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Chapter 194: Trouble At Every Corner
"I've lost," Gu Lan said lightly and walked off with a crestfallen expression towards an old man.
"That... Brother Zhu, I think your granddaughter is actually quite not bad. How about we plan a date and let the children meet to see if they like each other?"
An old man walked towards Zhu Yun and suggested with a serious face.
"Where's your moral integrity?"
The other old timer Evolved Jing masters scolded. Following that, everyone also followed the example of the first old man. "Brother Zhu, what do you think of this brat from my family? He's quite compatible with your granddaughter!"
Those old foxes were pretty good at making their own calculations. Since Zhu Danhong had already clinched the victory, the Dragon Tiger Pill was already in her hands. What did that mean?
It meant that an esteemed Xiantian master was about to appear in the Zhu family! As long as they could form a marriage alliance with the Zhu family, the status of their own family would also be greatly elevated! As for what the younger generation involved might feel about this? That was a complete non-factor in the eyes of these old martial practitioners.
"No way! I'd rather die if I have to take this ugly girl as my wife!"
Seeing their grandparents trying to sell them out like this, the young elites felt their hearts turn cold instantly.
"The two Dragon Tiger Pills this time will go to the Gao family and the Zhu family... "
Danxia Zi stepped out to announce the result. But, before he could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by a loud, clear voice.
Two figures appeared in the center of the hall, one old and one young. They did not shrink back at all despite having countless aggressive gazes trained on them.
"The Japanese!"
The crowd flew into a rage because these two newcomers had turned up in Japanese samurai clothes. At the same time, they could guess the purpose of their visit.
"The reason we came here was to challenge the elites of this land. Coincidentally, since almost all the young geniuses of the Jiangbei district are here, we can save the trouble of looking for you all one by one."
The youngster stood out boldly and said. He was not short like what one would expect of a typical Japanese man. Rather, his entire person radiated with a learned and refined poise.
"Presumptuous! What a bold statement!"
The older man had not even opened his mouth, but the young man was already starting to issue challenges.
"There's no point in speaking so much. Do you dare or not?"
Itoh Junji was very proficient with Mandarin. Although he seemed extremely cultured and refined outwardly, his eyes were filled with arrogance and contempt.
How could the younger generation endure such a blatant challenge? Many of them clenched their fists as they prepared to teach the cocky Japanese a lesson.
"Hold on, since we're going to fight, we might as well place some stakes to make it more exciting. Firstly, only those below the age of 30 can participate. Apart from that, if we manage to defeat all of you, we want the entire batch of Dragon Tiger Pills this time!"
The old man who came with Itoh Junji stated calmly.
"D*mn Japanese, you dare to set your sights on our Dragon Tiger Pills? Aren't you afraid of being buried here forever?"
"What a huge appetite!"
The elderly Evolved Jing figures stirred up their blood and Qi as they simmered with anger. They were ready to strike at any time to slaughter the two foreigners on the spot!
Facing the powerful pressure, Yagyu Mimoto only took one step forward heavily, causing a shocking kendo sword ray to gush outwards, directly breaking apart the pressure from the Evolved Jing masters!
With their aura smashed apart, the Evolved Jing masters suffered a backlash, causing their blood and Qi to become chaotic for a

moment. Despite this, it was their hearts that received more shock!
"Esteemed Sir is thinking of targeting our Dragon Tiger Pills, but I wonder on what basis are you doing that?"
A figure appeared suddenly in the middle of the hall without any sound or indication. With his arrival, a powerful heaven-consuming pressure gushed towards Yagyu Mimoto!
Pu Yang glared at Yagyu Mimoto with unmasked killing intent. If a proper explanation was not offered today, he was prepared to let the world know that Mount Longhu was not a power that could be easily bullied!
A mere middle stage Xiantian master dared to behave so arrogantly in his Mount Longhu. If this Japanese fellow only wanted to con them without offering them anything, he did not mind giving the Demon Subduing Hall a new paint job... using that arrogant Xiantian master's blood!
As he faced the boundless pressure crushing towards him, Yagyu Mimoto's face changed drastically. That person's aura was as vast as an ocean, its depths inconceivable!
‘Didn't they say that Mount Longhu had already declined and that they would at most only have a single early stage Xiantian master?! Who the hell is this person? He's definitely a top-tier expert at the peak of Xiantian...! Baka! The people who gave me that intel all deserve to die!’
Yagyu Mimoto cursed internally. The person who collected the intel had told him with such great confidence that Mount Longhu only had an early stage Xiantian expert. But, where did this peak Xiantian geezer come from then?!
"Based on this! A fist manual left behind by a Controlled Dan expert!"
Fortunately, Yagyu Mimoto had come prepared. Without any hesitation, he took out an ancient-looking book. The book looked tattered and discolored, and five words were written roughly on its surface.
"Form and Will Fist Manual?"
All the more knowledgeable Evolved Jing masters could not help but gasp aloud with shock. If this was the real thing, it would be a truly priceless treasure! The records of a Controlled Dan expert's cultivation experiences were enough to shake the entire martial world!
"How do we know if that manual is real?"
Even a person like Pu Yang with his high cultivation could not help but grow excited as he looked at the manual. The way he looked at Yagyu Mimoto became exceedingly strange, as if he was considering killing and robbing the guy.
"This fist manual is something we obtained when our Grand Japanese army invaded into China and killed a Controlled Dan Heavenly Expert all those years ago. It would naturally not be a fake!"
Yagyu Mimoto stated proudly. What kind of an existence was a Controlled Dan Heavenly Expert? But, wasn't someone like that still surrounded and killed in the end?
"Do you believe that I'll slay you on the spot if you keep mouthing off?"
Pu Yang snarled as a dark expression came over his face. That period was a mark of humiliation for China! The older generation especially was unable to let the shame go.
"I'm sure that the esteemed Mount Longhu, a righteous Taoist Sect like yourself, would not stoop down to killing and robbing a visitor, right?"
Seeing that the situation was getting more tense, Yagyu Mimoto asked straightforwardly.
"Fine, our Mount Longhu will accept the challenge! You just need to defeat three challengers, and we'll immediately present the Dragon Tiger Pills to you!"
Pu Yang agreed immediately. The fist manual written by a Controlled Dan Heavenly Expert was truly of inestimable value. Although Mount Longhu already had extremely deep roots and also had similar information about that realm, who in their right minds would mind having more?"
"Go and tell Nan Yang and Qian Jun to come out of seclusion!"
Pu Yang instructed calmly as he looked at the Evolved Jing master behind him.
The Evolved Jing master gasped in shock and quickly hurried off. He felt that the old abbot was taking the matter too seriously. To think that he actually needed to invite Nan Yang and Qian Jun out of cultivation!
Nan Yang and Qian Jun were the most outstanding Proud Sons of Heaven of their Mount Longhu! At the age of 28, they had already reached half-step Xiantian realm, and could break through at any time!
Somewhere within the Temple, the doors to two seclusion chambers were opened. A person emerged from each room, both with absolute arrogance on their faces. Their brows were sharp and straight and like a sword, and their pupils were like the stars in the night sky. Their auras were filled with vitality and power!
As soon as they heard the summons, the two immediately exited their seclusion and headed for the Demon Subduing Hall with the greatest speed. Their movements were exceptionally fluid, resembling dragons soaring and tigers leaping!
"Too weak, are the famed geniuses of Jiangbei province only at this level? Not even able to block ten moves from me and you dare to call yourself a genius?"
The first thing Nan Yang and Qian Jun heard when they arrived was this sentence.
At the center of the hall, Gao Li was leaning unsteadily on his sword sheath. His face was completely drained of color.
‘The difference in skill level is too vast!’
Gao Li felt his heart going cold. Against that person, he was no different from a toddler that had only learnt to walk not long ago.
"Oh? Interesting."
Bei Feng was about to get up when he sensed two powerful auras approaching. A smile appeared on his lips as he sat back down and continued sipping on his tea.
"What high-sounding sentiments!"
Nan Yang and Qian Jun strutted nonchalantly to the center of the hall with a cold snort.
"Not bad! There's finally two slightly more acceptable opponents. The two of you, come at me together!"
Itoh Junji raised his brows slightly as he regarded the newcomers, almost as if he was inspecting some meat products in the market. Finally, he nodded with satisfaction and beckoned at the two provocatively.

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