, right? I quit my previous job just to teach your dog. In addition, it gave me a very big scare just now. Asking for 80,000 yuan should not be too overboard, right?"

Wang Qin thought for a moment and decided not to be too greedy. 80,000 yuan should be within the realms of what the other party could accept. Any more and she would risk angering the other party. At that time, things would become troublesome.

Bei Feng turned around and asked, "Indigestion, which hand did she use to hit you?"

"Right hand."

A cold gleam flashed across the Cerberus's eyes as if it was harboring some extremely sinister thought.

"Mystic Three!" Bei Feng commanded steadily.

"Boss, what orders do you have?" Mystic Three was bowing at 90 degrees angle as he answered with the utmost respect.

"Prepare 80,000 yuan for this Teacher Wang," Bei Feng said with a coarse smile on his face.

"Ah...? Understood!"

Mystic Three looked up with shock. 'Weren't the boss still fuming a moment ago? Why was he giving money to Teacher Wang now?'

Although he was confused, Mystic Three did not dare to ask too much. He immediately went and carried out the boss's order.

'Forget it, this trip was not a complete waste of effort. At least I managed to earn a month's pay in one day. I'll have to go back to my previous job tomorrow, though.'

Wang Qin felt a little smug in her heart.

"Also, break this Teacher Wang's right arm for me. Remember to send her to the hospital after that. The money will be for her medical fees."

An utterly emotionless voice drifted from the young man's voice, causing the smile which had formed on her lips to freeze in place.

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